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  1. I see the 2 obvious ones then it looks like 2 more bucks on the right 3rd of the picture
  2. mason a

    6 Yard Bull - video

    great job Jed , Great shot to the hunter , So awesome to have that video for him to have and relive a great hunt. Me and the boys are heading to 27 for junior deer hunt this weekend , PM me with any advice , I think all the archery deer hunters boogered them up a little but that was a month ago , hopefully they are back to normal. Anyhow love your videos keep um coming
  3. Thanks for taking the time to post that awesome video, Beautiful scenery, Looks like you guys had a great time , Congratulations on a great deer.
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    The problem is, Us freedom loving Americans, are becoming outnumbered by freeloading Americans.
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    4A Cow Down

    great job, those cows can be tougher to get than the bulls this time of the year, congratulation and happy eating
  6. mason a

    My 2012 Bull

    great job, I love how long the fronts are. nice dark horns also . way to be patient.
  7. mason a

    2012 Weight loss thread

    sorry , that happened to you , I wonder if that was a real crossfit affiliate, there are a lot of imitations out there, hopefully that is what that was. Anyhow looks like the plan you have in place is working great , so keep up the good work.
  8. mason a

    2012 Weight loss thread

    With crossfit , there are still some movements that i still have to stay away from. For example we do a lot of 24" and 30" box jumps, Jumping up onto the box is not the problem it's when i jump back down off the box that my knees start to feel it. It is the hard impact coming down off the box , so now when i come off the box i just step down instead, another thing I found that make my knees swell is doing double unders(that is were when you jump rope , you jump high enough to do 2 revolutions with the rope per jump) So i have to jump extra high to get that accomplished double unders. So now i just do regular single jump ropes and those don't bother me at all.Probably the biggest thing that helped my knees is the amount of light squats and sometimes heavy squats that we do . The muscles in my legs have never been this strong which in turn takes the strain off my knees. As far as being competitive, crossfit is a great fit, and that is what drives me also. don't get me wrong not everyone there cares what the time is on the board or how many reps they did , but there will be plenty of chances to compete with the other guys on the board who seem to put up similar numbers as you . They may even come it at a different time than you, but you see there times and you push to beat there time , and the next morning that guy is checking out your time also. Its a friendly type competition. After a couple of months of getting stronger and faster you will be pushing to always be close to the top of the white board. There are crossfit gyms everywhere, when you look for one make sure they have enough equipment to do all the crossfit moves, some gyms are just garage type gyms with very limited equipment and very few members. But you also don't want one that is to crowded either . our box has about 75 member's and about 3000 sf, with 3 trainers. Each class averages 8-14 people. there is a 5,6,7,8,9am class and 4:30,5:30,6:30,7:30pm classes. So make sure they offer plenty of options for class times. Our gym charges 150$ per month unlimited usage, but that is a lot of personal training with the correct way to do the lifts. good luck
  9. mason a

    2012 Weight loss thread

    That' s awesome keep up the hard work , it will pay off , diet is a huge part ofit
  10. mason a

    2012 Weight loss thread

    did you do the baseline test today? run 400 meters , 40 air squats, 30 situps,20 pushups, 10 pull ups all for time? Today our wod( workout of the day) was extreme 5 rounds for time; deadlift 225lbs 12 reps 20 pull ups clean and jerk 135lbs 12 reps knees to elbows 20 reps (while hanging from pull up bar) That is 100 pull ups, 60 deadlifts,60 clean and jerks,100 knees to elbows. all for time.ouch that was the rx weight, all movements and weights can be scaled if needed. My arms have been sore all day , not all of the wods are this difficult. stick with crossfit , after the first week the soreness wont be bad, the results are amazing
  11. A friend of mine told me about these radios , so i checked them out on youtube and they sell them on Ebay for around 50 -55 $ each , they also sell lots of accessories for them. Does anybody have any experience with these radios? Judged by the reviews they look pretty good especially for the price.
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    Opinions on these Radios

    Sorry the radio is called a baofeng uv 5r radio
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    2012 Utah Typical

    Great buck Houston, Hoping me and wells can find some bucks like that in November. I will have to get the score and story from you later
  14. mason a

    2012 Weight loss thread

    I did p 90x about 3 years ago < it's a butt kicker, especially if you hit it hard. Crossfit works well for me because you are competing against others in the gym who are at your same level and ability.classes are fairly small 8-12 people per class so you get a lot of 1 on 1 training, It,s similar to p90x in that you do a lot of pull ups, push ups,sit ups, Olympic lifts , running , rowing , squats , deadlifts ,all done for time, or number of reps to work on metabolic conditioning and strength. just google crossfit games, I work out at crossfit Mesa, on greenfield north of mcdowell. there are crossfit gyms all over the valley.
  15. mason a

    2012 Weight loss thread

    HE wrestled for poston junior high last year as an 8th grader, I guess i should brag , he took first place last year in city (mesa) for his weight group. This year he will be wrestling for mnt. view as a freshman.
  16. mason a

    2012 Weight loss thread

    Holy crap , how do I re size the pictures, I didn't realize they would take up half the page,
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    2012 Weight loss thread

    The first after picture was taken at saguaro lake, i swim a mile there once a week ( In addition to crossfit), the other pics are at 14 weeks Also some of the added benefits of getting into shape is hiking 8 miles with your boys on a successful shed hunting trip
  18. mason a

    2012 Weight loss thread

    Great thread , I am 42 years old, have a torn meniscus, bad arthritis in both knees, was a little bummed out because the doctor told there was nothing i could do other than knee replacements , except diet and exercise, so 14 weeks ago i started crossfit. I love it ! i am down from 232 to 201 and much stronger , but most of all my knees have not felt this good in 15 years . No pain at all . I was going to post my 12 week before and after picture but i thought it might be a little weird keep up the hard work , diet is a huge part of it. P.S if there are any cross fitters out there i just got a PR last week on fran of 2:52 RX and i did Elizabeth this morning of 5:33 RX
  19. mason a

    30-06 For Long Range?

