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  1. luke duke

    1st Double on javelina

    Thanks guys! I had loaded up the rem 240gr Semi Jacketed Soft Points with a healthy dose of H110. That bullet should have been moving at about 1400fps. I was shooting at a downward angle. Bullet entered 3 inches below the spine on the left side and exited just behind the right shoulder. Clean pass through the boiler maker. DUG was using a PMC Semi Jacketed Truncated Cone 185gr that was probably clipping along at 1500-1600fps. It was such a rush sneaking in on the pigs. Everytime i crept forward thinking they would bust at any moment. Dug shot his and i had one less than 50yds away but on the same side of the hill. It was so thick I couldn't see it. So we were shoutin to each other when another pig busts out and thats the one i smoked. I need to start wearing a go pro. It was a shot of a lifetime for sure.
  2. luke duke

    Zen-Ray Optics Prime HD 10/42

    Wrote out a long review but then realized I have the ED3's. Hahaha
  3. luke duke

    LH Hoyt UltraMag Bow RTH

    If only i didn't have a 31.5" draw length. I would jump on it. I shouldn't have sold my last hoyt.
  4. luke duke

    Last day bull for Lukeduke

    Thanks everybody! The real star of the hunt was DUG. Aftter the miserable conditions the first few days he agreed to go back with me. Thursday he was on his game. He had it all figured out, he called their every move. He picked out the bull bedded behind a small dead fall through a juniper that was the last thing between us and him. Thanks Dad for an awesome hunt!
  5. luke duke

    need help

    I will check around see what I have and see what we have at work.
  6. luke duke

    Happy birthday DUG

    Its a day late but we were chaising elk yesterday. Glad to spend your bday with you out hunting!
  7. luke duke

    unit 7 Lope down.

    My mom bagged a nice little buck! DUG will be along to relate the whole story.
  8. luke duke

    P/U @ Dillons Precision on Xmas Eve

    That was me. Yes i work there.
  9. luke duke

    Leupold VX-3 LR Target 8.5-25x50

    Bumpity bump.
  10. luke duke

    Leupold VX-3 LR Target 8.5-25x50

    Yes that scope has a 30mm tube for better light transmission and clearer picture at longer ranges.
  11. luke duke

    Smith & Wesson 460 Magnum Revolver For Sale

    Great price. Bump for a great gun.
  12. luke duke

    zeiss rapid z 1000

    Go to the Zeiss website. It explains everything there. My Dad looked at getting a Zeiss, but it was hard to read the lines. Most scopes like this you zero at 200.
  13. luke duke

    az archery club

    We met a guy on my dad's cow hunt in 7W last Dec. and he told us about this place. Glad to hear it's finally opened. Not too far from our house.
  14. luke duke

    Results Are Out!

    Got 23 early whitetail again......