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  1. Ljdjhunt

    In the SxS market.

    I agree with the pioneer. I have the 1000-5 and love it
  2. Ljdjhunt

    CCI 250s in stock @ Brownell

    Thanks for the info I’ve been looking a long time
  3. Ljdjhunt

    Found Berger 300WM factory ammo

    I have 34 rounds of the 215 Berger ammo I will part with
  4. Ljdjhunt

    Wanted 30 Cal 178 eldx

    They make a 178 gr eldx
  5. Ljdjhunt

    Wtb Eberlestock Just One Backpack

    Good luck on the hunt
  6. Ljdjhunt

    Wtb Eberlestock Just One Backpack

    If you can wait a couple weeks I have a just one pack I am willing to part with
  7. Ljdjhunt

    Sold Thanks

    How many rounds down the tube