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  1. Hey all, I drew the late November Coues tag for 24b. My wife is from Phoenix and has some family that wants to get into hunting. I have never hunted the unit but have always wanted to hunt Coues. We live in southern Utah so being able to scout isn’t that easy. Due to a busy year for me I’m not going to be able to get out and scout before the hunt. I spend hours studying maps trying to learn the area the best I can. I’m going to be taking some new hunters out, so we aren’t going to be picky with the quality of bucks. I have a handful of areas in mind but would feel more confident with some insight from those willing. I’m leaning more towards the central and eastern part of the unit. I know fires have been a problem this year and years past. Right now I’m leaning towards going from Superior and hiking the ranges between fortura and peachville. Or I have some other places in mind coming from Roosevelt lake. Or hiking into the superstition areas. Anyway sorry for the long winded ramble if someone is willing to chat about some areas ( no honey holes of course) just areas that would be good to look into, and help me narrow down what I am planning I would greatly appreciate it. I like to hike and learn new areas and work hard. I just can’t make it down before the hunt like I thought I could. If I don’t hear from anyone good luck with your hunts this year I hope everyone can make some memories and find success.