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  1. 49ford8n

    Tool gang box-new price

    New price
  2. 49ford8n

    Tool gang box-new price

    Large heavy duty tool box. 5 foot wide, 4 foot tall and sides taper from 1'8" at top to 2'8" at bottom. Does not come with any tools! 100.00 Bob
  3. 49ford8n

    WTB Varget and CFE 223-FOUND thanks

    I really appreciate it but I don’t need and can’t afford that much.
  4. 49ford8n

    WTB Varget and CFE 223-FOUND thanks

    Yes sir I am just hoping to avoid 50.00 in hazmat and shipping. Thought maybe someone might have some they could spare. I am on fixed income.
  5. Looking for some powder. Prefer east valley if possible. Thanks Bob
  6. 49ford8n

    WTB Rifle length AR upper

    Looking for an upper, nothing fancy but needs to have BCG.
  7. 49ford8n

    WTT/WTS Springfield National Match-Traded

    No thanks I am too old for all that kick.
  8. 49ford8n

    Extra Stocks

    PM sent
  9. 49ford8n

    Found thanks

    Would prefer Ruger Blackhawk, Vaquero but open to Uberti and others. Not picky about barrel length. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  10. 49ford8n

    WTB Savage axis 2 mag.

    Been there. Out of stock.