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  1. Coues&Coyotes

    Kilo 2000 at cabelas

    That's what I paid for mine. You'll not be disapointed. I also have a Vortex and it can't compare to the Sig. I'd say get it.
  2. Coues&Coyotes

    Double Down!

    Well just over a year ago, my daughter Brittany got married. Brittany has grown up hunting and has been pretty sucessful over the years with both archery as well as with a rifle. Now her new husband Jacob has never hunted before but all that I have ever ask for is that my daughters find guys that treat them well. Jacob knew early on Brittany's passion for hunting so when it was time to put in for deer, Jacob said that he wanted to give it a try and share the experience with us. Even before we found out the draw results we started looking for a rifle for Jacob. Just so happened that CouseWhitetail.com member justinhamblin had a 30-06 for sale. After a seamless transaction with Justin, Jacob had his new rifle. After some experimenting with different factory rounds, we found a brand that the rifle really liked and Jacob started shoot awesome out to 400 yards. Fast forward to this past weekend. Due to work, Jacob could only hunt thru Sunday. Obviously we are always looking to harvest the largest bucks we can find but Jacob said that he wasn't picky and would be happy to try to take a spike if the opportunity presented itself. After only seeing does and spikes that were way out of range both Friday and Saturday, it was time to switch the game plan. We started the 2.5 mile hike early Sunday morning and just as the sun the coming up, we were looking in the canyon we wanted to hunt. It wasn't long before Brittany spotted a deer and before you know it we were looking at 3 bucks, 1 spike, 1 2x2 and a 2x3. Both Britt and Jacob got set up and I ranged the deer at 245 yards. Britt's shot was on and I watched the 2x3 go about 15yards and pile up. Jacob immeditely got on the 2x2 as it walked over to Brittany's down deer and with one shot, the buck dropped in his tracks and Jacob had his first big game animal. I really appreciate Jacob for giving hunting a chance and I do believe he is hooked now.
  3. Coues&Coyotes

    Please Delete

    Yea didn't realize I was in the wrong fourm and now I can't figure how to remove it.
  4. Coues&Coyotes

    Please Delete

    Please delete
  5. Coues&Coyotes

    Mossberg Patriot 30-06

    I will take in. Pm coming
  6. Coues&Coyotes

    Wedding photographer & DJ

    We just went thru this with my daughters wedding and let tell you a good DJ makes all the difference. We went with Gabriel Browne of downtown Browne productions. His Phx number is 480-382-7769. He made the wedding go extremely smooth and took so much of the stress off it was amazing.
  7. Coues&Coyotes

    1999 Jeep Cherokee XJ 4x4 5-speed long arm hunting rig

    What size toyhauler are you looking for? I have 2006 Thor Vortex 184FB TT that is in great shape but I believe it's a 22 foot.
  8. Coues&Coyotes

    YOU - Huntress Success

    Big congratulations Jessica and Addie. Jess is becoming quite the huntress.
  9. Coues&Coyotes

    Found jacket in 5bn

    Yes, I guess he was caught in a pretty good hail storm.
  10. Coues&Coyotes

    Found jacket in 5bn

    My son found a jacket today in 5BN so if someone here lost one and can describe the contents with it we will gladly return it. You can either pm me or send him a text at 928-266-7927.
  11. Coues&Coyotes

    Favorite day of calling?

    Great job on the dogs! This would have to be my favorite day of calling. Had a free afternoon back in December, the first stand I had 7 dogs come in at the same time and was very lucky to take 3 of them. Had just enough time for one more stand so drove about a mile down the road and called in one more. All were taken with a single shot Ruger No.1 in 6mm.
  12. Coues&Coyotes

    coconino mvum

    Yes, that is what you can expect. I personally have not seen any enforcement being done during hunting season. Nothing more fustrating than following the rules and walking miles into an area just to have a bunch of people driving in on closed roads or even cross country. Not sure how the wood cutters are also able to create their own roads to get their wood but hunters aren't able to retrieve their down game, especially elk.
  13. Coues&Coyotes

    Why kind of game for first bow hunt?

    I would say javelina and in most units you can also be carrying a deer tag at the same time.
  14. Coues&Coyotes

    Winchester Model 70 30-06 Post 64

    Thanks hoghntr, New price 450.00 ftf
  15. Coues&Coyotes

    Looking for a 30-06

    I have a Winchester model 70 for sale on here. It's in great condition and shoots great also. I would put a good recoil pad on though. I'll lower the price to 450.00 FTF.