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  1. Huntandfish

    What elk bugle/call to buy?

    I know a few people that have had success with using fox pros. Doesn’t get any easier then pushing a button if you don’t get good at calling. I have been on a few early rifle elk hunts no calling was needed. We used our glass till they got trigger happy.
  2. Huntandfish

    Sick to my stomach!!!!!

    A similar situation happen to me in 2021 draw. I was on the phone with my cc when they denied the charges. I had felt that it wasn’t my fault and was told by a few people to petition the commissioner. keep a long story short they denied it. I would’ve drawn elk and antelope has a party with a dear friend. I was not happy with the situation. The only way I figured I could get them back in a was going to let my friend ride my deer points and get him a early Kaibab tag. I felt like I had Owed him something since it was my card at denied all four of these charges.We went into the draw with an average of eight and it took nine we drew our first choice 13b in the random not a bad consolation prize. I always think Arizona gave us those tags for the screw up. Lol.
  3. Huntandfish

    Whiskey barrel pedestal desert sheep

  4. Huntandfish

    Whiskey barrel pedestal desert sheep

    I couldn’t be happier with the work they did on my nevada ram at Henry’s Taxidermy in Kingman.
  5. Huntandfish

    34B Antelope

    Antelope hunting is fun because you can glass them all day long not much downtime! Haven’t used the horse, but the cow works great three of us hide behind this one.
  6. Huntandfish

    OTC harvest report format

    double tap your screen and it will scroll a few units at a time.
  7. Try to talk my friend into a full body mount on this one was probably the new world record! But he put him in the stew. This was a few years back on the kaibab hunt should’ve been taken a picture of a big buck here not a big squirrel. Lol
  8. Huntandfish

    Good source on how to judge bighorns

    If you’re going to go pet the sheep in the park don’t go too early or show up too late. they spend their nights in the hills. Then walk through the neighborhood and then hang out all day in the park. They leave before dark!
  9. Huntandfish

    Good source on how to judge bighorns

    IMG_5848.MOV If you want to see some desert sheep up close in person go to Boulder City Nevada May threw September the bighorns hangout in hemenway vally park every day. I have seen as many as 75 at one time there. This helped me as you can see all age class up close. Just a short drive from there is the muddy mountains unit 268 Nevada where the largest population of Desert sheep live. My brother had that tag in 2010 the biologist told me there were 1600 sheep their. I have been on this hunts four times now and have seen over 40 rams in a single day there when I had the tag. Go to Vegas for a weekend Evan just to see the park rams it will help you judge. IMG_6409.MOV You need to look at all angles sheep hunting if score is your thing. They always look bigger from the back front and side view most important to see. my brother was hung up on score he wanted a 170 plus ram and got one, but said if he had to do it again he would take a prettier ram that wasn’t so broomed off longest is only 32.5 but lots of mass last quarter is over ten inches!
  10. Huntandfish

    Fun Start to the Day

    Different kind of grey ghost there what kind of rattle is that one?
  11. Huntandfish

    Its Time To Change the Arizona Bonus Point System

    The problem is to many people not enough tags no system will fix that. Nothing in life is fair.
  12. Huntandfish

    Its Time To Change the Arizona Bonus Point System

    Even if you gave all the tags to the people who waited the longest it would take decades too clear out point holders which means grandpa‘s going hunting soon you’ll be going hunting in 30 years and your kids will never go antelope or sheep hunting with this plan of entitlement. There was only 140 bighorn sheep tags and 187 antelope tags this year clearly not enough for everybody that’s why it’s a draw don’t like the rules don’t play. If you like to hunt archery you could’ve drawn the 12s three times with those points by now or early rifle but you’re holding out for a trophy late hunt. Those deer are there during the archery and early rifle season. This is been your choice to wait this long to go hunting in Arizona. You’re holding out for some the best units that’s what you get. Here’s how many people that have more points then you right now should they get a tag before you?You know those nonresident waited longer than you two does that entitled them.