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  1. OldPuebloIan

    Unit 1 Turkeys

    ...Many reasons. As I mentioned before I went scouting this week in unit 1 all throughout the big lake area where people have suggested trying, and saw no sign of turkey spent 2 days out there. The Fall season is right around the corner. I wanted to bring this thread alive again to see if anyone has been on birds, start a conversation, and see if people are confident in Unit 1.
  2. OldPuebloIan

    Unit 1 Turkeys

    Been a little while since you posted this. Have you done any scouting?
  3. OldPuebloIan

    Unit 1 Turkeys

    Any update on Unit 1? I also got drawn for unit 1. I've never been to this unit before as I have never hunted in AZ. I Scouted for 2 days both on foot and by vehicle. I was told by a friend to try the Big Lake area... I went all through this area. I did find some springs and little pockets of water, but no sign of turkey. On my way to unit 1 i saw a group of gobblers (7) on native land just outside of unit 1. I went to the west fork camp ground, black river lands, and back up through mogollon rim trial... I saw nothing. Any suggestions, or tips?