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  1. 49ford8n

    H&R Model 900 22 revolver

    PM sent
  2. Sounds like a good possibility. What is the data on the bullets? Thanks Bob
  3. 49ford8n

    New Spammer- Kendrick lenarr

    Got a new one, watch out for Kendrick lenarr
  4. Looking for 100 wolf small rifle primers and some 30 carbine 110grn soft point bullets. On the primers I have SPP, LPP, SPMP and LPMP I could trade 1 for 1. Bob
  5. 49ford8n

    WTB 22 bolt gun=Found one

    Looking for adult, old school ,wood stock bolt action that shoots all sizes s,l,lr
  6. 49ford8n

    WTB 22 bolt gun=Found one

    Just need a good shooter
  7. 49ford8n

    WTB 22 bolt gun=Found one

    Looking for a 22 bolt rifle with scope. Single shot or tube feed. Scope capable is OK if it doesn't have one. Thanks
  8. 49ford8n

    Several guns All SPF

    Lowered upper 😉
  9. 49ford8n

    Found some thanks

    PM sent
  10. 49ford8n

    Found some thanks

    Looking for a brick of #34's. Have others I could trade if necessary. Thanks Bob