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  1. brenteinstein

    AICS 300WM Mags

    PM inbound.
  2. brenteinstein

    WTT 178gr ELD-x

    Located in Chandler/Tempe area.
  3. brenteinstein

    WTT 178gr ELD-x

    I have 100 30 cal 178gr ELD-x that I’d be looking to trade straight across for either Berger 6.5 130gr VLD’s or some 200+gr 30 cal projectiles. Would also trade for some 6.5 Creedmoor ammo. Shoot me any offers
  4. brenteinstein

    6.5 creedmoor ammo fs 6.5 prc

    Location? And is the PRC still available?
  5. brenteinstein

    Brownnells federal 210m primers hurry

    Definitely not worth it to me, but those more desperate may have to take the hit.
  6. brenteinstein

    Brownnells federal 210m primers hurry

    $115/thousand after shipping and hazmat fee for those wondering.
  7. brenteinstein

    6.5 PRC 147gr Match Ammo

    PM sent on the PRC.
  8. brenteinstein

    Bullets and Powder

    PM inbound.
  9. brenteinstein

    Sig P320 FCU

  10. brenteinstein

    Win 9mm 500 rounds

    Bump for a good seller.
  11. brenteinstein

    .300 blackout subsonic ammo

  12. brenteinstein

    1 pound H4350 ***SPF***

  13. brenteinstein

    SOLD - 308 Ammo

    Get off the forum.
  14. brenteinstein

    Sold Thanks

    What’s your price on Toric?
  15. brenteinstein


    PM sent.