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  1. azas

    Immediately got banned (VPN?)

    nah I made this account on my phone using data/not my home WIFI. my guess is my computer/account I made got flagged since I was using my privacy VPN at the time.
  2. azas

    Immediately got banned (VPN?)

    Unfortunately looks like I'm still banned on my computer. Tried resetting IP address and clearing cookies, too. oh well.
  3. Hi, New guy to the forum but I'm on a few others, Arizonahuntingforums etc. I made an account this morning (andyyy) and immediately got banned after complimenting some guy on getting a nice bobcat. I think it was because I was using a VPN at the time, but regardless, I think I'm IP banned. Can I get unbanned on that account/ IP address? I swear I'm not a bot :( Thanks