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  1. Azdiy

    New Draw

    I'm guessing there would be no fee just like the raffle and auction tags. I wouldn't know because I've never won the raffle tag or bid on an auction tag.... The way I read it, there would be a $13 fee for each of the six hunts for residents and 15 for nr.
  2. Azdiy

    Neighborhood buck

    I don't know if anybody is keeping tabs on him but I'm sure other people have seen him. Looks like he has a long beam and tines. Maybe it's the Sun that makes them look longer. Assuming his right side matches and he has average spread and brow times I will guess him at 180. Anybody else care to guess?
  3. Azdiy

    Neighborhood buck

    My buddy saw this buck about a week or so ago. His left side looks pretty good but I can't tell on his right.
  4. Azdiy

    New to long range

    It sounds like you're really trying to dial that rifle in which is a good thing. Personally I would be a little concerned about dialing in with the magneto speed that hangs on the end of your barrel.
  5. Azdiy

    6.5 Weatherby RPM AMMO WTS

    Thank you for the quick response, I'm in the West valley but using a different bullet.glws
  6. Azdiy

    6.5 Weatherby RPM AMMO WTS

    Where do you live? Thinking about a possible face-to-face transaction.
  7. Azdiy

    Mag needed

    Try advantage pawn in chandler. It's a little bit of a long shot but probably worth a phone call. He had a lot of magazines a while back.
  8. Dates for the cull hunts are as follows: Sept. 20-24 Sept.27- Oct. 1 Oct.18- 22 Oct.25- 29
  9. Azdiy

    Where’s nobull?

    Dear, Elk, or Deer...? I think one would need a special power line permit also.
  10. Azdiy

    1995 F250 7.3 XLT

    Since it will do 40 in reverse you have priced it way too low.... When pole barn was mentioned, unfortunately I thought of something else that already has way too many nicknames.
  11. Azdiy

    Super Raffle Bull

    A 360 bull would only be in one awards book for the 3-year period that it was entered. If you got a 375 bull it would be in the awards book also, but then it would be automatically entered in to the next all-time book which is a different book although both are published by Boone and crockett. The all-time book has trophies going all the way back to the 1930s. The all-time book gets bigger every time it's published.
  12. Azdiy

    Super Raffle Bull

    375 is the minimum for the all-time book which I believe is published every 6 years. 360 is the minimum for the awards book which I believe is published every 3 years. If it doesn't make 375 it will never be in the all-time book. Animals in the all-time book will be there forever. The awards book animals will only be in the book for the 3-year period respectfully.
  13. Azdiy

    Sauer 100 6.5 PRC

    Looks nice, is the barrel threaded?
  14. Azdiy

    Anyone have a Raptor?

    Thanks silver bullet. 👍
  15. Azdiy

    Good News

    Lots of rain so far and hopefully more coming.