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  1. Rex2057

    WTB Blackhorn 209 powder

    If you have some N565 or R-23, I could spare a can of Blackhorn 209
  2. Rex2057

    White Wing skeet thrower

    $200 or Trade for 2 boxes of ADG Brass in 6.5 PRC or 3 lbs N565
  3. Rex2057

    White Wing skeet thrower

    The foot pedal is about 23 feet from machine. There is a plug in the middle for plugging in a wireless, at least I think that’s what it’s for?
  4. Rex2057

    White Wing skeet thrower

    Skeet thrower from Do-All Outdoors, bought new for $300. Will sale for $200 firm Used a few times works great. Moving and don’t want to drag it along.
  5. Rex2057

    Lapua 6.5 prc brass

    Scored !!
  6. Rex2057

    WTT 1000 WLR Primers

    Look for 2lbs R-26 or 2lbs N565 powder
  7. Rex2057

    WTT 1000 WLR Primers

    WTT 1000 Winchester Large Rifle Primers (WLR) for 2lb Reloder 26 or 2lb of N565
  8. Rex2057

    All gone

    PM me, if you would be willing to sale the ADG 6.5 PRC brass
  9. Rex2057

    300 win mag ADG brass (used)

    What a great price, wish I still had my 300 Win Mag…
  10. Rex2057

    Remington 700 LH BDL 7MM Rem Mag

    Available again
  11. A very good Shooter, this is a 1985 Remington 700. I’m the original owner. It’s first 35 years, it spent most it’s time in the safe. I probably put about 40 to 50 rounds down the barrel during those years. (With 2 Deer down) Two plus years ago I got into precision reloading. I decided to see what I could do with this rifle. So, I upgraded the the trigger to a triggertech. I had the barrel threaded and a muzzle break installed by Axisworks custom gun builder in Tempe. I’ve put another 70 to 100 rounds down the barrel developing a load with 160gr Sierra bullet and Reloder 26 powder. This is an excellent hunting rifle with factory ammo or hand loads I’m offering this up as a package deal: Rifle with bi-pod, 20moa rail. NO SCOPE INCLUDED Asking $1100. The following can be included in the sale for an additional $225; 50 rounds of ADG brass (35 cleaned, sized & primed w/F215), Redding 2 die FL reloading dies, 130 rounds Sierra 160gr. Bullets. Plus 100 No.215 Federal primers. No components will be sold separately unless the rifle is sold separately. So why am I selling this, I’ve become fully invested in the 6.5 PRC and am in the process of having a custom rifle built.
  12. Rex2057

    WTS 300 WM -SOLD

    Once the rifle and scope are gone, the reloading supplies will be sold separately. Did I mention, this rifle easily meets Weatherby’s sub-MOA guarantee.
  13. Rex2057

    WTS 300 WM -SOLD

    Complete package Rifle & Scope less than a year old, have boxes and manuals for both Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 in 300 WM. This rifle has 20 rounds down the barrel for break-in and 20 to 30 for start of load development. Vortex Diamondback Tactical 6-24X50. 20 MOA rail, Harris Style Bi-Pod, soft carrying case Hornady Custom Grade Dies 42 pieces of ADG brass (cleaned, sized, and primed w/fed215) Hornady 212 gr. ELD-X bullets (94) Hornady 200 gr. ELD-X (45) Hornady 180 gr BTSP (43) Hornady 180 gr. SP (70) I have at least $1700 in complete package, will sale all for $1500. Cash