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    I was curious when everyone will start bowfishing this year? Is it at end of February that the carp become more visable? Any body shot a catfish yet? I would imagine that the only way to shoot catfish would be at night? I have hardly seen them in the day. I am fairly new to bowfishing, but can not wait to start flinging away again this year.
  2. 123456

    Broadheads accuracy

    Wac ems... The end!!!
  3. 123456

    How many animals have you harvested in Arizona

    Hunter74: 29 deer in 39 years of life is pretty good!!!! That is a deer a year, every year you were able to hunt in this state. Pretty impressive!!
  4. 123456

    WTB SAUM Brass

    Hey Goatsie, I know you have a bunch of real nice guns, I was wondering why you went with saum instead of WSM? Is saum a better short mag to convert? I have a 270wsm, I have never fired, and was thinking of turning it into a 6.5wsm.
  5. 123456

    2014 pigs?

    I have no dog in this.... I do not know Kidso personally, but if he chose to hunt 2 animals he had tags for, so be it. You asked a question and he gave his answer. If you disagree, which clearly you do, take it up with him. PM's are a better way to communicate if you are going to bash him for wounding 2 animals on one hunt. Of course, no one thinks wounding 2 animals is a good thing. At what point was he able to try to hunt again? What was the acceptable time frame? Obviously when he shot at the javelina, he had no intentions of not recovering it. This was the next day, and it sounds like he was making an honest effort to recover his deer. Hope this explains my like......
  6. Looks alive! Nice mount.
  7. 123456

    Broadhead tuning help please!

    Breasts always make things go haywire!!!
  8. Got it guys. Thanks a lot to those who helped!!
  9. Anyone have a berger reloading book that can look up a particular load? If so pm me. Thanks in advance.
  10. 123456

    wtb 270wsm ammo

    Randalls usually has ammo.
  11. 123456


    pretty confident that sven does a lot of other taxidermists birds as well. Most taxi's either do birds or big game. I know for a fact the Kris Krueger is pretty solid at birds. He is more expensive than most, but he is good. Another guy called top knot taxidermy does specifically birds, and he is average with birds. Part time gig for him as he is a firefighter full time. Very reasonable on rates though..
  12. 123456

    Late Riffle Bull

    Chains are not needed. I have spoken with a few that live in and around flagstaff and most say there is very little snow. Be prepared for mud and more mud. Bring shovels and have nice smooth wooden logs in the back of your truck. Those will come in handy if you need to dig out of a mud bogg. Good luck on your hunt and be prepared for a muddy mess. hopefully it gets cold enough to freeze the mud.
  13. 123456

    Opening day success in Sonora!

    serious bone!!! Love the pictures!!
  14. 123456

    Bow lesson learned...

    I'm in the construction business. Not a contest at all. I gave my opinion just as you did. I simply think it was because the draw length was too long, you do not. You then proceeded to say that if others hit their arms, they are either weak or have bad form. just a difference of opinion. What do you do for a living?