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  1. I'll take it...PM to follow......
  2. drcarr

    57 years ago

    I was all of 3yrs old.......
  3. drcarr


    Where are you located?
  4. drcarr

    Good ole days on ammo prices

    I well remember in the early 1970s stopping by just about any Circle K in Tucson for everything from BB gun BBs to shotgun shells to 22 LR to 30-30 shells to 38spl and. 357mag... 0h how I miss the good old days...Lol
  5. drcarr

    Marlin 922m For Sale

    I'll take it...PM to follow.....
  6. drcarr

    WTS/WTT Custom Weatherby Vanguard .25-06

    The sellers a stand up guy so if anybody's considering buying this gun buy with confidence…....
  7. drcarr

    WTB 1911’s

    Way back in 1974 I received a Colt Gold Cup pre-series 70 National Match as payment for spending a hot summer digging up and replacing sewer lines…I worked my 14 year old butt off to earn that 1st 1911 and still have it in my safe today… I'm not sure when a person would have enough 1911s but I've got 4 and am always looking for the next one… lol
  8. drcarr

    SOLD -Vintage Circe Predator Call

    I'll take it if still available and will pay the shipping…PM to follow......
  9. drcarr

    WTB Rifle Stock

    Looking to buy a "Manners" EH-5a or a close equivalent style stock for a Remington 700 Rifle......
  10. drcarr

    Good Guy Buyer List

    Buy with confidence from "Coyote Cyanide"...Jason literally went out of his way to assist me in purchasing an item he had for sale...he is very friendly and personable...Jason was more than willing to share some tips and tricks from his impressive predator hunting skill set...... Don
  11. If anybody's fence sitting as regards buying this optic know that you can buy from Dennis with confidence that the scope will be in excellent condition and exactly as described....... Don
  12. drcarr

    Trump tests positive for Covid-19

    The only thing surprising about President Trump testing positive for COVID-19 is how long it took… Considering how tenacious this bug is I've decided it's just a matter time until most of us catch it...do what you can to keep it away but in the end the only variable will be how bad it effects each of us......
  13. drcarr

    2 Gopro hero and eq $80

    Was slow to pull the trigger so I guess I'm seconds...thanks
  14. drcarr

    2 Gopro hero and eq $80

    I'll take it...PM to follow......
  15. drcarr

    Remington 870 youth model 20ga

    PM to follow......
  16. drcarr

    Remington 870 youth model 20ga

    I'll take it.....
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    PM sent......
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    I'll take it......
  19. drcarr


    PM to follow.......
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    I'll take it...
  21. drcarr

    WTB: 22lr cricket

    I found that the Savage Arms "Rascal" was a better fit for my very petite five-year-old granddaughter Madison...we still had to shorten the length of pull to fit her tiny little arms...even with the customized gun she still struggled a bit too much with iron sights...so to keep her shooting practices in the fun zone I added a "Primary Arms" red dot sight.......
  22. drcarr


    Fair prices...Buy with confidence......