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  1. Mlevac

    Free for kids New Bushnell binoculars

    These available or gone?
  2. Mlevac

    300 win mag ammo trade

    I got some 170 grain 300 WM if your interested. Let me know. Matt
  3. Mlevac

    curtis78 scammer

    Got a response for a WTB ammo post. He even sent a follow up email after I didn’t respond to the first email due to some red flags. Seems to be referencing some dude name Kyle in Texas a lot.
  4. Mlevac

    WTB: 300 WM ammo

    Ya mentioned that and said they sold out quick. That’s partially what inspired the post. I haven’t had any luck running into a place that has it in stock in the valley.
  5. Mlevac

    WTB: 300 WM ammo

    Loaded ammo. Haven’t done any reloading yet.
  6. Mlevac

    WTB: 300 WM ammo

    Thought I’d be more lucky finding some in stores but under estimated the current climate. I’m looking to buy a few boxes of the ammo below for my hunt. In order of my preference. 1)200 grain Hornaday ELD X 2)200 grain Accubond (White tip) 3)190 grain Accubond Longrange (Gray tip) 4)185 classic hunter by Berger 5)180 Accubond (WhiteTip) 6) Berger “Hybrids” bullets between 185 grains and 208 grains, 7 )Berger 185 grain to 210 grain VLD’s Thanks!
  7. Mlevac

    Hey matt

    Hey Bryan! Ya Mike’s my ol man. I drew a bull tag in 22n last week on November. New to the CWT forum but have found some things for my hunt this fall. I’ll tell him I ran into you on here.
  8. Mlevac

    Hey matt

    Heck yes I am. How about your self?
  9. Mlevac

    Hey matt

    My names Matt
  10. Mlevac


    Interested with PM sent.
  11. Mlevac


    You willing to ship up to Phoenix?
  12. Mlevac

    300 win mag factory ammo

    Interested. PM sent
  13. Mlevac

    Ammo 30-06, 300WM, 243, and 22-250

    I’ll take 300 Win Mag of available.
  14. Mlevac

    Harris HBLM Bipod

    I’ll take it as a second option.