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  1. Lion King

    Brown town

    Oops it’s 15/16 the between the numbers. Ha
  2. Lion King

    Brown town

    16 16ths in an inch . So 14 16ths in between the numbers correct? Now you have me questioning loaning my tape to Toby! πŸ˜‚
  3. Lion King

    Brown town

    Thanks guys, Toby you are more than welcome to use my tape measure, I’ll even teach you how to read the 14 little lines between the the numbers. 😜
  4. Lion King

    Brown town

    My gf and I went out this morning looking for some lion tracks and wound up in brown town. The first one I found you can see where the bull had bedded down and lost it at some point during the night (a first for me ).While trying to match him up I stumbled across a super nice 6pt. After walking around trying to match the two we gave up and headed to town for some lunch. After lunch On our way back in my gf yelled for me to stop the truck because she saw an antler on the fence line. I stopped and she matched up the big 6 over a mile away from where I found the other side. Unfortunately he was broke at his 5 and 6 point. So we went back to hit another canyon hoping to match up the first antler and found another decent set. I taped the biggest bull and if the broken part matched his other side he would score right at 345”.