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    NEW PRICE $500 takes everything

    I was waiting til it came closer to contact you I want it and will be in showlow this Friday. Id like to purchase Friday afternoon.
  2. gauchoand

    Dillon 650

    Great press, on my list of future purchases.
  3. gauchoand

    WTB Slide Fire

    Liberals hate everything about me. Sorry for interjecting myself in this thread by the way I'll let it go with this.
  4. gauchoand

    WTB Slide Fire

    I listed mine on BP Thursday for 225....30 offers later I'm selling at 250 if the guy doesn't flake today like he did yesterday. As someone who's had one don't waste your money.
  5. gauchoand

    WTB Slide Fire

    Selling mine today at 250 seems to be that they're going up if others are asking 350, maybe I should hold onto it huh. Also gun broker is banning their sale so that'll go away soon.
  6. gauchoand

    H4350 in stock at Brunos

    I knew the price before I opened the thread.
  7. gauchoand


    Holy crap those vapor arrows were IMO the best arrows ever made. Why did GoldTip go and buy them out and ruin them? Only arrow I ever robin hooded if I remember I'll have to dig out that arrow sometime.
  8. gauchoand

    Misc. for sale

    For sale, items we don't use anymore, will ship if you want to pay shipping Garmin delta xc remote dog training system (great shape $115) Nikon monarch 8x42 binoculars (great condition, no scratches to glass $120) Cabelas pro guide bait casting reel pg100h (pretty much new, $40) Men's microlight pants and jacket sierra designs (unworn, both black, jacket size: x-large, pants size: large $40) Surfster wavestar inflatable boogie board w/pump and leash (new, have two one red one blue $40 each)
  9. gauchoand

    Kahr cw40 $200

    If anyone falls through on you let me know maybe can meet in cordes, next week sometime
  10. gauchoand

    Milwaukee portable bandsaw

    Fixed it for you free bump.
  11. Up to go are more toys: Springfield XD9 subcompact with all gear $440 Couple Arc'teryx jackets Hyllus $120, Crosswire $100, another pullover $80 Backpackign stove Gaz Turbo 270 with full canister $20 D&K packpackign sluice and two pans $65 Sierra designs backpacking microlight pant and jacket$35 3 10/22 25rd mags $25 located in Peoria
  12. 9mm yes I've owned for 3years it's been my wife's in that time, I bought it used. Sluice was spoken for pretty quick I'll let you know if it doesn't go through.
  13. large pant x-large jacket black both
  14. gauchoand

    Thompson Center Encore Pro Hunter

    Where are you located? still interested in the trades?
  15. gauchoand

    Good guy list

    I'm a good guy I should be on the list. 2 thumbs up for me!
  16. gauchoand

    Savage 30-06 Model 110

    Totally want this but I'm assuming you mean east side of Tucson if so I'm out. If not let me know.
  17. gauchoand

    6.8 ammo and ar15 mags

    If you're heading this way let me know
  18. gauchoand

    6.8 ammo and ar15 mags

    Any chance of being in the valley sometime soon?
  19. gauchoand

    Looking for New Tires

    Add me to list need them by Friday
  20. gauchoand

    Mathews Reezen

    Mathews Reezen 6.5 28.5" cam on it 70 lb draw weight. Includes the drop away rest and stabilizer will also include the a plano bow case with it $380
  21. gauchoand

    Safe movers / Any one upgrading safes?

    A-Z equipment rental has some stuff to move safes. Drop deck trailers and even safe dollies. Looked at it recently a seemed like it would be incredibly easy to do with that stuff.
  22. gauchoand

    Misc. for sale

  23. gauchoand

    Spot Hogg 7 Deadly Pins (SOLD)

    I'm guessing by the fact the post above yours said it was sold and this thread is 2 and a half yrs old that it is in fact SOLD
  24. Scrounged up some 9mm for reloading Left to right 1st unknown brand 100gr 85 total 2nd unknown 124gr 21 total 3rd sierra 95gr 26 total 4th unknown. 115gr 950 total Asking $110 For all of them these are all new except the 100 gr show a crimp mark Order reversed in this pic
  25. About 2 years ago I decided I was getting out of reloading. Now I currently have more stuff than ever. I've got a new project I want to move on to so I'm hoping this is it. Might be more to come as I decide on equipment to sell. But for now. I hope prices are fair. 2000 9mm Bullets some 115 and 124 grs all FMJ pulls 65/k 3000 40 cal bullets 180 gr all FMJs pulls 75/k 1000 45 cal bullets 230gr RN all FMJs pulls 90 9,000 223 bullets mostly 55gr and some 62gr 60/k 5,000 aprox 223 brass some 556 223 Lake city Win all kinds of headstamps 200 200 300 Win mag brass mostly primed suggest resizing before using 120 10,000 Small Rifle primers 24/k S&B and $26/k wolf magnum 5k of. Each 8,000 Small pistol Primers S&B 24/k 2000 Large pistol primers 60 S&B 24/k 16 lbs of unopened Ramshot Tac $165 ea 8lb Hornady digital calipers 25 Hornady 223 die set 25 RCBS 300 Remington ultramga die set 30 RCBS Decap die 20 RCBS Swage die 25 World finest trimmer .223 65 Feel free to text 4802020644 Peoria discounts of course for bulk buys