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  1. Browning .26 Nosler X-Bolt has been sold.
  2. Updated the list with what is left.
  3. hoskier

    WTB Tikka, Howa, or CZ 223

    I have a .270 for sale.
  4. Tikka T3 Lite chambered in .270 Win No scope, but full base installed $649 (Made in Finland - Sako makes them) Only about 30 rounds have been fired through it. Let me know if any questions.
  5. Savage 111 .308 is sold pending funds.
  6. .308 axis is now pending pickup. Other items are still available. Let me know if interested.
  7. hoskier

    ISO savage 270 or 30-06

    I have a Ruger American and a Tikka .270 posted and pretty much every caliber other than what you want in a Savage. See my post about cleaning out.
  8. The old military rifle has been picked up. Let me know if anyone is interested in anything else. We might be able to make a deal... I would trade anything towards a Savage Ultralight .280 Ackley Improved.
  9. Thanks loboscout. Appreciate your comment. Thanks for your help as well.
  10. hoskier

    Good Guy Seller List

    I have dealt with these people and they were all great. el diablo Dromero Chace10e ocotillo4me GreatWhiteBuffalo SO I HUNT
  11. hoskier

    Good Guy Seller List

    Good to hear. He reached out to me. Super easy going and easy to work with. I will be meeting him later this week.
  12. Updated to show a list at the top so you don't have to scroll through the details. Sorry for not doing that the first time!
  13. Rifle #5 is pending pickup. Holding until 10/9. Not really interested in trades unless you have the Vortex Fury HD 5000 AB 10x42 binoculars/rangefinders, carbon fiber tripod, or any .280 Ackley Improved ammo, Savage ultralight .280AI rifle, etc.
  14. I will let you know if I decide to sell it separately. We can message about it.
  15. hoskier

    F/S Kenetrek mountain extreme boots “SOLD “

    Sent you a message. Interested.
  16. hoskier


    Hello everyone, Lurker and buyer here. Haven't sold anything on here, but looking for advise on pricing as things seem to be all over the place on pricing for trucks. Here is the information on the truck. 2001 Ford SuperCrew cab 4WD F-150 XLT pick up truck in good condition. Runs great. Tires are in good shape. New radiator and thermostat. Newer battery. Cold air conditioning. Great work or hunting truck. Towing package. 6 passenger truck. Lifted. P285/75R16 Pathfinder tires. Cloth interior. Updated radio with Bluetooth and USB/Aux Cable connections. What price do you think I should sell this for? It has been on a few hunts and is a great hunting truck. I went wherever I wanted to go. ha ha. Hoping to get as much as I can for it. I am in Gilbert off Lindsay and Baseline.
  17. hoskier


    It is sold.
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  19. hoskier


    Wow! Crazy good price you sold yours for. Dang! 2001 is a great year for this truck. One of the best. But, I needed to help a friend out who is going through a divorce and I bought his truck to help him out. So, I don't need another one. I wasn't planning this...but all is well. Helped him out and got me into a newer truck. Still wondering if I should sell, but I really don't need it. I hope I don't regret it as well.
  20. hoskier


    I have posted it for sale. Looking for $6750 OBO...It's a great truck for hunting. Four wheel drive works without issues. No leaks. New radiator and thermostat. Located in Gilbert off Lindsay and Baseline. Clean title. Cold AC. Let me know if you have any questions.
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    Thank you jrc0415. I appreciate the input.
  22. hoskier

    Weatherby Vangaurd 30-06

    PM Sent
  23. hoskier

    Yeti 125. Sale pending

    I will be backup to the backup. LOL