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  1. brooozack

    Maven B1 vs Maven B1.2

    I was looking for a used pair of Maven B1.2 10x42 or 8x42, but I found a pair for sale that are B1, I guess that’s the older model. The only info I could find on them is that they are a little bigger than the new model but other than that has anyone seen the glass on the older model, are they still pretty good? Has them listed for $800 which would be good deal for B1.2 but I haven’t seen any of the B1’s for sale. Should I get them? Is that price good? I’m currently using vortex diamondback 10x50 so I’m expecting a pretty good upgrade from what I have.
  2. brooozack

    Maven b1 10x42, sig sauce Zulu 7 12x50 all for sale

    Interested in a trade for the mavens? I have a Gen 1 razor spotting scope 20-60x85
  3. brooozack

    WTS/WTT Gen 1 Razor 20-60x85 Straight Spotter

    Wouldn’t mind trading for some nice 8x42 or 10x42 binos
  4. brooozack

    WTS/WTT Gen 1 Razor 20-60x85 Straight Spotter

    For faster reply you can text me at 405-628-4776
  5. brooozack

    Vortex Kaibab 18x56

    Still available?
  6. I have a Gen 1 Vortex Razor 20-60x85 straight spotting scope comes with soft vortex case. Located in Yuma, AZ but willing to meet up in Phoenix/San Diego for a sale. $700 shipped TYD or I’ll drive a few hours to meet up.
  7. Is the anything special about the Kaibabs? The razors are more expensive so I assume better glass but all my hunting buddy’s have razor everything else but Kaibabs when it comes to 18x56. They offer the razor in several magnifications but the Kaibabs only in a few (I think 15x and 20x for older versions and 18x for newer) Anyone have an experience with both or just the razor hd 18x56?
  8. brooozack

    WTB Vortex Razor 27-60x85

    I already bought one from someone else!
  9. brooozack

    WTB Vortex Razor 27-60x85

    I have a trade for my scope pending, I should be going to pick it up soon. I’ll keep you posted.
  10. brooozack

    WTB Vortex Razor 27-60x85

    Looking to buy vortex razor 27-60x85 I have a razor 11-33x50 available to trade for it plus cash on my end I also have a custom sig p365 I could trade also. Edit: I’m no longer in the market I made trades on both items not sure if I can delete this thread still new to the whole forum thing