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  1. I agree that Tikkas are better overall but I wouldn’t sleep on the Ruger American. Mine has killed a few critters for multiple hunters in my family. For a rifle that is left as-is from the factory, I like the Ruger Americans. 
    I recently had a tikka re-barreled and was pleasantly surprised at how easy the process was. For the purpose of modifying, Tikkas are hard to beat and that’s why I’d prefer a Tikka. Both are pretty darn good though! 

  2. It will not let me upload pics but I can send pics upon request. 
    Barnes Vortx 150 Grain TTSX (3 unopened boxes and 1 box with 16 and brass from 4 shot still in box) all for $150

    Hornady Superformance 180gr SST (17 rounds- 3 pieces of brass) $25

  3. I’m looking for a Remington 700 long action stock. I’d like a Bell and Carlson or Christensen take-off or something of the sort. I’m not looking for a Remington SPS take off or cheaper stock. I may be interested in the bottom metal if you have it together. I can trade a Remington 700 short action Hogue stock and bottom metal or pay cash. 

    Let me know what you have!