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  1. Eli, that’s a great turnaround time and the buck looks awesome! 

    I only take in a certain amount of work each year. I quote a 12 month turnaround, but usually complete within 10 months. It’s a more of a passion for me, so I try and care for each piece.

    Couple bucks finished up the last few months.






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  2. Water movement is not required to macerate, but be warned.. the smell is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Change the water every couple days, seems to help.

    I do 50+ euros a year from deer, elk to bear. I tried macerating once, will never do it again. There are some other euro guys I know that like it. Their quality is high, but for me it’s boil all the way! 



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  3. Finally bought brand new 15’s Swaros and part of the deal with my wife is I have to sell my current set. 😭

    These are my money makers. 15x56 SLC (not HD)Literally glassed up thousand deer, elk, pigs etc over the years. 

    Im hard on my gear, and these were heavily used but cared for. There is a small chip that can be seen, but never affected how they looked.

    Looking for in person pickup or delivery I’m in north Scottsdale, not interested in shipping. asking $1200 shoot me a DM. 👍