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  1. ultra300mag

    Anyone load for 300UM?

    I have shot a 300 RUM since they came out new. The first problem is that you cannot go with any load that anyone gives you. You need to pick your bullet and powder then shoot one round in each load that you want to try gowing one grain higher on each shot until you find your pressure max. Then go from there. Every gun likes a different powder bullet and powder combo but like I said first of all you need to find your max pressure. Then I back off three full grains and load five rounds there, go up one grain and load five rounds in that weight then five rounds just below max pressure. Pick the best group. I then load five more rounds at that weight and 1/2 grain lower then 1/2 grain higher unless the best group was at max. Shoot those five shot groups and if you are at the magic one inch mark good to go. If not sometimes just seating the best group a little deeper will make all the difference in the world. Takes some time but it is worth it. I personally shoot Barnes 168 TSX bullets with 90 grains of Retumbo. I have a Christensen Arms rifle and this combo shoots minute of angle groups all day long. Good luck and be safe. Remember don't just start with someone's load since each gun and seating depth can be different. One other thing. The hottest load is not always the most accurate load. And accuracy kills better than speed!!
  2. ultra300mag

    Barnes Bullets

    I know that everyone has their own opinion about bullets and just about everything else. I have shot Barnes exclusively for over ten years starting with the original x. I live in the same town that they were in until a couple of years ago and know Randy and Connie well. I am on their field advisory staff and have enjoyed great success with their bullets. Almost everyone has had good and bad with any bullet but usually it is not the bullets fault. If I put the bullet where it should be it results in a great kill. If not well then we all know what happens then. So I guess the best thing to say here is use what you like and make good ethical shots. AS far as limiting the range, I have shot a bull elk over 700 yards with the TSX and it took about three steps and was done. As far as the accuracy goes, Barnes tend to like a little deeper seating depth than a lot of other bullets. My 300 Ultra shoots sub minute of angle groups very consistantly. I just worked up a load for a guy and his 300 Win Mag and it is shooting three quarter inch five shot groups at 100 yards. One very important part of shooting is having confidence in what you shoot, both gun and bullet. If you don't you will make a poor hit or possible miss totally. My rifle (Christensen Arms) tends to shoot great groups until I have put about 25 down the barrel and then the group opens a little. I just then use Barnes CR10 and clean until no copper comes out on the patch. I recently shot a Desert Sheep with 168 TSX at about three hundred yards and shot quartering toward me. The bullet traveled full length and did not exit. A few months ago I was eating some tasy sheep roast and when I went to cut a piece I heard a metalic clink and dug out my very nicely expanded 168 grain TSX, Oops I guess I should say my 155 grain TSX. The shot took out the front shoulder and traveled full length losing only about 13 grains because it sheared off one and part of another of the x petals. I couldn't have asked for any better performance. Like I said earlier, whatever you shoot just shoot it a lot and get very good with it so that bullet placement is correct and you will be able to take home the trophy, if not you may be tracking blood for a long time. Enjoy the sport and try not to be to judgemental of others and their choices. As for me I will be shooting Barnes for a long time to come!!!
  3. ultra300mag

    Stupid question?

    I think that idea was from a while back when most of us used patched balls etc. The patch lube had some moisture in it and the thought was that if left for extended time it may wet the blackpowder enough to misfire. I always fired mine every night to make sure it was not a problem and that it would go boom the next day. Now with sabots etc there is not much moisture introduced unless high humidity or rainy weather etc. Now I leave it loaded from the beginning of the hunt until fired at my target/animal. Good luck.
  4. ultra300mag

    Mexico 2012

    Houston, congratulations on the hunt. Your buck is a great looking buck. You don't seem many mature two points like him. At least you were able to look over a lot of bucks and even taking a long time to decide to take him you were as selective as you could be. Again congrats!
  5. ultra300mag

    clean barrel bad shot?

    This will vary from rifle to rifle. I personally always shoot at least one fouler an sometimes two to three. I spent 12 years on SWAT as a sniper and during that time we would always clean our rifles to bare metal (no copper or fowling left) and then would go and shoot a fouler before putting the rifle away. You should one shot following cleaning and see if point of impact is different than from a dirty barrel. If it is not then you are ok. You will find that long range shooters all have our own habits, some are probably just in our mind but in shooting if you think you are going to miss you probably will. Good luck and keep the bullets flying!
  6. ultra300mag

    Badlands 2200, Northern Outfitters Arctic Clothing

    I still have the northern outfitters clothing.
  7. ultra300mag

    Leica Geovids SOLD

    They are sold and delivered. Sorry.
  8. ultra300mag

    Leica Geovids SOLD

  9. ultra300mag

    Leica Geovids SOLD

    Need to sell a like new pair of 10x42 BRF-Y Leica Geovid's. They include the original box, strap, lens covers etc. The strap and eyepiece lens covers have never been used. I alway carried them in a binocular soft case with a chest harness. Also included is a spare battery that I bought to make sure it never went dead. A pair of HD sold last week on ebay for $2135.51 plus $35 shipping. A used pair of non HD sold last week for $2050 plus shipping and there is a pair of non HD on ebay now with three days left and they are at a bid of $1725 plus $25 shipping. I am asking for $1650 for mine and you are welcome to contact me and take a look at them in person if you would like. I live in Pleasant Grove, Utah. I will attempt to upload some pictures. Thanks for looking.
  10. ultra300mag

    Happy Birthday ultra300mag

    Thanks Antlerdog. It has been good all the kids and grandkids came over and that is what it is all about.
  11. ultra300mag

    Win a Rifle Railz/Loc Jaw Combination

    Great looking buck. One that would be great to score on regardless of score. I will guess 131 6/8
  12. ultra300mag

    Utah draw

    Jack have you ever been to the Unit or hunted there before. Do you know anyone who has. If you don't drop me a line. I grew up hunting that unit before it became a limited entry unit and we have hunted it off an on since. Good luck there are a lot of decent bucks and some very nice ones killed there every year.
  13. ultra300mag

    Nevada anyone?

    Drew a Muzzy tag two years ago and drew it again this year! Should be a good year for horn growth!
  14. I can attest to the fact that Java likes to run numbers. He is in the process of helping me with a website for my knifemaking and he asks questions that when first asked I couldn't figure out why we would need to track but then when he explained they made perfect sense. I can also attest to the fact that he is very patient since he can deal with me! Thanks for your help Java both here and on my problem. And thanks Amanda for all you do for this site!
  15. ultra300mag

    Reloader and Supplies

    Got the brass yesterday. Thanks Now I guess I will get to work de-roiming brass. Good luck with the rest. If I were down there I would buy the powder also.