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  1. Hi All: We are just having fits finding a walk stool to buy for my son while glassing. I have one and just LOVE it! Now need one for him. We have been trying for almost a year! Anyone know why it is so hard to find one? THX, 280REM
  2. 280REM

    .223 Remington for SALE

    Still for sale!
  3. 280REM

    .223 Remington for SALE

    Like new rifle and scope for sale. Just in time for the fall! Marlin X7, 223 Remington 4+1, RH, Bolt action 26" bull barrel Synthetic stock Soft-Tech recoil pad Pillar bedded Stock Button rifled barrel, target crown P-Rail, 1" rings, Bushnell Trophy XLT 3x9x40mm riflescope Pro-Fire adjustable trigger Two Butler Creek Scope caps Hard Plastic Rifle case included Tucson Area Please, PM for contact info $550 Now REDUCED to $525! factory action lock as well
  4. 280REM

    Card go hit!

    Another "Butt Munch"! You guys really need to stop this. JSYK, there is a well-kept secret here in Arizona. You "cry wolf" guys on the draw and credit card "hits" actually get "black-balled" for between 3 to 5 years for being so childish. Nobody wants you afield with a loaded, high-powered rifle or sharp broadheads as you may hurt someone other than yourself! Sincerely, 280REM
  5. 280REM

    Hit Hit!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Butt Munch! 280rem
  6. 280REM

    .223 Remington for SALE

    Price now reduced to $525!
  7. 280REM

    Mossberg "Plinkster" for Sale

    Item is now SOLD! THX, 280REM
  8. Just became available. Mossberg "PLINKSTER" with synthetic "sporter" stock. This is a RH, bolt action, .22lr that is magazine fed. Looks to be 10 rounds? Lightly used with a 3 x 9 power BSA scope. Factory action padlock and soft case come with rifle. No pix yet. Tucson metro area please. $200 cash, firm. THX, 280REM
  9. 280REM

    WTB Nosler Accubond LR 6.5mm 142grn

    FOGGER: And where do you live? 280REM
  10. 280REM

    Mossberg "Plinkster" for Sale

    Yes sir, it is a Model 702. Lightly used with soft rifle case and factory cable locking device. Let me know if interested. 280REM
  11. 280REM

    A few coues pics

    Kill the one in the 1st two pics and I promise you that you will not regret it!
  12. 280REM

    .223 Remington for SALE

    Sorry bud, but I already have a pack setup and would prefer to sell this rifle anyways. Thanks
  13. 280REM

    THEFT, yes THEFT!

    Hi: I have had some reservation in regard to posting this, but now feel compelled to do so. My son and I have been setting trail cam(s) for about 18 months now. We started with one, then purchased a second shortly thereafter. Mind you ALL have been set on PRIVATE PROPERTY! Six weeks ago I purchased an additional pair of them online. So we then had a total of four. Drove to check on the cams yesterday. We soon discovered that TWO had been stolen from the same waterhole! We are in complete SHOCK! Thirty years ago I needed to worry about "LOWLIFE" stealing tree stands, now trail cameras! I do guess that we had indeed been lucky, but these setups were NOT on public lands. What type of mindset do these THIEVES possess to think and act as if they are entitled to someone else's property??? Well, we lost about $300 in hard earned cameras, a bracket, two SD cards and 16 rechargeable AA batteries. To the LOSER(S) that stole our two, trail cameras: It is my sincere hope and prayer that something an order of magnitude(x 10) more devastating befalls you in short order. You do deserve this in fair payment for such a cowardly and lowly act. Boldly, 280REM
  14. Yes! I have been through Hunter Safety four times! Once in 1973, when I was 14. Again in 1991 when the State of Arizona first offered up an additional bonus point in the big game draw. With my stepson Ian and finally with my son Patrick who is now 16. Learned something new each time! Cheers, 280REM
  15. 280REM

    Gun for sale

    Another price drop to $575 Gun is fun to shoot and is already threaded for a suppressor.
  16. 280REM

    6.5 x 284 - thoughts?

    Hi All; I purchased a "used" Savage Model 116 about a year ago. Backordered 100, 6.5-284 NORMA Lapua cases from Midway when you could get them for $107/100. Fought to find bullets, Nosler and Berger. Currently have "decent" loads developed for the 120 grain Nosler BT and 129 grain Nosler AB LR. 120 grain Nosler BT load is with Varget. Tried Reloder 19 & 22 and mostly H4831SC. Just tried the Berger 140 grain Hunting VLD. Best accuracy is at 0.002" off of the lands. Remember, if you develop a load with the Bergers you need to conduct the "sweet spot" test by loading groups of rounds at: touching the lands 0.040" off of the lands 0.080" off of the lands and... 0.120" off of the lands This recipe was shared with me by Walt Berger himself when I met him a couple of years back at Ben Avery Range. Sounds crazy, but one of those settings will yield a group much tighter than the other three. Starting powder charge is called "modest" by Mr. Litz. He defines that as any powder charge BELOW published MAXIMUM. After you determine the "sweet spot" you can then change the powder charge by 0.5 grain up or down to squeeze out the best accuracy/precision of your rig. I just found and purchased a 100 pack of 142 grain Nosler AB LRs @ Sportman's Warehouse here in Tucson. They are next up on the list for trials once I rectify a Redding die problem. Best of luck! 280REM
  17. 280REM

    WTB Nosler Accubond LR

    I cannot find these ANYWHERE and am sick of 3-4 month backorders! Maybe you can help? Nosler Accubond LR diameter: 0.264" or 6.5mm weight:
  18. 280REM

    New Custom Build Started

    WH4C: I fully understand. I justified the NORMA based upon a pile of 6.5 mm bullets in the garage and a smokin' deal on a VER LIGHTLY USED Savage Model 116 in a gun rack in a gun store in Tucson. That model is left-handed and no longer in the Savage catalog. 100 Lapua cases are on backorder(BO) with Midway @ $107 and bullets on BO with ER Brown. Current price for the brass is $127/100! Three of my Coues hunting buddies are shooting the same chambering and running the 140 grain Berger VLD. I plan to try the Nosler Accubond LR @ 129 grains with H4831SC. So far, I only have the primers and powder for my handload development. Patience is indeed a virtue! 280REM
  19. 280REM

    WTB Nosler Accubond LR

    THX. Cannot switch as chambering is 6.5 x.284 NORMA. 280REM
  20. 280REM

    WTB Nosler Accubond LR

    Sorry! The .264" bullets weigh in at 129 grains. And usually come in a 100 count pack. THX, 280REM
  21. 280REM

    Questions on a Remington 280 rifle

    Choice is obvious! Cheers, 280REM
  22. Doug Spicer Ultra Accurate located north of Prince & Oracle, west side of street in back of strip mall. $25 Cheers, 280REM
  23. 280REM

    New Custom Build Started

    Hi: Truly a rifle system to be proud of. I do have a question. Why chambered in 6.5 Creedmore and not 6.5 x .284 NORMA? THX, 280REM
  24. 280REM

    I bought wrong gunpowder

    FOR SALE in Tucson area One pound of: IMR 4831 new, & unopened Purchased last Sunday from SW $31 cash firm THX, 280 REM