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  1. #1ArcheryAddict

    Archery sights for sale

    Very interested in one of the 5 pin accustat scopes!
  2. #1ArcheryAddict

    Akc American Brittany Pups

    Beautiful puppies
  3. #1ArcheryAddict


    I will take the EC tuner brake for $100.00
  4. #1ArcheryAddict

    Precision 22LR ammo

    I will take it, I can make it out that way Thursday or Friday.
  5. #1ArcheryAddict

    Precision 22LR ammo

    Thank u
  6. #1ArcheryAddict

    Precision 22LR ammo

    Very interested! Please get me that info
  7. #1ArcheryAddict

    Precision 22LR ammo

    Thank u
  8. #1ArcheryAddict

    Precision 22LR ammo

    Any helpful hints on where to find precision 22LR ammo like Lapua, eley or SK match ammo or in the Phoenix area?
  9. #1ArcheryAddict

    German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies

    All are spoken for
  10. #1ArcheryAddict

    German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies

    1 male left. Thanks and have a great day
  11. #1ArcheryAddict

    Prayer request

    Praise God
  12. #1ArcheryAddict

    Prayer request

    Praying for ur mom Joan and ur family.
  13. #1ArcheryAddict

    Unit 33 Hunting

    I agree with u, it's the same guys on here running their mouths. It gets old!
  14. #1ArcheryAddict

    AKC Lab Puppies (Yellow)

    Beautiful puppies!
  15. #1ArcheryAddict

    German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies

    Male # 2 and Female #2 are spoken for! Picture have been removed. Thanks and have a great day.