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    Silent success

  2. Tom22

    went out shed hunting with the kids

    That's Great
  3. Tom22

    Cool ATL pic

    Nice looking
  4. Tom22

    Dead Heads

    Awesome, nice finds
  5. Tom22

    North of the ditch shed hunt

    Nice pictures, Good luck
  6. Tom22

    Not a bad couple hours

    looking good
  7. Tom22

    10mm suggestions

    I have G20 gen4 10mm, i love it is easy to carry
  8. I love to carry my Mossberg 590 Shockwave
  9. Tom22

    Capperjohn791 scammer

    i also got same message
  10. I have hunted muleys the last 3 years in mid november (generally somewhere around the 20th), and we've always seen good rutting activity, but the deer have definitely been pressured and shot up by that time. Our strategy has always been find the does, and there is a good chance there is a buck around somewhere too.. We've always had great luck with the weather while we were out west, but we also know the weather in mid november has the chance to be nasty.. This year, I have the opportunity to go earlier, and the thought of deer that have been less pressured and less chance of bad weather got me thinking - only problem is I have no idea what the hunting is like then.. What are bucks doing in late october? Are they still in with the groups of does, just not pushing them around? Are they by themselves and bedded up most of the day?
  11. Tom22

    How far would you pack out an elk

    It depend on how he run after the shot
  12. I am about to adventure into the Elk woods for the first time. I am going with a friend and we are both predominantly whitetail hunters from down south so packouts usually arent that bad to non existent. I was just curious if anyone would be interested in telling some horror stories about packouts or packouts that turned out to be ideal. What to do what not to do and how far you'd ethically shoot an elk knowing you were going to have to pack the animal out. Looking forward to hearing some of your experiences and hoping to learn something from hunters that have been in this situation before. Thanks !