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  1. AZ7maghunter

    6.5CM light recoil load

    I have win staball 6.5, win 760, BL-c (2), h335, h1000. That’s all I got right now.
  2. AZ7maghunter

    Primer Trade

    I’d be willing to trade. PM sent
  3. AZ7maghunter

    Mathew’s bows

    How old is the string on the passion?
  4. I have a Nintendo wii, 2 controllers, and a Dance game pad free to whoever wants to pick it up on 51st Ave and bell.
  5. AZ7maghunter

    Nintendo Wii- Free-Sold…I mean, Given!

    Right on. Glad to hear that. when would you like to pick it up? bowhunter-tw yielded his “dibs” when he saw that your kids would use it so props to him.
  6. AZ7maghunter

    Any bulk 5.56/223 out there?

    Does anyone have a link to or willing to sell some 5.56 or .223? Just regular ole target rounds. Just seeing what’s out there. Not trying to spend crazy amounts. thanks
  7. AZ7maghunter

    Any bulk 5.56/223 out there?

    Oh up in Springerville. That is a cool store. Get everything from hemorrhoid cream to reloading supplies.
  8. AZ7maghunter

    Any bulk 5.56/223 out there?

    Yeah I’ll let you know. I’ll try and stop after work one day.
  9. AZ7maghunter

    Any bulk 5.56/223 out there?

    Have you ordered from their website or only been to the brick and mortar location?
  10. AZ7maghunter

    Any bulk 5.56/223 out there?

    Thank you guys for all the suggestions. Grabagun.com was sold out of the deal for 379. I think I may check out the true shot gun club in Tempe. They seem to be the cheapest. Them and laxammo. Thanks again!
  11. AZ7maghunter

    Free meat. Freezer burned.

    Sent a text.
  12. Just stumbled across this pretty cool little shop. They have 6.5 creedmoor precision hunter ammo in stock. Only 6 boxes on the shelf. Owner is pretty cool too. It’s called Retac Shooting Sports off the 101 and Grand
  13. AZ7maghunter

    WTT/WTS-PSE Xpedite fully setup for predator rifle

    What’s the current draw length?
  14. AZ7maghunter


    If I had 20” wheels, I’d buy these. But my BabyMax Chevy has 17” wheels.
  15. AZ7maghunter

    WTT .17 Remington

    I have a Remington 700 .17 Remington and 2 boxes of factory ammo. It has an internal box magazine. I also have other stocks for it. Another synthetic stock and a hogue overmold BDL stock (I don’t have floor plate). I am looking to see what else is out there. I have hardly shot it because I haven’t been keeping furs the past few years. What else is out there? Any trades? Scopes, rifles? A Ferrari? It has a 24in pencil barrel. Scope is vortex diamondback 4-12. It can be part of the trade if need be. Will not separate ammo.
  16. AZ7maghunter

    WTT .17 Remington

    No sir. Just synthetic and a hogue overmold.
  17. AZ7maghunter

    Tikka T3x lite 6.5

    PM sent
  18. I have a couple of items for trade. I have 60 pieces of 30-30 brass. They’re cleaned but, not deprimed. I have a two packs of Broadheads. One of the G5’shave been shot into a broad head target. All three Zeus Broadheads have been shot into a broadhead target. Neither have been shot at an animal. I am interested in trading for reloading calipers or other reloading equipment, bow stabilizer (Bee Stinger or Stokerized), 6.5 CM brass, or 6.5 or 7mm projectiles. let me know what other cool stuff you have.
  19. AZ7maghunter

    30-30 brass and Broadheads for trade

    I am looking for for calipers, digital scale, .308 Win and 30-06 dies.
  20. AZ7maghunter

    SOLD Assorted Nosler 30cal & 270cal bullets FS

    I’ll take the .270 if the sale doesn’t happen.
  21. AZ7maghunter

    Ammo, Dies, Brass *Price Drop*

    I’ll take the 6.5 brass if you’re ever in phx/Scottsdale area.
  22. I do not have any powder to load 7rem mag. So I’m hoping to trade what I do have for some H1000 or Retumbo to start developing a hand load for my rifle. I have a sealed pound of Winchester AA and sealed pound of Alliant Red Dot. Let me know if you would be willing to trade. I live in north Phoenix.
  23. AZ7maghunter

    Trade Win AA or Red Dot for h1000 or Retumbo

    Matt, what part of town are you in? 45/70- not at this time. I will keep you posted though.
  24. I made a rookie mistake and bought .222 instead of .223. I noticed when my rifle exploded when I shot it. Just kidding. But I am open to a trade for varmint .223 rounds or I’ll sell this box for $25
  25. AZ7maghunter

    Weatherby Vangaurd 30-06

    I got this rifle in a trade yesterday. I thought 30-06 ammo would be more abundant than some of the other calibers i have but it’s not the case. I don’t have the dies to reload it and would rather consolidate. So I’m selling this rifle. $600. I can meet by sportsman’s warehouse on the i17 and deer valley.