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    First Elk Down!

  2. drcarr

    Pronghorn Done!!!

    Congratulations to your son for shooting a goat with such unique headgear... Very nicely done taxidermy.........
  3. drcarr

    Introduction Jim Cloninger

    Glad to hear you found the CWT website... If there's one thing I've learned it is that some of you more experienced guys should never be counted out of the race just because of age... hopefully we will soon be hearing about your having completed another successful hunt......
  4. Very nicely done sir and congratulations to your son... You're at 45%.....
  5. drcarr

    Bill Quimby

    Wishing strength and serenity to Bill's wife Jean, all of his family members and too the many who are feeling the loss of his passing...God speed Bill......
  6. drcarr


    If memory serves me correctly, and of course that is not guaranteed, those yellow shafted "Bear Razorhead" tipped arrows could be bought out of a white cardboard display box at the local "Yellow Front" store for a whopping $1.97 each... the white colored shafts carried a crimped on silver field point and sold for $.79 cents each...as a 13 year old in 1973 I spent a lot of my hard-earned pennies on buying "Yellow Front" store arrows to keep my 40 lb draw Bear "Grizzly" recurve fed......
  7. drcarr

    SOLD Smith Wesson 586 No Dash

    where are you located?
  8. drcarr

    RV Fuel Tank Question

    I've got a 2012 Weekend Warrior BP RV in which I've stayed out in the field for months at a time...my fuel station is definitely connected to my generator... Also the center position on my propane valve automatically uses whichever tank has fuel...if I want to run only the left tank I move the valve to the left which allows me to safely remove the right tank for refilling or vice versa........
  9. drcarr

    YETI drops NRA

    Trying to keep from being tricked into believing fake news but Yeti does appear to have made a very poorly thought-out business decision....... http://bit.ly/2K7Go9n
  10. drcarr

    Conserve and Protect AZ SURVEY/

    bonecollector777 thanks for your time and efforts at developing, collecting and interpreting this survey.......
  11. drcarr

    websites that still sell used guns?

    You might check this website out as it's starting to get more and more use since Backpage is gone.... http://www.azgunbuy.com
  12. drcarr

    2018 Antelope results

    This year my son drew his first goat tag... he had 23 points and he'll be hunting 30A with the same 25-06 Remington I used to fill my tags...all three of the antelope tags I've drawn were in unit 7 and I seem to draw a tag every 12 to 13 years...
  13. drcarr

    Filming hunts and editing

    Short of not posting your pictures or videos at all, how do you protect against another individual in effect stealing your work? With a "watermark"? Is there a computer program that assists you in copy writing your pictures and/or videos? TIA
  14. drcarr

    When laws don't protect helpless/innocent!

    Society has forgotten that there are times when the only remedy is to put down the Rabid animal... this evil creature should have been dealt with here in Arizona......
  15. drcarr

    An Open Dialog on G & F Laws

    I actually find the so-called "novels" interesting and informative... unfortunate that you had to learn such harsh lessons azsugarbear... while I've never been cited by The Game and Fish or had any reason to plead a case before the Game and Fish Commission my observations lead me to believe the punitive actions are far too often arbitrarily assigned ... thanks for sharing your predicament... I know several people who are now discussing the merits of "self-reporting" based on the information you presented.......
  16. https://apnews.com/991f471e98f04d4796c83c97aa3c9ab0
  17. This is how the KGUN9 news website posted the information about the lawsuit...... https://www.kgun9.com/news/local-news/flagstaff-based-hunting-outfitter-to-pay-30-thousand-in-refunds-
  18. May Gabi, you, her mother and all those whose heart Gabi has touched find courage, strength and serenity during these difficult times...... #fightlikeagirl
  19. drcarr

    RMEF petition

  20. drcarr


    Happy Birthday Mr. Quimby... thank you for all the years of interesting and informative articles on the out-of-doors......
  21. drcarr

    What the heck is this?

    Looks like a coati to me......
  22. drcarr

    Grand Canyon RV Parking

    For those that are unaware there are facilities for showering at the Flintstone City campground that run off quarters and also the campground by the roundabout in Tusyan will let you use their showers for a couple of dollars.......
  23. drcarr

    17 year wait = tag of a lifetime

    Congratulations both Mom and Dad......
  24. drcarr

    Finished project

    Very nicely done......