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  1. brenteinstein

    6.5 creedmoor ammo

    Do you feel good about price gouging people on here?
  2. brenteinstein

    WTB 300PRC dies

    Check out midway, they’re stocked on there fairly regularly.
  3. brenteinstein


    Interested. PM inbound.
  4. brenteinstein

    Retumbo 1 pound for trade

    PM sent.
  5. brenteinstein


    Precision hunter ammo still available?
  6. brenteinstein

    WTB 28 Nosler Ammo

    Pm sending.
  7. brenteinstein

    Stuff to trade 9mm, 7MM VLD, .243 win. misc brass

    Pm sending.
  8. brenteinstein

    WTS: US 869 and WC 872

    US 869 still available?
  9. brenteinstein

    WTB Shell Holder

    Looking for either a Hornady #1 or RCBS #3 shell holder. I have 20 .308 brass + cash or just cash. Thanks all.
  10. brenteinstein

    6.5 Creedmoor Once fired brass

    Interested, where abouts are you?