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  1. DmanP


    Love my Crispis! unfortunately they are the wrong size.
  2. My number is 480 433-0371. I will be down in Phoenix area this weekend. I would like to try and get with you. 

  3. DmanP

    SOLD Hoyt Helix Ultra

    Where are you located? I may be interested. I have a couple of boys with Archery Bull tags and looking to upgrade their bows.
  4. DmanP

    Wtt h 4350 and rl16

    I do have 1 lb of Retumbo. I would be more interested in the rl16 and h4350.
  5. Still have the 6.5 creedmoor for sale?  If so how many rounds does it have down it?  Also what is its weight?

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    2. DmanP


      Does it have a factory trigger?  Where are you located?

    3. Davidinthesun


      Yes on trigger and Sun City NW Valley 

    4. Davidinthesun


      Do you still have your razor for sale

  6. DmanP


    I have some 6.5 ELDx projectiles. Hot me up and we can make a trade.
  7. DmanP

    Best bipod

    https://mdttac.com/us_en/mdt-ckye-pod.html absolutely the best long range bipod in the game of long range. Unfortunately it is pricey! shooting off a tripod is an effective way to hunt but you need a good clamp, or arca rail to clamp into.
  8. DmanP

    Jumping Jack

    What size?
  9. I have someone interested in gun ammo and brass. You will have second dibs.
  10. .257 Weatherby magnum Vanguard rifle less than 200 rounds. Good condition. Minor wear and scratches on barrel and muzzle break. Asking $500. 40 - unfired .257 Magnum brass. $60 60 - once fired .257 Magnum brass cleaned. $60 1 box (50) - .257 Nosler 115 grain ballistic tips. $20 If you want it all I would do it for $600. scope and bipod not included.
  11. DmanP


    Where are you located? I’m interested.
  12. I want one box. Where are you located?
  13. DmanP

    6.5 Creedmoor Once fired brass

    I’m in Overgaard, AZ. I can ship for $5 more.
  14. I have 120 pieces of Hornady 6.5 creedmoor once fired brass for sale. $60 dollars.