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  1. Mark-Devin

    Javelina archery hunts video

    I purchased the dvd, "All Charged Up" from CouesWhitetail.com and received it super super quick (thanks Amanda). I really enjoyed the dvd! The videography is quite good...nice and steady recording. Real hunters makin' it look fun. The hunts are fun and even experienced Javelina hunters might just learn a thing or two. As a hunter ed. instructor I would recommend this to my students. Many of my students have lots to learn and finding a mentor is difficult for many. I think they'll learn some lessons that often take a few years to learn. There just aren't enough good dvds about Javelina hunting and yet lots of us enjoy hunting them. Very glad to see young hunters enjoying the hunt. Great job...can't wait for "All Charged Up II"
  2. Mark-Devin

    Population management hunts

    Sorry to hear about the postponement. My hunt was never postponed. G&F observed a large number of animals on House Rock and they hurried us up there. The good thing about the postponement is that G&F is not wasting your time. They very much want you to be successful. The herd needs to be managed and you are their best tool to do that. One of the earlier posts even mentions that G&F employee (Tom) accompanied his grandfather for part of the hunt. Tom and the others will do what they can to help you. If your employer can't be as flexible as you need them to be then by all means contact G&F (those that you've spoken to already or those numbers you were given....don't call customer service) and ask them what they can do to help you get up there and hunt. Best of luck to you! Hope you had a fantastic time at Wapiti Weekend!
  3. Mark-Devin

    Burro Mtn. in unit 23

    I hunted the coues deer in the Burro Mtns in 2007 when there were only 25 whitetail tags. The deer numbers are very good. You will see deer. Of course any unit has the potential to hold monster trophy sized deer but, this little hunt area isn't overflowing with 100"+ bucks. Scouting is (as always) very important. Don't plan to hunt from a vehicle (by that I mean you need to get away from the vehicle to see the best spots). Gettting to the high glassing spots is typically a hike (not torture). It's a small unit and most of its habitat is coues deer friendly (in other words you'll find them in most parts of the unit...if not all). There are muleys as well and just as many tags for them critters. Pick a good campsite and don't just plop your tent in the middle of the deer. I drew this hunt again this year...see ya' in the field. Silver City is very close and is home to some great hunters that know the area. If you're looking for professional help you'll want to contact Tommy Maldonado. There's a thread about his business at the beginning of Coues Deer Hunting in New Mexico. Amanda would probably recommend him as well.
  4. Mark-Devin

