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  1. Southernhive

    Flagstaff camping

    Unfortunately, my hunt experience in Flagstaff was not as productive as jo2012. I saw elk every day with an opportunity at a cow on 9/20, but my shot sailed high at 35 yards, she looked 50 yds to me. Ranging her was not possible since the wind shifted and she was staring right at me as I drew. On 9/22, i had several close encounters with elk, and even a 6x6 bull at 35 yards standing broadside. He had no idea I was there. If only I had a bull tag. I had a blast for 6 days burning shoe rubber up and down the hills. There were very few elk bugling in the areas I was hunting. But when they did, it made locating them much easier. Maybe I can draw another tag in AZ next year. Thanks to all the posters who gave me intel.
  2. Southernhive

    Flagstaff camping

    Nice job. Congratulations!
  3. Southernhive

    2021 Rut Activity

    If your bugles were closer, I might have eased over to check it out. 😉
  4. Southernhive

    2021 Rut Activity

    I heard a couple North west of walnut canyon, but they may have been Hunter's. It was a long way from my location.
  5. Southernhive

    2021 Rut Activity

    Sneaker, Very nice bull! Congratulations!
  6. Southernhive

    Elk Season Starts

    Don't shoot'em all and leave me a cow in the Flagstaff area.
  7. Southernhive

    Flagstaff camping

    This is concerning. I will keep my head on a swivel.
  8. Southernhive

    2021 Rut Activity

    I will be headed to Flagstaff next week for a cow archery hunt.
  9. Southernhive

    4A Early archery

    15 yard shots are always in my plans, but just not reality...so far.
  10. Southernhive

    Stuck between cows (moo cows) and cows

    Great video! thanks for uploading.
  11. Southernhive

    Stuck between cows (moo cows) and cows

    Elk cows were curious about a specific spot they were sniffing on the ground. Any ideas what was on that spot?
  12. Southernhive

    Weird PM hack?

    Elsa could not call elk, so I passed.
  13. Southernhive

    Sept Archery: 1st half or 2nd half?

    This will be my first elk hunt. I drew a Cow tag in unit 11m and I have to choose 1st or 2nd week since I live in Georgia. Which week would be better for Cow or is it the same as for Bulls?
  14. Southernhive

    Tags in the mail?

    Tag arrived on Monday. Unit 11M Archery Anterless tag. Flagstaff bound come september. My first elk hunt.