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  1. Jimmy75

    500 Rounds 38 Special (I think cheap)

  2. Jimmy75


    Are you close to Tucson? And is the Hellcat still available?
  3. Jimmy75

    2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac 4x4

    Current Location?
  4. Jimmy75

    ISO inexpensive car for teenage daughter to crash...

    Interested in your Nissan are you close to Tucson?
  5. Jimmy75

    Springfield 1898 Sporterized 30-40 SPF

    I am interested where are you located
  6. Jimmy75

    Springfield 1898 Sporterized 30-40 SPF

    Are you located near Tucson?
  7. Jimmy75

    Springfield 1898 Sporterized 30-40 SPF

    Can you take a picture of the end of the barrel?
  8. How much for just the Nikon Scope? Are you willing to separate from rifle?
  9. Jimmy75

    308 tracers trade for 12 gauge shotshells

    Where are you located?
  10. Jimmy75

    wtb remington 700 in .308/788 carbine

    If your in Tucson talk to Scott at USA pawn at Golflinks and kolb he called me 2 days ago and asked me if I was interested in a Remington 700 in 308. The best prices in town!
  11. Jimmy75


    What's your price on the rifle?
  12. Jimmy75

    Springfield Hellcat RDP for trade

    Is this still available? I have a 44 revolver I would trade.
  13. Jimmy75

    Nikon Buckmaster

    Will you take $125.00 for the Nikon