    Population management hunts

    I hunted the bison at House Rock a couple of years ago in June <hot>. House Rock is not Raymond Ranch so be careful what people tell you about what they've heard. At House Rock we didn't hunt with a Game and Fish employee...nobody tellin' you which animal to shoot (you and your tag tell you what you can shoot). Game and Fish will be there for you with as much information as you'll need. You said you have a cow or yearling tag...be sure you pay attention to the information that they'll give you about identifying a legal animal. Listen to them and ask alot of questions. Take friends with you. You'll need them. Buffalo is yummy...share the meat and you shouldn't have much trouble finding help. If you have an OHV to help haul that's great but, if not you'll need strong backs and frame packs. A cordless saw is nice but only if you don't have to haul it around. Keep the saw in the truck just in case. Sharp knives is what you'll need. A buffalo can be cut into bite size pieces. You might be lucky and kill an animal close to a road where you can get close. DON'T COUNT ON IT. Come prepared or don't shoot. It will be warm and you'll need coolers. We took 5 or 6 100 qt coolers and filled them with ice on the way out of Flagstaff. One of our other hunters killed a buffalo with a single shot right by a tank and within a few yards of a road. That hunter's name is "Lucky". Two of us hunted Tank #1 and killed our buffalo on the 1st day. Game and Fish is likely observing their movement and will tell you where they're seeing them and possibly which tanks they're hittin'. Buffalo and water are a good mix. Will you be at the right water at the right time....hmmmm? Perhaps you should also be prepared to go out on the prowl. Be sure you know where the water is (game and fish will tell you). If G & F is sittin' up high glassing then they may be sharing information via radio. Be sure you have a radio. Tank #1 wasn't radio friendly (cut off from those watchin' from high up) and it was a mile and a half from where our trucks had to stop. When our buffalo came in to the tank it was incredible. Fifteen or so animals sounding like 100 and they all wanted in that tank. The other hunter I was with shot shortly after they got to the tank...two shots from a .30 cal dropped it where it stood. The herd watched and moved about but, didn't bolt. I moved a bit for a shot and dropped a nice buffalo...right through the lungs. It got right up. I shot again and down it went...up again until a 3rd 180 gr bullet from my .300 Win Mag finished the job. All the shots were on their mark...buff's are tough...I wouldn't squeeze the trigger if you aren't sure that you'll be able to follow up. It took me nearly an hour to bone that critter out and bag it up (there will be flys, take game bags)...my buddies have strong backs but their knife skills are still improving (invite a butcher and you'll be out in no time). Keep in mind: This is not Raymond Ranch This is not a canned hunt This could be a very challenging hunt (mine turned out easy...I had 2 friends and the other hunter brought 2 as well) This is your hunt Don't expect others to do your work (bring your help with you). Please note: all the other invited hunters were extremely friendly and all offered help. Game and Fish will help you but they're not your guides/outfitters (don't count on more than information and advice...if you get more than that be thankful). Things change...my hunt a couple years ago may be different than yours. Keep asking questions but, ignore anyone that hasn't hunted House Rock buffalo . Have a great hunt...this is a free ranging herd, wild and challenging and worth every bit of the effort
  5. As a non-resident who enjoys NM hunting I agree that NM residents are getting the short end when it comes to tag allocation. My biggest gripe is the 12% allocation of non-resident tags to hunters utilizing a guide. New Mexico does not owe guides/outfitters a livelihood. Guides/outfitters are valuable members of the hunting community but, they're not more important than resident hunters. If you want a compromise then my humble suggestion is to require a percentage of landowner tag transfers go to outfitted hunts (resident or non-resident). Don't get me wrong, I respect guides and outfitters (especially Tommy) and I would consider using one for a sheep or elk hunt. The 12% should go away! Landowners own the land that we want to hunt (much of it anyways). We should never abuse the privelage of hunting on their property or passing through it. Landowners should not be limiting access to public lands. Some landowners wouldn't have access to their own lands or through their own lands if not for the publicly maintained roads that you taxpayers provided them. Without incentive why would anyone let someone else use their property. If you want to swim in my pool, show me you can swim, don't piss in the pool, and by all means show me some appreciation; otherwise, get your own pool or use the public pool. I'm not sure I really understand why private landowner tags are transferable for hunting on public land but, it smells like skunk. Perhaps it's a compromise for allowing the use of other private lands. The wildlife in NM belongs to all of its people not just some of the people. I'm an outsider, I appreciate hunting in NM (please don't cut my tires again) and I hope NM residents find a solution for themselves. NM hunters, I hope you feel welcome in AZ (our 10% cap isn't there to keep you out). Stay safe, hunt responsibly and ethically!
  6. Mark-Devin

    Draw Results

    I received an email at 5:57 p.m. stating I was drawn for DER-1-221. Looks like this Arizonan gets to hunt the Burro Mtn Coues deer again. I hope the hunt hasn't been ruined by the increase in tags since I hunted that unit a couple years ago. New Mexico is a beautiful place man!! Dear MARK-DEVIN VERDEJO, Congratulations! The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish is notifying you that you were successful in drawing a 2010 - 2011 hunting license for the following hunt code(s): DER-1-221. Information specific to your hunt code can be found in the current 2010 - 2011 New Mexico Big Game Rules and Information booklet. The booklet can be found online at the Department website http://www.wildlife.state.nm.us. Again, congratulations and good luck on your hunt!
  7. Mark-Devin

    Three-bar deer capture

    Jim or Amanda, Has there been any discussion or data on the possible predation by resident birds of prey. I know fawn drop occurs when many of our birds of prey head for cooler climates but, wonder about those non-migrating rascals of the sky.
  8. Mark-Devin

    G&F Web Site Down

    With the budget shortcomings the legislature is going to sweep the sheep tags, sell them on ebay, and recoup the $2 billion that they wasted!!
  9. Mark-Devin

    arizona tags

    Your check should have cleared shortly after your application was received. If your check cleared that does not mean you're getting a tag. They will cash your check and send you a refund check if you're not drawn. Best of luck!
  10. Mark-Devin

    Credit Card Hits???????

