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  1. cramerhunts

    418" Bull & Added Pictures and summer scouting pics

    A lot of big bulls in these pictures!
  2. cramerhunts

    Fun with the Boys

    Congratulations to them! Very cool.
  3. cramerhunts

    Happy BirthDay Amanda

    Happy Birthday Amanda, hope you have a great day!
  4. cramerhunts


    I absolutely loved the read! Huge congratulations to her on a fantastic buck and to all of her support group! Big time awesome.
  5. cramerhunts

    23 youth got it done.

    It just doesn't get any better. Congratulations to you both!
  6. cramerhunts

    My Son's First Big Game Hunt

    Very nice, congratulations all the way around!
  7. cramerhunts

    How old?

    Having a little bit of a hard time on the rings from that pic but I'd agree with around 7.
  8. cramerhunts

    Youth tag filled

    Very nice, congratulations to you both.
  9. cramerhunts

    My Desert Sheep Scouting

    Great pictures man! Love glassing, and watching those incredible animals. Enjoy every minute of it!
  10. cramerhunts

    Part 1-Jr tag filled

    Nicely done, good for him and great job dad! Congratulations all the way around.
  11. cramerhunts

    Part 2-Another Jr tag filled

    Very nice, congratulations on the turkey (bowling reference)!
  12. cramerhunts

    Sydney's Buck

    Way to go! Congratulations to Sydney on a great buck!!
  13. cramerhunts

    30A First Bear

    Big congratulations to him on a nice bear! Great job!
  14. cramerhunts

    Practice much?

    Not getting into ethics but if you are off 2-3 inches at 15 yards you shouldn't be hunting. bull screaming in your face and only off 2-3" off target isnt bad at all imo Very true, things get hectic quick in those situations and things happen. Still at that distance things have to go south fast to be 2-3 inches off your desired POI if you're at least somewhat proficient.
  15. cramerhunts

    34A junior hunt

    Sweet! Awesome bucks!
  16. cramerhunts

    Junior tag filled!

    Congratulations to him on a dandy buck and great shot. Way to go!
  17. cramerhunts

    Practice much?

    Not getting into ethics but if you are off 2-3 inches at 15 yards you shouldn't be hunting.
  18. cramerhunts

    Kuiu Warranty

    Never had to yet, will be interesting to hear how it goes. I'd like to think they'll be easy to work with.
  19. cramerhunts

    Youth Javelina 2017 is in the Books

    Congratulations again Draysen on the javelina and I'm sure there will be some awesome skulls to come out of your hard work. Good luck on the deer! Great job dad, keep up the good work as well.
  20. cramerhunts

    My boys got it done!!

    Congratulations to the boys on some mighty fine bucks. 7 hours is one heck of a long wait and it definitely paid off, stud buck!
  21. cramerhunts


    Beautiful picture Doug! I had to reread the opening a few times before I finally got past it shaking my head. Good one.
  22. cramerhunts

    Bugles in 9 part 2

    Congratulations on a very nice bull. I've been there and done that many times with my wife and somehow she still loves me, lol. Way to go!
  23. cramerhunts

    Girl power 3 for 3

    That is some pure gold right there! Nothing better. Congratulations to all on some dandy bucks and memories for a lifetime not to mention some dang good eats for a long time!
  24. cramerhunts

    A few to share

    Nothing fancy, just electrical tape. The more clutter, the more tape.