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  1. hunter74

    OEM Polaris Ranger wheels/tires

    What year of ranger are they off. My dad has a 2008 and looking for some also do you come to the valley at all?
  2. hunter74

    Coues buck mount

    Here is forum member Donnie dent's coues deer I just finished for him.
  3. hunter74

    warning on axis arrows

    4falls I thought the same thing at first but I have shot (swackers) since they were first designed by rick forest and were called Sonoran's and have always performed flawlessly. here is what I was told by Easton that the HIT only supports the threads portion of the broad head and there fore causing side pressure on impact hence why they were breaking of at the thread and splitting the arrow not allowing penetration even on soft impacts. as far as the comment on victory's VAP's tolerance's I have a hard time believing that and not sure were you got your data from. but as a prior machinist I will take and do a tolerance test on the arrows and the outserts to see were they fall on a full dozen. I can speak for the broad heads tolerances falling in at less then .003 as I check all of mine to weed out any bad ferrules that might get through there screening.
  4. yes the balloons were always a hit would love to see it back.
  5. did they bring back the balloon raffle?
  6. hunter74

    warning on axis arrows

    I am glad some of you are not having any issues but I found out the hard way on a big buck and started making calls to figure the problem out and then I confirmed it in my target which made me ditch the axis arrows and back to victory. just hope no one else has the same issues as I did. I was shooting the light speed 400's and switched to the axis 340's to up my kinetic energy and shot 5 animals and recovered them all but the first half inch of the arrows were always broke off and no pass threw's then this month I shot a big 4 point muley and watched him for an hour in my glass and could see the hole behind the shoulder long story short I went and recovered my arrow and it only had blood on about 8 inches and again missing the first half inch hunted that buck for the next week and he was still pushing does and I could never get in on him that is when I started my phone calls to rick Forrest and Easton and the story was the same from both about the HIT having issues with side pressure and breaking the broad heads off at the threads.
  7. just to let you guys know the problem I am having with axis arrows with the hidden insert technology , I shoot the swacker broad heads and on impact the side pressure is breaking the broad head off at the threads and splitting the front of the arrows I am now going the victory VAP's to eliminate this issue. I don't want to see someone loose an animal due to an issue as I have had. just as a note I am having no more issue since changing arrows and now have the true kinetic energy back.
  8. hunter74

    Taxidermy Nightmare!

    alexmcmillan if you can not find your lion feel free to contact me at 623-204-3856 as I will do what I can to find you a replacement as these stories really upset me that individual's disregard peoples hard earned trophies without just making a simple phone call to return them due to situations that don't allow them to complete the mounts. Before I went back into taxidermy I lost a mount along with my brother and know how it makes you feel to have this happen.
  9. hunter74

    Taxidermy Nightmare!

    As a taxidermist I am truly sorry that some of you have had a bad experience, As one member stated ask who ever you choose to do your mounts for your horns,antlers once they have your animal capped out and skull cleaned as I do with all my customer's I prefer to call them when I have there hides back from tanning and ready to do there mount. as it saves me room of storage and also gives the client his trophy to show family and friends.
  10. hunter74

    looking for a good ranch in texas?

    I hunted the Quattro b a few years ago also and had a decent hunt we killed pigs and a couple of sheep but the owner and myself didn't see eye to eye and I would like to find a new place to go.
  11. Can anyone recommend a good ranch to bow hunt in Texas for exotics, turkey and hogs that wont break the bank? looking for the first part of April.
  12. hunter74

    Cactus bull

    I would not hesitate to take that bull, I love all the weird ones thanks for sharing.
  13. hunter74

    How many animals have you harvested in Arizona

    wow trying to make my brain work here, 19 elk(13 bulls)(6 cows) 17 of them with a bow. 9 archery antelope, 27 archery pigs 1 black powder,20 mule deer 10 of those archery, 9 coues 1 archery, 4 archery turkeys. 2 bears, 1 lion, tons of coyote 2 bobcats and 5 foxes 1 badger.
  14. hunter74

    Musk ox and elk mounts

    thanks guys when I was asked to do it I scratched my head at first but after I got it finished It really grew on me.
  15. hunter74

    Musk ox and elk mounts

    Here is a musk ox pedestal and rug musk ox I just finished and an elk mount. I wish everyone here on Coues whitetail a very happy and successful new year from desert heritage taxidermy.