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  1. KB-AZ

    western hunting expo pics

    I thought they did the AZ auction tags at the ADA banquet?
  2. KB-AZ

    This post is for the dogs

    TJ - She is just a good luck charm. I got her a few months before my nephew's cow hunt. My brother and I were up scouting just before the hunt and decided to fish at Long Lake. I couldn't cast out without her chasing it into the water, so I put the pole down and started throwing her ball into the water. After a half hour of her splashing and churning up the water, she was finally tired. She laid down, so I picked up my pole, and the first cast into where she had been romping I landed a 3lb. rainbow, my largest. A few weeks later she was right by my side when my nephew shot his first elk at 70 yards. The next year I brought her on my brother's archery bull hunt. We stalked into a herd opening evening, and my brother shot his first bull. He had a 20 yard shot, the dog and I were 15 yards back. Both elk dropped within sight so I haven't been able to see her tracking skills. She gets pretty excited when we cross a fresh track or she hears a bugle. Now I just need her to lead me to my first coues.
  3. KB-AZ

    This post is for the dogs

    Here is my elk guide. She is 2 for 2 on hunts: one jr. rifle cow and one archery bull.
  4. KB-AZ

    needing some help for a junior hunt.

    I see them quite often when I fish Lake Pleasant. If you have a boat, try up Humbug Cove or the Agua Fria River. If not, there are roads that head back there also. PM me if you have any more questions or want a few more spots. Good luck.
  5. KB-AZ

    Help needed for youth hunt!!! THX

    Sent you a PM
  6. KB-AZ

    Gunna Go Postal!

    Easy on the high school b.s comments, madx250. You're giving both parties way too much credit.
  7. KB-AZ

    Where to lOOk

    Bob, these city pigs are alot more sophisticated than their country counterparts. They actually followed her in, then proceeded to eat the neighborhood shrubs and plants. Not something you see everyday around here.
  8. KB-AZ

    Where to lOOk

    I have seen some in strange places, too. A few years ago there was a herd that got into my friends gated community on 56th St. & north of T-Bird. I have also seen some off of Mayo Blvd. between Tatum and Scottsdale.
  9. KB-AZ


    Sent you a PM Blake, thanks.
  10. KB-AZ


    I have a few questions regarding my upcoming elk hunt I'm hoping someone can help me with. I'm not looking for any areas, just some general questions. Please PM and thanks for any help.
  11. KB-AZ

    Looking for a new release.

    You can't go wrong with any of the Scott releases. I haven't used those 2 specifically, but I really like my little bitty goose. My brother I think has the sabertooth?? and that is real nice too. The forward trigger design is great, and I definitely reccomend the n.c.s. connection.
  12. KB-AZ

    New Bow Hoyt Carbon Matrix.....

    It sounds like a few on this thread have shot it and went with something else. Everyone has given you good advice. Shoot what feels best to you, after all, you'll be the one shooting it, not us. That bow does look awesome, but that would'nt be my deciding factor on a puchase.
  13. KB-AZ

    Coupla pics

    Great, now even the elk are fighting over the use of bait haha
  14. KB-AZ

    Nice shout out for CW.com

    Sent you a PM Amanda
  15. KB-AZ

    Nice shout out for CW.com

    Was just looking through the latest Bowhunter magazine and noticed Curt Wells gave a little heads up about CW.com in his Tried & True section "The Best for the West." He was talking about optics and mentioned to check out the store here. Pretty cool!