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  1. Shiras

    Favorite ATL.

    This has to be a new favorite of mine that my pup led to me to last week. There's nothing in this world as sweet smelling as a fresh elk shed.
  2. Shiras

    Favorite ATL.

    Just a random sampling... Whitey elk carp
  3. All found sheds and skulls stay there, you get caught with one and they can cite you for a Lacey Act violation which runs around $15,000 per shed or skull. Yeah, after hearing that I guess it wouldn't really be too much of a hassle to leave it there .
  4. That looks like a whale of a time Josh. Congratulations on yet another outstanding buck (not too shabby on the finds either). Is it a hassle bringing home skulls that you didn't have a tag for?
  5. Shiras

    Valle Vidal Muzzleloader Bull

    Nice bull. Since I've never hunted elk, but I would be thrilled with such an animal. I got the opportunity to shed hunt the Valle Vidal back in June and saw some absolute monster elk in velvet while there. I've thought of putting in for that hunt numerous times as a non-resident, but then I think of how vast 101,000 acres is and the logistics of putting that hunt together . Great job on finding the elk and sealing the deal. -Shiras
  6. Shiras

    April Shed Hunt

    I really enjoyed the videos. Great job on keeping the camera in focus and steady. Congratulations. -Shiras
  7. Shiras

    Some new ones for the pile

    Great job Josh. Those are some dandies for sure. 3 fresh browns lost in the wilderness would be enough to make me loose some serious sleep! -Shiras
  8. Shiras

    January shed hunting

    Nice haul. Might as well pick up the remnants from last year before the competition gets heavy.
  9. Shiras

    Kansas Hunt

    Thanks for the post Tommy. Great past pics and present. Although Kansas has some whoppers, that is a true trophy with a bow my friend. Great job. -Shiras
  10. Shiras

    Burro Mountain Opener

    Very nice symmetrical buck. The Burros are calling my name! -Shiras
  11. Shiras

    FINALLY!!!!! WAHOO!!!

    It's been that long?? Awesome looking mount. That buck has it all. Happy belated congratulations. -Shiras
  12. Shiras

    First Weekend in Mexico

    Good luck on the upcoming weekends. That lion kill buck was a stud. -Shiras
  13. Shiras

    @$#^%&*@ Camera thieves

    Sorry about the camera Tommy. It boils my blood to think of thieves. I've heard of people catching thieves on another cam of theirs that the jerk didn't see, AND making a positive ID .
  14. Shiras

    Oryx Pic.

    Congratulations on the fantastic bull. Not to many people can say they've killed an Oryx...especially in the US. -Shiras
  15. Shiras

    Muzzleloader Coues

    Beautiful crab clawed buck! -Shiras