    I guess I better make the most of my AZ buffalo hunt cuz I ain't gonna be huntin' NM this year (unless I wanna pay for a landowner goat tag or pickup an unwanted deer tag). Oh well that's how it goes when you're a non-resident. I still have my fingers crossed for Wyoming and Arizona. Best of luck to the rest of you and congrats to those that already know!!
  11. Amanda, You mentioned in your post that it's worth it to see how things operate and to view the attitude of the commission. Can you tell us a bit more about the attitude of the commission? Was there much public input? Was the commission receptive or dissmissive, kind or short of patience?
  12. Mark-Devin

    elk sheds

    Good question. The answer isn't a big secret either. Like the RMEF calendar says, "most bulls shed their antlers in March". Antlers are shed when the hormone levels are right which isn't at the same time for all elk. You'll see plenty of AZ elk holdin' on to their antlers into the month of April. I've heard it said that the big boys drop 'em earlier than the young 'uns (probably a good rule of thumb but not somethin' to live and die by). You'll see some elk with hard antlers while others are pushin' velvet. If you want to really know when the shed hunting is best just drive up and down the highways lookin' for a truck and trailer with a sign saying, "We buy sheds". Those shed buyers don't waste alot of time sittin' on the side of the road during the slow times...if you know what I mean. Another way to find out if the shed huntin' is hot is to look for that migration of sod trompin' OHV's/ATV's. They're easy to spot...you'll see them out in the meadows/parks and open grassy areas drivin' around creatin' new trails while they go where no vehicle should go. Elk don't often come to the roads to shed that bone so you'll do well to get off the road and look for your treasure. Use the quads that God gave ya' or sit atop a horse to get around and cover lots of ground. I'm no expert shed hunter and others may want to argue but, I don't go lookin' until mid to late March. When you go shed huntin' be sure you're lookin' in places where the elk are in March and April...which may not be the same place that you find them in Sept/Oct. Hope that helps...have fun out there...and leave them elk woods a little better than you found them.
  13. Mark-Devin

    Gila Wilderness Hunting

    Ok....since it's man law...here's a photo....my apologies, the camera I took into the field was not up to the task and I had to take a photo back at camp with the backup camera. I'll have to try and add photo as an attachment since I don't know what the heck I'm doin'....if it don't work...oh well.
  14. Mark-Devin

    Gila Wilderness Hunting

    I utilized Tommy's scouting services this year (2007) for my Burro Mountain Coues Deer hunt (a unit 23 subunit). Tommy provided me with ample information about the unit, gps coordinates and a very detailed map. We chatted on the phone and he shared a bunch of information about the unit and what I should expect. Going in I knew where to camp, where to glass, where to find deer...everything but where to s_ _ t (I figured that out by watching a bear). Well, anyways...I got a few weekends of scouting under my belt and validated everything Tommy said. I got to my glassing spot a bit late on opening day (7:30 a.m.), I glassed for a whole hour (sarcasm) before seeing the nice 3 point that I then shot. The deer isn't a monster but, it is the trophy I chose to take. I'm very pleased with the deer and grateful for the help that Tommy provided. Tommy, I hope to get the chance to hunt in your neck of the woods again...Thanks for the help!
  15. Mark-Devin

    Pics of my wife's deer

    So what did your wife think she was shootin' at, a muley or a coues? I sure hope she was holdin' a mule deer tag. Congrats to your wife! Women make awesome hunters...and unlike men they can breed more hunters . I wish my wife was a hunter/huntress (is that politically incorrect). Did you bump a bunch of mearns coveys while you were down there...we saw good numbers. Recruit a friend...take a kid/spouse hunting.