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  1. Here on this site. I am a big fan of large caliber rifles, presentmy I have a Sako 75 synthetic 375 h&h, Winchester M70 Safari Express 416 RM. Then a whole bunch of smaller caliber rifles.
  2. luzdibbert

    Fluke rigging

    I was think about how big swim baits are sometimes hooked through the side instead of up and down. I feel like if you rig a fluke like that it would kinda like walk the dog almost like a zarah spook. With the weight on one side it migh just spiral idk haven’t tried yet just thought it was a cool idea.
  3. I have some legs and some breasts—wings attached— from last winter. Frankly I forgot about them. Is it too late, or can I thaw & clean it?
  4. luzdibbert

    Saddle hunters

    What is the real weight of a saddle setup, minus climbing sticks? It looks like people always have more and more components to their setups. Trying to determine if it really is a weight savings and worth switching from a stand.
  5. I bought a Ruger PC9 this Summer, and I love it. I shot it stock for a bit, then put some stuff on/in it. I put the Midwest Industries hand guard on, and a Taccom rotating ambi safety to replace the left/right plunger style it came with. I put an MCarbo bolt lock in it, and a flat trigger, extended msg release, recoil spring, bolt bumper and stainless steel pins along with a machined extractor and better charging handle. I also swapped out the spacer for the buttpad with a machine aluminum one that has QD holes, and put a good adjustable sling on it. Now it’s even more fun! This week, though, I bought it a present: a Holosun 510c green dot. Can’t wait to take it to the range. I think I want to get a magnifier now, and the Holosun HM3X is a supposedly a perfect combination. Anyone use this combo that can tell me to buy the HM3X or something else instead? I’m only going to be shooting this out to 100 yds max 99% of the time.