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  1. ac guy

    Mountain lion in a cage trap!

    Can't you trap them on the rez?
  2. ac guy

    what a 300 mag dose to a cat skull

    LOL! It's spam for resorts in Russia. Took Russian in HS. It was the only class I paid attention in.
  3. ac guy

    2010 Unit 10 December Archery deer hunt.

    What do the rules say? If the GWs are following the rules, then it is a law problem, and you shouldn't begrudge the individual officers. Would you jeopardize your job and pension for someone else? Let's work to change the rules.
  4. Laws have to start in the House, so we'll see.
  5. ac guy

    Wolves by Payson AZ

    They have been sighted in 5a as well. Seems some people have taken hybrids out and dropped them off in the woods to reintroduce them. Really smart.
  6. ac guy

    Madison River Float Trips

    Heaven on Earth. Did you run across any pheasant?
  7. ac guy

    KAIBAB Bucks and "HD" 200+" 7x7

    Holy deer porn!!!!! I'm speechless, well, almost.
  8. ac guy

    3C Mule Deer Sucess!

    Beautiful deer. I'd go European, but whatever floats your boat on that bruiser. Oh and, you can change your signature now
  9. ac guy

    33 opener buck 748 yards

    I normally don't shoot any less than 750 yds. Hit the range more and someday you'll be a man like me JK nice deer and great shot. That's one to be proud of.
  10. ac guy

    Immigrant Activity?

    Nada in 30b
  11. ac guy

    seeking help on AZ-22N late hunt for bull elk

    Half these spots are on the G&F website.
  12. ac guy

    2 for 2 down south

    Finally headed out Sun morn to Tombstone for my deer hunt after having to work Fri and Sat. I was hunting alone due to the fact that my hunting partner had to return to work that morning and wouldn't be back till Monday around noon. Headed to the back of a draw and was glassing the grassy flats when I heard a noise behind me and looked to find a small forkie working up the hill to my left. Well, since I'm 0 for 1 lifetime on mulies, I decided he looked tasty enough and squeezed off a shot. Long story short, I missed. Was glad to see a small buck still got the heart pumping. Next morning, get to the same spot, and within a minute, I find a 3x3 and a spike working the flats about 800yds out. I watched them till they bedded around 7:30 the whole time trying to figure out how the heck to get close enough to them. Right about that time I hear rocks at the top of the mountain next to me. I see deer moving, grab the binos, and saw doe, fawn, doe, BUCK! About 200 -250 yds. Put the '06 (best cartridge out there ) on the tripod squeeze off a round and see him staggering on 3 legs, shoot again, and see nothing but legs sticking up from the tall grass where he was just standing. Buck Down!!! I celebrated to myself for about 10 sec till I realized just how steep and far up he was. Got up to him and the first thing I noticed was he was a cow. I wish I had a means to get him out whole and weigh him had to be 200 to 225 lbs. Big ole fat belly. The next thing I noticed was his antlers. I saw a large fork on one side , and a large 16 inch main beam on the other, then a smaller main beam coming out of his right side. Got to looking, he started another small beam out of the back of his left side. Not a huge deer, but pretty unique. Not bad for my first mule deer. The next morning took my buddy and we sat and glassed from the same exact spot where I was the day before. At 6:45, watch a deer come off the same mountain as mine. My bud made 2 good shots and dropped him (luckily at the bottom of the mountain). Got up to his deer and I was 99% sure it was the forkie I missed the first afternoon. Super hunt, in a beautiful area. Didn't see many deer, but just happened to be in the right place at the right time twice. Here's pics Couldn't get the pics of my buddies to go through photobucket
  13. Any middle units, 22,23,21, have a lot of public land, and deer. Most land access issues are in the southern units.
  14. ac guy

    My 2010 Mule Deer

    Sounds like you earned that one. Nice buck