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    My 2012 Crazy Bear Hunt

    Wow, that was you on one of my trail cams: [media=] [/media].....Seriously though, you just rocketed to the top of the list for best 2012 campfire story....
  2. drcarr

    Road closures on Kiabab NF

    Sure hope the USFS has decided to rethink implementation/enforcement of their current Travel Management Plans...but I'm fairly sure they have not...starting to believe our only recourse now is wide spread civil disobedience and sympathetic courts...
  3. you are missing my point which is that the "Nanny State" government is slowly, but surely taking away personal freedoms...this thread began by talking about the government restricting forest access under the guise of it being a necessary fire safety precaution....in another thread the latest USFS Travel Management Plans (TMP’s) are being discussed….is it really necessary for the TMP’s to be so restrictive??...there are numerous other instances of the government eroding freedoms that have nothing to do with Forest access...look at the bigger picture...where do you draw the line???? ....I believe that due diligence is at all times necessary when considering a governments actions....when it comes to Big Government, if you give them an inch, they’ll usually end up taking a mile…I'm not a conspiracy theorist and the erosion of personal freedoms is real...my employment as a state level law enforcement officer for almost 25 years (yes I’m a government employee) has shown me the truth in this matter...at least take a deep breath and think about all the different things that you used to enjoy that are now prohibited by law...it’s sobering as well as saddening….All I’m suggesting is that we stop being so willing to blindly surrender these freedoms…
  4. +1 Also, to the complaints about the "nanny" state...well...the USFS is the nanny over the federal lands under its care. They're not limiting our personal rights, only our recreational privileges, and it's doing so to protect the land from a clear and present danger. Let's not forget, the Wallow Fire was started by hunters who thought they were being responsible. Well, I did ask what those of you that see no problem with the steady loss of freedoms were thinking....that said: 1.) Since its establishment in 1905, the Forest Service, as an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, was tasked to manage public lands which include national forests and grasslands. The Forest Service motto "Caring for the Land and Serving People," reportedly captures the Forest Service mission which as set forth in law reads, "the Forest Service mission is to achieve quality land management under the sustainable multiple-use management concept to meet the diverse needs of people"....MY BELIEF is that the USFS has become a tool for agenda driven individuals which has lead this agency to far overstep it's stated purpose/legally defined boundaries and thereby significantly erode previously held personal freedoms...(remember the old adage; "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."… 2.) Furthermore, I have been unable to find any informational source to support that “the Wallow Fire was started by hunters who thought they were being responsible.” I did find several sources that cited the same general information as can be found at this web link http://www.azfamily.com/news/-Cousins-charged-in-Arizona-wildfire-plead-guilty--144435265.html about “two campers” that accepted responsibility for their actions by pleading guilty to Federal misdemeanor offenses for which their sentencing remains pending…before you assume I’m being petty in this matter I suggest that we not provide the anti-hunting crowd with ammunition by blaming “hunters” of reckless, irresponsible behavior when that was apparently not the case…. What is it about the concept of holding the individual accountable for his or her actions that certain people appear unable to comprehend and/or unwilling to accept????
  5. Absolutely hold me accountable for my actions...just be so kind as to wait until I make them....unlike you, I don't presume to have the right to decide "who's smart enough to be in the woods"...again, as an adult I just prefer the concept of Personal Accountability to being treated like a child by a "Nanny State" mentality government....perhaps if you seek definitions for “Nanny State” and “Personal Accountability”, using a more credible resource than “wikipedia”, my statements may make more sense…..additionally, I never said or even insinuated that I believe myself to be "smarter than anyone else"....I am apparently more willing than some to accept that an individual has a right to make choices, exhibit behaviors, and experience the consequences for them...
  6. Just another example of the Governments "Nanny State" mentality...it doesn't matter if it's on the Federal, State, County or City government level you must always believe that they know what’s best for you…year after year we lose more and more autonomy over our individual actions....the concept of Incrementalism at it's finest...the old nose of the camel under the tent routine...too many people have become accepting of these new restrictions and/or rules because they seemed "reasonable" or "necessary" or "for the good of everyone"....ENOUGH ALREADY...whatever happened to PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY (Being willing to answer — to be accountable — for the outcomes resulting from your choices, behaviors, and actions)….when did the concept of holding the individual accountable for his or her actions as opposed to forcing restrictions upon the law abiding majority become obsolete???...for those of you that do not join me in lamenting the loss of these freedoms I offer my sincere condolences as you must be too young to have experienced them in the first place …for those of you that choose to view all these new restrictions and/or rules as "reasonable" or "necessary" or "for the good of everyone" I can only ask what are you thinking and remind you of the slippery slope principle????….and just for the record I’m not advocating “Anarchy” just a return to “Personal Accountability”…thanks to those that took the time to read my rant…
  7. drcarr

