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    Effects of the virus scare?

    Finally wore me down and so now I'm a piece of history too… lol Let's go page 100........
  2. drcarr

    The off season

    Congratulations to you and your son...thanks for sharing your son's hunt with us....... #parentingdoneright
  3. drcarr

    Multiple rifles for sale

    Price on #6?
  4. drcarr

    Remington XP-100R in 22-250 w/ Burris scope

    Does it have a 10 3/4 or 14 1/2 inch barrel? Also how many rounds does the magazine hold?
  5. drcarr

    For sale Remington model 740 30-06

    Would buy this in a second if I already didn't have 4 in the safe…I've got three 30-06's and one 6 mm Remington……
  6. drcarr


    Wishing that all CWT members have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year......
  7. drcarr

    Elk hunting with Lee Marvin

    Sorry to hear that your Dad passed away… Wishing you and all your Dads loved one's strength and serenity during this difficult time........
  8. drcarr

    10/22 wood stock. $20

    I'll take it… PM sent.....
  9. drcarr

    Sons 2019 muley

    Congratulations to both son and father.very nicely done. #parentingdoneright
  10. Can still remember my father and I looking through the used gun racks, at the "Cashbox" a Tucson area pawn shop, for my first big game rifle... it was 1970 and my ten-year-old eyes were dazzled by a long double rack of bolt action rifles ... there were quite a few vent ribbed Remington 600 rifles chambered in either the triple deuce or the 243 Winchester... Those rifles came with your choice of a fixed 4 power Bushnell or Weaver scope... unfortunately at $125 each they were still a little too pricey for our family to afford... well those sure were the good old days... LOL... Finally found a well-worn Remington 721 in 30 ought 6 that I still occasionally carry in the field while hunting deer or javelina....
  11. drcarr

    1st javalina

    Congratulations on getting your first javelina... can't quite tell if you're shooting a contender or an encore? What caliber did you use? I usually go after them with my TC contender and a triple deuce barrel... as long as I use a soft point bullet they've always been DRT out to a hundred yards or so...
  12. drcarr

    Do we really need a border wall?

    I absolutely agree that the most effective Border Protection will be a combination of methodologies... Should be no problem putting some openings in strategic locations for Jaguar and other animals to cross from one side to the other... those Crossing spots don't need to be big enough for a vehicle to pass through... Of course cameras and other detection devices would be installed right at that those openings to catch the Border crossers that you know will be attempting to cross through at those spots... A solid wall would not be possible along every inch of the Border... Concentrate your men and cameras strategically along the most likely Crossing spots... I still think the Border can be made as tight as a bull's butt in fly season with the right amount of planning and the will to follow through with those plans... By the way I have spent quite a bit of the last 50 years putting down boot leather all over the southern border hunt units... so that's where I've come up with my opinions about border security.......
  13. drcarr

    Backpack stolen from truck

    Absolutely outstanding ending to The missing backpack Saga... Now all you need is to add a javelina or two to make this story totally outrageous... Again very happy that your kids Hunt is back on... Good luck in the Hills tomorrow.......
  14. drcarr

    Desert Muzzy Buck

    Congratulations on taking that fine first buck... definitely a great deer to shoot at any age... the dark antlers and overall facial colorations should make for an outstanding mount....... #parentingdoneright
  15. drcarr

    Merry Christmas

    Tony, may you and all your loved ones enjoy a Merry Christmas and a healthy, prosperous New Year.......
  16. drcarr

    Merry Christmas

    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a healthy, prosperous New Year.......
  17. drcarr

    My first turquoise attempt!

    A very nicely done bolo......
  18. drcarr

    Filling RV Water in Flagstaff?

    Been a few years but I routinely filled my RV at the Rim Country Store off the 67 at milepost 605... this is about 10 miles or so before you get to the Grand Canyon Park entrance ... looks like this year they close at 4 p.m. on October 28 2018... definitely wouldn't hurt to call ahead of time and make sure the service is still available....... http://www.northrimcountrystore.com
  19. drcarr

    Bear rug prices !!!!! Need help please

    Husband and wife Dan and Gail are located in Tucson... They have done more than a dozen animal mounts for myself and family... usually an 8 to 9-month turnaround time on rugs... always a fair price with half down and the rest payable when you pick up the finished mount... Give them a call I really don't think you'll be disappointed....... https://www.tbasix.com/
  20. drcarr

    Detour if you're heading to the Kaibab

    My son and our usual group of North Rim turkey hunters went up that way Thursday...They took the Leupp Townsend-Winona road just off the 89A right as you leave Flagstaff... they didn't run it all the way to SR87 but they turned North on the Leupp- Oraibi Rd to the SR264 junction... then they went to Tuba City which left them 100 miles to get to Jacob's Lake... Road was two lane paved with no washouts anywhere from Flagstaff all the way to Tuba City... unfortunately barely did about 55 mph the whole way due to bumper to bumper traffic in both directions... We're hoping that this mess will cut down on the north rim hunting competition... LOL
  21. AZGFD To drcarr1@cox.net Virus affecting some deer in Yavapai Hills area near Prescott 9/14/2018 8:48 PM GAME AND FISH NEWS Sept. 14, 2018 Virus affecting some deer in Yavapai Hills area near Prescott PHOENIX — The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) has confirmed a disease event affecting some mule deer in the Yavapai Hills community and surrounding areas near Prescott. After receiving reports in recent weeks from residents who observed deer that appeared to be lethargic, blind, walking in circles and unaware of their surroundings, AZGFD biologists collected tissue samples from three animals and sent them to a laboratory for testing. The results confirmed the presence of epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD) in all three deer, as well as bluetongue in one of the three animals. These viruses only affect animals, primarily deer but also pronghorn, bighorn sheep, domestic sheep and cattle. The viruses are spread by culicoides midges, commonly known as “no-see-ums.” The midge populations dramatically increase as the result of summer monsoon rains. “We detected these viruses in sick deer last year in Prescott Valley and around Kingman,” said Anne Justice-Allen, the department’s wildlife veterinarian. “We know these viruses have been present in Arizona because we can find antibodies in the blood of wildlife. “Generally, we don’t see any significant disease because most of the susceptible wildlife have some immunity to the infection. It could be that we are seeing more this year because of several years of drought, meaning the animals were not exposed and did not develop immunity. The intense monsoon this year has caused a bloom of the midges exposing naive animals and leading to disease.” EHD has been shown not to affect humans. While there is no evidence that the disease can be contracted by consuming venison that has been infected with EHD, the department always advises hunters not to shoot, handle or consume any animal that is acting abnormally or appears to be sick. Wear latex or rubber gloves when field-dressing a deer. All hunters are asked to contact AZGFD at (800) 352-0700 if they see or harvest an animal that appears to be sick.
  22. drcarr

    Mountain Goat!!!

    Congratulations on taking a fine goat... Very nicely done write up... Thanks for sharing......