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  1. Looking to rehome. Brand new in box. Email ielkhunt@yahoo.com if interested. Since there is one in every crowd I’m asking 1250 for it. It’s brand new in the box.
  2. Tim T

    Wanted lab, beagle or Weimaraner

    Dude. That’s on the list but I want a bird dog. However I’d get a basset and name or roscoe pico train
  3. Tim T

    Wanted lab, beagle or Weimaraner

    Thank you! I appreciate that.
  4. Just retired from the Navy after 21 years and am looking for a camping/hunting buddy. I’d like to stay I. Labrador, beagle or Weimaraner lines without breaking the bank. Thanks in advance.
  5. Tim T

    WTB .243

    Ash i have a Ruger American 243