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  1. The Aspen Lodge in Alpine AZ has been purchased by a California couple about 2 years ago. They have become the epicenter of support for leaving the feral horses that have invaded the Apache forest alone. We, as hunters recognize the destruction that the horses have caused all across the state, but this business has refused to acknowledge the damage the horses have created and have welcomed the Salt River Wild Horse Management group to their facility. They are actively supporting leaving the horses alone and letting them continue to breed and multiply. There are other businesses where we as sportsmen can spend our dollars. It is my hope that word of their ignorant support of feral horses becomes a business detriment to them. If you are planning summer trips, a lodge to spend your evenings in during hunts.......Locate another business. This has been verified and documented by a number of people so I am not stretching the truth in any way. Please spread the word! AZSGWC - AZSFWC Humane Removal of Unauthorized Livestock on Apache National Forest Booklet (EMAIL).pdf