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    UPDATE: Snowflake Jr. High Wins!!!

    Congratulations to all the Snowflake Jr High school students for putting together an outstanding project...well earned and deserved recognition.....
  2. drcarr

    1st and 2nd season turkey hunters

    Congratulations to your lady for taking that beautifully colored Gobbler...Very nice tail fan...what guage and loads did she use? I wouldn't mind hearing the back story on her bird if you wouldn't mind telling it?
  3. drcarr

    House Robbed - Buck Stolen

    I'm sure sorry to hear of your parent's home being burglarized...I will definitely stay on the lookout for your deer head...Where in Arizona did this happen?
  4. drcarr

    A GREAT video ...

    Very nicely done......
  5. drcarr

    Renting quads or 2/4 seaters in southern Az

    I don't use a crossbow for hunting......
  6. drcarr

    Renting quads or 2/4 seaters in southern Az

    I don't know anything about these guys except that they exist: http://azadventuretreks.com/
  7. drcarr

    Bday outdoor video

    Very nicely done...happy belated birthday...your sister has some mad skills as a videographer...lol...thanks for sharing......
  8. drcarr

    Long read but interesting

    I had actually reviewed some of this man Nathan Foster's writings prior to seeing your posting...his website is actually a wealth of very interesting information......
  9. drcarr

    Night Hunting

    Did hunting at night result in more flashes/shot opportunities then what you typically got when you just hunted during daylight hours?
  10. drcarr

    Night Hunting

    Depending on the unit you could hunt mountain lions and/or coyote after dark...the regulations break it down into "Daylong" and "Daylight" shooting periods...the stated reason for allowing "Daylong" shooting of certain predator species is to lessen their impact on Antelope and other big game species......
  11. Like this one? https://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/31198/Firearms/Rifles/CZ-USA/CZ+Centerfire/CZ+527+American+.22+Hornet Very close but this is the rifle I'm looking for:https://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/mobile/product/411540542/cz_usa_527_fs_22_hornet_205_wln_bl
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    .-- .... .. ... -.- . -.-- - .- -. --. --- ..-. --- -..- - .-. --- -
  13. drcarr

    Flagstaff Lakes Highest in Years- Per AZ G&F

    In the mid-seventies and into the early eighties whenever Upper Lake spilled in the Lower Lake the walleye bite in Lower Lake was absolutely unbelievable... They would literally wash over the spillway and then hang out in the broken rocks at that end of the lake... You would lose a ton of rubber jigs but the size and numbers of walleye we would catch more than made up for it...I sure haven't seen that kind of precipitation up north since those days........
  14. Congratulations to both Mom and Dad..........
  15. drcarr

    wolves in town

    $50,000 reward for arrest and conviction with over 36 wolves shot..... come on.. nobody has that good of friends. The first time they try and convict somebody a DNA test will be demanded and that will be the end of the hybrid program.Your saying that 36 wolves have been shot and not one conviction yet?On March 6th and 8th 2000,James Rodgers from Eager, Az. and a juvenile were charged with the killing of a wolf pretty sure james was convicted but I can't find the punishment.Food for thought.......https://www.fws.gov/news/ShowNews.cfm?ref=two-charged-in-wolf-killing&_ID=5307
  16. drcarr

    License before 10 years old

    I started purchasing class F adult hunt and fish licenses for my kids when each of them turned about 6 years of age...I did this because they were then entitled to keep full limits of fish...this was always far easier then my trying to explain to them why Daddy or Mommy could keep fishing and they had to stop when they only had half as many fish...I did not mind in effect donating a little extra to the AZGF...I started buying them adult licenses in about 1990 after 1st running it by the Phoenix AZGF office who while admitting it was somewhat of a novel idea saw no violation of the law...several times while in the field I was required to explain to the AZGF officer why my kids had a few more fish on their stringer then initially seemed appropriate...My kids always very proudly produced their licenses for an inspection and I never had an officer do anything other than smile and maybe shake their head in agreement that I was in fact following the letter of the law... obviously there's been numerous changes to Arizona's fishing and hunting Licensing Laws since the 1990s...I did a quick review and did not see anything that would prohibit me from doing the same thing again...However I strongly suggest that anyone considering following my lead in this matter first review the current laws with the Phoenix AZGF office..........
  17. drcarr

    WTB Small Revolver

    I have both the Taurus model 85 and 605...my 83 year old mother prefers the 5 shot model 85 .38 special over any of the "newfangled self loaders" that I've had her try out...both pistols are definitely good shooting guns and the 85 was accurate enough for her to have qualified for a CCW permit which is still valid today...my model 605 357 Magnum has a shrouded hammer, is extremely concealable and accurate...the model 85 can still be found for around $250 with the model 605 coming in at about $300...I think that you might find either one of these handguns to be to your liking.......
  18. drcarr

    Ruger .22 handgun comparisons

    I have most of the Ruger's mentioned and they are very fun to shoot... I also have a 6 inch Smith & Wesson model 622 and a 4 inch model 422...both of these guns are extremely lightweight and balanced which makes them a good choice for beginners... even though they are out of production they're easily found on the various used gun websites...... http://smith-wessonforum.com/smith-wesson-semi-auto-pistols/81350-622-good-bad-model.html
  19. drcarr


    I'd continue to wait only because it's early in the season and my love of being out in the mountains hunting is greater than my need to fill the freezer...I know that's probably not all that helpful to you but that's my story and I'm sticking to it...good luck to you............
  20. drcarr

    Tag in hand!

    My son drew tag #5 for the first hunting season in 35A...we sure have been seeing lots of birds running around down there...Should be an epic hunt.......
  21. Congratulations to you and your wife... what a great way to stay forever young.......
  22. Does this gun come with any spare magazines?