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  1. brenteinstein


    Location? I have a pound or two I would get rid of.
  2. brenteinstein

    6.5 prc match

    Just local gun stores. MSRP on them is $45/box I believe. Some of the good guys are still out there.
  3. brenteinstein

    6.5 prc match

    I’m seeing 6.5 PRC coming back on shelves in multiple stores for <$50/box. Wait it out guys.
  4. brenteinstein

    Cci 450 small rifle primers

    I may have some 143’s if you’re interested.
  5. brenteinstein

    .308 225 ELD-M

    I’ll take em. PM inbound.
  6. brenteinstein

    WTT 6.5 PRC

  7. brenteinstein


    Nice truck! GLWS
  8. brenteinstein


  9. brenteinstein

    WTB: 300 blackout ammo

    Maybe a couple hundred rounds or any amount of brass.
  10. brenteinstein

    WTB: 300 blackout ammo

    Anybody have some 300 blackout ammo or brass they’re looking to get rid of? Located in the Chandler/Tempe area
  11. brenteinstein

    SIg P320 Full Size Silencerco Barrel

    I’ll take it for 100. Location?
  12. brenteinstein

    AICS 300WM Mags

    PM inbound.
  13. brenteinstein

    WTT 178gr ELD-x

    Located in Chandler/Tempe area.
  14. brenteinstein

    WTT 178gr ELD-x

    I have 100 30 cal 178gr ELD-x that I’d be looking to trade straight across for either Berger 6.5 130gr VLD’s or some 200+gr 30 cal projectiles. Would also trade for some 6.5 Creedmoor ammo. Shoot me any offers
  15. brenteinstein

    6.5 creedmoor ammo fs 6.5 prc

    Location? And is the PRC still available?