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  1. liv4coues

    My Daughter Awesome Hunt!

    Congratulations to you and your daughter, Ernesto. What I wouldn't give to double up on two Coues bucks with my daughter some day. You deserve to be very proud!
  2. liv4coues

    2010 87" two point

    That's a great looking 2-point, with some dandy eyeguards! Congratulations.
  3. liv4coues

    KAIBAB Bucks and "HD" 200+" 7x7

    While Jimmer mops up his keyboard, I'll throw in another congratulations! Any one of those bucks is a buck of a lifetime. That 7X7 is unreal.
  4. liv4coues

    138 Coues --- kids first buck!

    Congratulations to our newest prospective member . . . "Firstcoueswas138"! That's a monster buck.
  5. liv4coues

    Leftover 30A Tag

    Unfortunately, I can tell you from personal experience that you're out of luck. I drew an October tag for a northern unit this year. Not far into the hunt, I decided to come home and buy a leftover tag for one of the southern units I'd successfully hunted recently. When I called Game and Fish this week to ask about purchasing a leftover tag, I was told that once you're successful in the draw, you can't buy a leftover tag. Skeptical, I looked in the regulations, and found the very disappointing news that I was finished hunting this year. R12-4-104(L): "An applicant shall submit only one valid application per genus of wildlife for any calendar year, except: 1. If the bag limit is one per calendar year, an unsuccessful applicant may re-apply for remaining hunt permit tags in unfilled hunt areas, as specified in the hunt permit-tag application schedule published annually by the Department." When you drew your unit 22 tag, you were a successful applicant. Although you don't have to go through another draw process to obtain a leftover tag, you do have to fill out and submit an application to obtain a leftover tag. I don't understand why a person can hunt with a bow in January and August, hunt a rifle tag in the general season, and then hunt again with a bow in December if they haven't taken a deer during one of the previous three hunts, but a rifle hunter only gets one shot at it, even when there are leftover tags going to waste . . . but I don't make the rules. Hopefully you, unlike me, hunt with a bow and can go back out in December! Good luck.
  6. liv4coues

    Good luck

    Maybe see ya around some where up there. I'll be in a white F150 with a cwt sticker on the back. Good luck I'll keep an eye out for you. I'll be in a white F150, but the cwt sticker isn't on yet. Good luck to you . . . and if I'm not mistaken, you should have a pretty short hunt based on the decent bucks on your trail cams this year.
  7. liv4coues

    Good luck

    I'm headed to 24a also. I hope to help my brother (who's never taken a deer) and my dad (who turned 67 this week) both tag out this year. Good luck to everyone headed out this weekend!
  8. liv4coues

    Vin's 1st Deer!!!

    Great first buck Vin. Congratulations!
  9. liv4coues

    Kade's first buck

    Great first buck Kade! That's a tall spike!
  10. liv4coues

    A few recent pictures

    Nice pics. That deer in your second-to-last photo seems to have an unusually short tail.
  11. liv4coues

    Never too young to get started.

    During last year's scouting trip she was only two months old, so we didn't go far from the truck. Now that she's 14 months old, we ventured out onto a good glassing ridge and she took over from there. No deer sightings, but it was nice to get out, despite the hot weather. By this time next year, I may be in the market for my own pair of Swaros!
  12. liv4coues

    Topo paper maps

    Wide World of Maps in the Phoenix area usually has a pretty good selection of various topo maps. I think they have a website, but I'm not sure how easy it is to find the topo map you're looking for on their site.
  13. liv4coues

    1st Archery Success

    Nice video. You almost had no choice but to click your release in self defense. That bull got in your face in a hurry. No reason to have regrets, even with him being broken off. That's a great looking archery bull. Congratulations!
  14. liv4coues

    2010 elk success

    That's one heck of a bull! Congratulations!
  15. liv4coues

    Dad's Antelope

    Thanks for sharing your dad's hunt. Thirty-five years of waiting for the perfect sunrise! He got a great looking goat after such a long wait.