    Jim White and his wife need prayers!

    Jim, please know that my boys and I are wishing you and your loved ones strength and serenity during this difficult time...hang in there my friend....
  8. drcarr

    Prayers for my son please

    Wishing you and your loved ones strength and serenity during this difficult time....
  9. drcarr

    Access Denied Documentary

    Shared "Access Denied" on my Facebook account receiving numerous positive responses.....also sent the "Link" out through my email address book.....most common response has been "I had no idea this was happening"....Please inform everyone you know about the new National Forest MVUM changes...who knows it may help....surely couldn't hurt....
  10. Wishing you a safe trip, clean hits and short blood trails...take care...
  11. drcarr

    Post you results

    I'm STUNNED...I drew a Rifle Tag for Bull Elk in Unit 9...that's 3 Rifle Bull Tags in a row...and if I had any doubt that Christmas came early this year...I drew a Rifle Antelope Tag in Unit 7 for the 3rd time...(1986,1999 and today)...UNBELIEVABLE...
  12. drcarr

    CC Hits

    Woot...Woot...So far card hit for one Antelope and one Elk...only problem now is which one of four family members got which tag????
  13. drcarr

    Draw Results post here

    I'm still in shock at our luck... 12A-Turkey Sept. 12 Tags in our group. 30B-Whitetail Deer Dec. Youngest son and I. 36A-Whitetail Deer Oct. Oldest son and four others. 7A West-Cow Elk Oct. Brother and Daughter-in-Law. 7A West-Bull Elk Nov. Me Congratulations to all who were successful in the draw...There remain an amazing number of "leftover" Deer and Turkey tags...Wishing you all clean shots and short blood trails...See you in the hills...
  14. drcarr

    2011 elk/Antelope tags

    I drew my 1st choice a 7West Late November Bull tag...My brother and daughter-in-law drew their 2nd choice tags for 7West October Cow...No antelope for any of our group...may the "Red Gods" smile on all who drew a tag and good luck to all those applying for the remaining tags...Hope to see you all in the hills....
  15. drcarr


    Near Tucson try Arivaca Lake or Picacho Lake. Also don't forget the Gila River around Winkleman!!! Good luck!!!
  16. drcarr

    Theyre up!!!!!!!

    The Red Gods have been kind!! #1 Son: 12A Turkey----36A Early Coues---7West Bull #2 Son: 12A Turkey----36A Oct. Muley Brother: 12A Turkey----36A Early Coues Me: 12A Turkey----36A Early Coues---7West Bull Wishing all of you a steady hand, a clean hit and a short haul!!!
  17. drcarr

    A favor to ask...

    Wishing you and all of your family strength and serenity during these difficult times. The Carr Family
  18. drcarr

    First hunt(s)

