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  1. drcarr

    Remington stocks and barrel

    If it's still available I'll buy the 300RUM barrel...Please PM me with payment info....Thanks
  2. drcarr

    Bear Opener

    Heading for 23S in the morning.....Woot......Woot......see ya in the hills.......................
  3. drcarr

    Screwed up leftovers

    +1 and my 1st choice too.......
  4. drcarr

    Congrats Amanda

    Congratulations for receiving this well deserved recognition...you have created an outstanding website with few very peers.......
  5. drcarr

    Custom Vinyl Decals

    Very nicely done.....PM sent..................
  6. drcarr

    Custom Vinyl Decals

    Is it possible to have the attached Kokopelli design made into a decal? What would be the cost for that decal made to the size of the "Beards & Bucks" decal as shown in your advertisement. Thanks KOKOPELLIDECAL.doc
  7. drcarr

    Coues Deer Celebration 6 - Hope you love it!

    Thanks Amanda....another project well done...great entertainment......
  8. drcarr

    Another one of us gone

    Wishing Mr. Pinney's family strength and serenity during this time of sorrow............
  9. drcarr

    Open Weekend Luck

    Congrats....Bow birds are tough...........
  10. drcarr

    Threat to Firearms Sales on These Classifieds

    Why let them criminalize any currently legal behavior because of a very few individuals criminal behaviors??? and just in case you have not connected the so called "universal background check" dots to it's inevitable national registry conclusion.....THINK ABOUT THIS.......if they truly/only wanted to determine you are not a prohibited possessor then there is no need to complete a 4473.....just run my name through NICS using my drivers license or any other approved picture ID card.......without any gun information...THAT WILL NOT BE DONE BECAUSE CONFISCATION IS THE TRUE AGENDA......REGISTRATION IS ONLY NECESSARY FOR TAXATION OR CONFISCATION.....AND IN CASE I WAS NOT CLEAR ENOUGH ON WHERE I STAND...I'M NOT FOR ANY NEW GUN LAWS AT ALL....."SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" IS NOT OPEN FOR DEBATE........
  11. drcarr

    Introducing the newest cwt member

    Congratulations to you both..........
  12. drcarr

    CWT Member Needs Your HELP

    "Shared" on my Facebook page...A good read...
  13. drcarr

    Get ready

    It will be done incrementally and under the guise of "common sense legislation"...
  14. It's taken me all day to set aside my initial "knee jerk" emotional thoughts to the extent where I can say these few words......Wishing strength and serenity to all with hearts saddened by today's unimaginable loss of young lives...
  15. drcarr

    Walking Stick Suggestion?

    You may consider Bog Pod Shooting sticks...they are light weight, yet sturdy, quickly adjustable in height, have removeable rubber boots and are easy to pack up a hill when not used for walking....we replace the stock "V" shooting platform with Jim White's modular shooting system (male Binocular adaptor/female receiver attachment piece/male "Jimmy's" shooting rest)....that way we can very quickly swap our binos for a "U" shaped shooting rest to use when making the shot... I believe Jim's shooting system is available for review/purchase at the "online" Coueswhitetail Store...
  16. drcarr

    early archery video

    Impressive I say......nicely done.....made me want to get back into the hills...and I just got back last night!!!!
  17. drcarr

    Unit 9 Late Rifle Elk Hunt

    TAM.....PM sent...
  18. drcarr

    Unit 9 Late Rifle Elk Hunt

    I'm heading back out scouting on 11/24/12....if necessary I intend to hunt until dark thirty of the last day...I was wondering if any other CWT members have this hunt??...regardless of their Hunt Unit may all the Elk hunters experience solid hits, clean misses and short blood trails... don
  19. Wishing you and your family strength and serenity during this difficult time.....
  20. drcarr

    Unit 9 Late Rifle Elk Hunt

    I have hunted this Unit off and on since the mid 1970's for Elk, Deer, Turkeys and Predators.....I agree that it can be a real tough hunt regardless of species pursued....I intend to give it my best shot by scouting as much as possible ( I already scouted/camped in the Unit from 10/07/12 through 11/03/12) and by hunting dawn to dark every day of the season....I too will be as mobile as necessary...Red Rabbit, if you or anyone other CWT members hunting Unit 9 have need of any kind of assistance I'm willing to help as possible....things happen and some parts of Unit 9 are real rough on a vehicle....again, good luck to all... don CELL PH.#520-834-2359
  21. drcarr

    spring results

    6 of our usual gang have 37A General Rifle Hunt, Feb 22 - Feb 28th....several of us will be looking to pick up a 2nd Archery tag in the 36's....nothing like a Javelina hunt to hook a newbie for life on hunting or the out of doors in general...laid back camping, cool weather and a better than average chance for success.....No Goulds yet (with 8 points).....
  22. and accept the loss of his hunting privileges for the next 5 years.....my observation is that for several years the "Commissioners" have been way too quick at imposing 5 year periods of lost hunting privileges as punishment.......and why is it just about always for 5 year periods????......I think most of us would twist and turn if we were required to sit out even one year.....and don't forget that Arizona is part of that pesky little State compact that requires each State to honor the others assignment of lost hunting privileges ...one years worth of lost hunting privileges would certainly be more than enough of a reinforcement to return me to being a lawful hunter..... MAYBE HAVING ONE OF THEIR OWN COMMISSION MEMBERS DANCING IN THE SPOTLIGHT WILL CAUSE THEM TO RECONSIDER THEIR CONVICTIONS IN THIS MATTER….I’m not saying that imposing a loss of hunting privileges is too extreme a punishment…..I am suggesting that they use this tool too often……Oh, and just for the record I’ve never received a citation for violating any game law……
  23. On two separate trips, several years apart, I've had hunting "Partners" that "forgot" to mention they could only hunt the opening weekend of our long planned full season Elk hunts...both had naturally rode all the way to camp in my vehicle (to save gas) before telling me of this little detail...both loudly complained that they did not speak up earlier because they knew I would make them drive themselves to camp....Ya think????...one "Partner" ended up renting a car for the trip home to Tucson from Flagstaff...the other had his wife pick him up in Flagstaff.....Turns out I burned some bridges with those "Partners" as they never even asked to hunt with me again.....What the heck, I thought my taking them in to town was a great demonstration of camaraderie and sacrifice.....
  24. drcarr

    Leupold turret review

    Ok so get the concept. That means u have to a have a different drop chart for every temp and elecations? Cause bullet drop will constantly change granted those factors . There for ur MOA at 600yrds at 2000elv with differ from 600yrds at 8000. So the question to you is how can u find out all those balistic charts? Rcbs software? This web site link has worked fairly well for my needs: http://biggameinfo.com/index.aspx?page=%2fbalcalc.ascx