    Thats why we all bought those scopes , everyone i talked with loved em especially at that price, Just bad luck i guess
  20. mason a

    30-06 For Long Range?

    I have the vortex viper 6.5-20x44 on my sons .243, it had a leupold vx 2 3-9x40 scope and the tracking was flawless, the gun Always shoots 3/4 moa or better sometimes 1/4 moa, but like a retard thought we needed more magnification and sold it to buy that vortex. The clarity is good (nothing like my zeiss) , but the problem is you will pull your hair out trying to do a box test , it takes 3 or 4 shots sometimes for the crosshairs to quit moving. So you take several shots and it shoots great, but then you move your turret up 8 clicks(2" at 100 yards) and that sucker hits 3" high on the first shot ,then 2" high on the second shot, then finally it hits perfect on the 3rd shot. when the dang crosshairs quit moving around. I went through 75 shots at the range last week trying to figure it out , took forever because i was waiting several minutes between shots. sending it back to vortex. Me and my brother bought 3 of them from cameraland, my brother and his friend already sent both of theirs back to vortex , same reason and problem as mine, I had not shot mine till this weekend so i kept thinking it was there gun or them or a combination of both. They were right, vortex actually sent my brother a new scope and the new one was on his .264 mag and every other shot the turret would move a click or 2 so after 5 shots he was off over an inch at 100 yards. Took him 20 or 30 shells to figure that one out. so for me in the future its leupold or zeiss. Sorry i know lots of you guys love your vortex scopes , and binos , but for precision shooting if you need to be moving your turret ,you better hope it stops were it supposed to. If you dont ever mess with your turret you should be . For those of you with vipers make sure you do a few box test, . here is a picture of a 200 yard box test with the leupold 3-9x40 with that .243 , could not repeat that in a 1000 years with the vortex scope I had . maybe ours were just all bad.
  21. mason a

    30-06 For Long Range?

    Those pictures are great! IMO that embodies the essence of hunting, can't wait to get my kids out to hunt when they are old enough. Do you do a lot of reloading? I did when i was working up a load, but now that i have my perfect load , I only load 100-150 rounds a year for my go to rifle mostly to verify its accuracy and to practice in the wind , It helps to practice at the elevations you will be shooting .
  22. mason a

    30-06 For Long Range?

    My first long range gun was a browning A bolt. The only work we did to the gun was a new timney trigger.We spent a lot of time working up the most accurate load.After that we did the most important thing and that was bought a good reliable scope. a zeiss conquest 6-20x 50 with qaulity mounts and we also did a kenton industries turret. ( the kenton turret is not necessary , in fact my new long range gun is moa turrets only and i use the app shooter instead) but whatever you do make sure you practice at those long distances a lot so you feel comfortable when you go to make that shot. 3 years ago my oldest son broke the rifle in on a large cow elk at 580 yards , one shot kill ,high shoulder shot , the elk dropped in her tracks, the 168 grain berger bullet never did exit , but did a great job. My brother was with us when he made the shot, he was amazed. Then 8 days later my same son shot his first coues buck at 550 yards , shot it a liitle low in the kill zone the kill zone but in drooped in its tracks, the exit hole was the size of your fist , so when we got up to the deer he finished him off with a shot to the head and messed up his jaw. that following week my good buddy asked if he could use my 30-06 on his coues hunt , and of course I let him and he took a 96" buck kneeling down at 475 yards , 1 shot kill and his comment to me was amazed at the size of the exit wound. Then later that year in November i shot my bull elk with that same gun at 375 yards and dropped in his tracks with a high shoulder shot(bullet did not exit) So the answer is yes , 30-06 set up with a good scope and the right load is great. I had a bunch of so called experts tell me never attempt shooting an elk out past 400 yards. Don't listen to them. the load that worked good in my gun is 168 grain berger bullets, 49.5 grains of varget powder,coal 3.400" (I have to hand feed because they are to long to fit in the magazine)
  23. mason a

    Rocky Point

    We were using aluminum tady jigs so when you reel the lure in they stay close to the surface , they are very finicky untill they are in a full blown feeding frenzy , then you have about 1-2 minutes to throw your jigs until the bait ball drops down in the water column , we also do very well on yellowtail over deep reefs 100-200 feet jigging iron . Once the jig hits the bottom , jig it a few times the quickly reel up 50-60 feet then drop again , while watching your fish finder to see where the fish are suspended , we also troll deep diving rapalas over the deep reefs . Hope this helps Mason
  24. mason a

    Rocky Point

    Thanks Chris , had a great time . Anywhere around rocky pnt that you can find rocks you will find ,rock bass, snapper , trigger fish, ,cabrilla, puffer fish , hog fish and many others. Hawaiian slings work great, kastmasters are great 1 oz cast them at first light for everything especially corvina(sea trout) and pompano ( especially as the tide is coming in) I speared these red snappers in 5 feet of water right in front of our house during Christmas break this year . I'll try and post the pictures with my iPhone in a couple minutes
  25. mason a

    Who didn't draw?

    4 of us on my cc , nothing yet , we all put in separately, all easy to get hunts ,50 -60 % draw odds with 2 and 3 bonus points each ,I would have thought at least one of us would get a tag.We all put in for goat tags as well. I'm waiting for someone to say they put in for a late archery cow hunt on there 2nd choice (which is 100%)and did not get hit on the cc yet , now that would give me some hope that they are not finished hitting the cards yet . Otherwise i'm taking my ball and going home!!