    In 1967 Mom and Dad moved the family to Tucson from Antioch Township, Illinois. We made the move for my mother's health and it sure was the right call as she is still with us today. Dad had good success hunting on our Illinois farm and so he never saw the need to switch from walk, walk, walk to the glass and stalk hunting that's proven so effective here in Arizona. Of course it didn't help to change Dad's mind one bit, that just when I thought a 13yr old's pleas to save some boot leather had been heard, he out walked a heavy antlered old mule deer buck that we all agreed just had to have been blind, deaf and nasally impaired. I hope to never forget my Dad and I carrying, dragging, pushing and wishing that deer back to the old white suburban that during our lunch siesta had appeared to be little more than a shiny glare through the heat waves. One of the many lasting lessons learned from that night was to never forget your knife as the military PR29 can opener was never meant to zipper a deer. I well remember sighting in our "deer" rifles at the north end of Campbell Ave. and hunting doves, quail and ducks near today's Cortaro Road Wally-Mart. We spent many days hunting deer & pigs in Unit 37A back when it still felt like a hunting area and not someone's back yard. Anyone else remember the petroglyphs, huge cottonwoods and couple hundred yards of year round running water in that wash on the SE end of the Tortilita's? Oh yeah, I think now "Sun City Vistoso" calls that area their "Honeybee Canyon" million dollar home subdivision!!!! Next came 34A, the 35's and the 36's. For many years our campfire light drew people quietly asking "tiene agua, tiene comida" and "adonde Tookson". During most of the 1970's we seldom saw any crossers much less a group larger than 2 or 3 people. I remember Dad shaking his head and wondering aloud about the kind of life that made a man leave all he knew and loved to walk off into the unkown. We never ever felt intimidated/threatened and only once did we return to camp discovering that some canned food/drink had dissapeared from the cook tent. Today, almost everyone that's hunted in the southern Units, has seen and/or experienced some crazy things from drug mule backpackers to groups of 20 or more crossers. Not to mention the truly astounding amount of clothing/trash discarded along foot paths wide enough to drive your truck down???? Now, because of those experiences, none of our group ever leaves camp without a sidearm, a partner and the nearest BP station number preprogrammed into our cell phones. Over the years those Units have just been too good to us to consider hunting elsewhere for too long. Whenever the "Red Gods" smile enough to grant one of us an elk tag it's off to 7, 9, 10, 5A/B, 6A/B or just about any of the northern units where I spent my college years flinging arrows and otherwise amusing deer with oversize headgear. Levi Packard, Chic Wayne, Tom Britt, Ray Perrin, all stationed in the Flagstaff, AZ G&F Office, were sure helpful to this pesky kid that tried to pick their brains whenever the opportunity presented itself. I believe that those that are gone don't go too far if we talk about them from time to time. Hey, how many remember rifle "Any Elk" tags or $1.00 Mnt Lion tags???. Good hunting to you all and see you in the hills. Don
  19. drcarr


    BOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #1 Son-------36A Oct. WT #2 Son-------30B Nov. Muley Bro------------7 Sept. Ant/36A Oct. WT/7W Nov. Bull Me------------36A Oct. WT & 7W Nov. Bull Good hunting to you all!!!! See you in the hills!!!!
  20. drcarr

    Family Strengths

    I am currently employed as an Interstate Compact, Youth Parole Officer III by the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections. It is my responsiblity to supervise parolees/probationers that reside in Pima County Arizona who have been placed under court ordered supervision by a jurisdiction outside of the State of Arizona. I am a life long hunter who has hunted throughout Arizona for over forty years. I, like many of you, have a special affection (or is that affliction???) for Coues deer hunting, however I am no purist as any game in season from elk to predators would be wise to keep a low profile. I'm not too sure how I can be of service to anyone on this site, but if you have any questions about Arizona's juvenile justice system I would be more than willing to help you find an answer. Don
  21. drcarr

    Whats In A Name

    Hello to all. Started using drcarr for an online id when I finally swapped my word processor for one of these new fangled computers. Never saw a need to change things. Don R. Carr
  22. drcarr


    Hunted Turkeys in 12A last weekend. Saw two large flocks of birds on Friday and four smaller flocks by 1630hrs on Saturday. Through the binos the flocks appeared to be mostly mature toms. Just could not call them in closer than about 50 yrds (too windy and not enough hunting pressure to scatter the birds). Finally swapped the Shotgun with 3" high base #4's for a .22 mag Rifle stoked with PMC "Predator" 40gr. jacketed softpoints (has a very large meplat). That 40gr. load dropped a nice tom in it's tracks at approx. 60yrds with minimal meat damage and full penetration. Several years back, a very young lady used that same rifle/load to take a javelina with full penetration across the shoulders (approx. 40yrd shot and it almost dropped in it's tracks too).
  23. drcarr

    Whats the Weirdest?

    The Jaguarundi is listed as federally protected. No can shoot!