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  1. If I had the money I'd buy it back. Not a day goes by I still don't miss it. Best blazer I've ever seen.
  2. + 1000% along with a few other name's. It's pretty sad when you don't agree with some you get bashed and slandered,that's not right. Amanda has worked hard on this great site just for a hand full of people to take it down. I used to just let my kids get on here and read away now I can't due to a few people that can not control themselves like adults, pretty sad days we live in. You believe what I do or I'll boycot you or slander your name really? come on guys grow up so I don't have to monitor what my kids read here. Is it me, or are these two posts personal attacks on Lark but with their editorial or spin? If this site has moderators, let them moderate. p.s. just because I commented doesn't mean I agree or disagree with Lark.... Please explain how this is a personal attack. This topic has gotten way out of hand with the bashing of others over beliefs. Kids and or others that don't what to read about the trash that it has become. I for one don't want to read nor DO I WANT MY KIDS to read how some of the adults have been acting here. If that's how you choose to live in your household that's you not us. If some can not stop they need to take it elsewhere.
  3. +2000% It saddens me that some would even call you and our outfit out like that.
  4. + 1000% along with a few other name's. It's pretty sad when you don't agree with some you get bashed and slandered,that's not right. Amanda has worked hard on this great site just for a hand full of people to take it down. I used to just let my kids get on here and read away now I can't due to a few people that can not control themselves like adults, pretty sad days we live in. You believe what I do or I'll boycot you or slander your name really? come on guys grow up so I don't have to monitor what my kids read here.
  5. Butters

    ADA statement

    Really? Seriouslly? Check your facts... YEP!!!!
  6. Butters

    ADA statement

    Come on guys... The silence is deafening... Put your money where your mouth is... What are you calling me out for? You want the $10 you pay for it. I have no idea what it's for. For what little you do for wildlife I think you should just pay for the remaining 13. You better check yourself, I recommend you have all your ducks in a row before you call me out. I do a lot so not quite sure why your coming at me. Like I said in my other post I have not been on the ADA board for quite some time now and I'm sure you learned of this bill long before me. Bryan Waitman
  7. Butters

    ADA statement

    Im not going after you all I was trying to say is we also do camps,ect. Im no longer on the board but my heart is still into helping. I dont know where the ada stands on all this crap but at the end of the day who and what do you think will be hurt by all this? Everyone has their own stand but to to me it will be the youth and deer I know all hunters will be hurt by this but the kids and deer are where my hearts at. Posting off my phone sucks I cant even see what im writing.
  8. Butters

    ADA statement

    You want pic's of what we have done couse im willing to bet I have more. Why is this turning into something its not? I work hard to do my part and to help with the youth and so do others. I dont think any of us want it to go this way. Sorry posting from my phone so I hope im doing it right. But never the less all the low blow's need to stop by all.
  9. Butters

    ADA statement

    FYI!! We were in 21 with the jada trailer that never goes out as some would put it. Im guessing if you were in 21 you would have seen that we also had our own youth camp to run and yes the people you speak of that dont care were there helping with the camp
  10. Butters

    ADA statement

    I've been following this from the begining and this statement is nothing but b.s. and far from the truth. The ADA has set aside a time and date for everyone to attend but all I'm hearing is its too far of a drive. What does everyone think these guys live 10 minutes away from their meetings? And how many times a month do you think they make the long drive to these meetings? Answer me this, why is it with all the organizations combined that its the same 500 faces year in and year out that do the banquets, work projects, youth camps,workshops, ect. These people work hard for the wildlife in the state of Arizona and there never seems to be new people willing to help out. Every hunter should do their part if not atleast be a member and pay your dues to do their part with whatever hunting organzation that one chooses. I personaly know the people on the ADA board and half the stuff that people are saying about them is not true, everyone has been givin the oppertuiny to attend a public meeting on the 21st so take advantage of it so every one can know the facts and if people want to use the excuse that its too far of a drive thats pretty lame of an excuse. There is a lot of people that put their heart,soul,blood,tears,and many hours of comute to attend these meetings and projects and for some one to make a statement like this is just off the wall you need to re-exam your post. Bryan Waitman
  11. My hard earned Javelina By Aaryn Waitman It was Thursday, the day before opening day. I only had to make it to lunch time before I left for my hunt. That whole week was one of the slowest weeks, all I could think and dream about was my upcoming hunt. Finally the lunch bell rang, I couldn't wait to go on my second pig hunt. I ran to the truck with my little sister to meet my Mom. My Mom was dropping us off at Scott's house since my Dad was already there setting up camp. We got to Scott's house and I hurried and loaded our stuff into Scott's truck. I said bye to my Mom and then we were finally on the road. I was so excited, I couldn't wait to get to camp. We wanted to make it before dark and about half way there the truck caught on fire. Scott jumped out and put the fire out and we waited on the side of the road. He was able to fix it good enough to make it home to switch trucks. It was back to his house we went. After a few phone calls between Scott, Uncle Bryan, and Dad Uncle Bryan said we could take his truck since he wouldn't be up till the next day and he had another truck. We repacked everything, there was no reason to hurry now since it was already getting dark. We finally got on the road again and after a few hours we were finally there. Camp was already set up and everyone was around the fire I was getting excited by the minute, I could not wait for tomorrow. We unloaded our stuff and then ate dinner. Everyone visited around the camp fire a little while then off to bed for a early morning of hunting. Opening morning was finally here, I got up and got dressed as fast as I could. We ate breakfast and made our plans for the day. We decided Dad, Papa Dennis, and I would go glass a area where my cousin Kaycee shot her pig last year. Scott, Jerrod, and Denton would go glass other areas. When we got to the place we were going to hunt, Dad and I went on one side of the mountain and Papa Dennis went on the other. We sat and glasses for awhile and saw nothing. Dad and I went to another spot with Denton while Papa Dennis stayed there in case any pigs showed up. Denton took us to a spot where he sees pigs every time he goes there. Once we got there and out of the truck we walked down the hill a little bit and got all set up for glassing. Literally 5 seconds after I sat down, my Dad says, ”I got pigs!” My Dad and I ran to the truck to get his pack and my gun. We hurried back down to Denton and made a plan to go after the pigs. We got to the spot we decided to shoot from and got set up. I found the pig in my scope and lined him up in my cross hairs. I didn't shoot, I told my Dad I can't cause something didn't feel right. We gathered up our stuff and walked back to the truck. We just left the pigs there. As we got back to the truck to go back to camp. I started feeling depressed. Once we got to camp we ate lunch and hung out for awhile and made plans for the evening hunt. Just before 3pm my Uncle Bryan, Ryan and Steve showed up. We got our stuff loaded up and headed back out. This time the plan was my Dad, Papa Dennis, Steve (who helped me shoot my first pig last year with Dad and Uncle Bryan), Denton, and I would go to one area while Uncle Bryan, Ryan, Jerrod, and Scott would all split up in other areas. We all went on a mountain and everyone took a side of the mountain, about 30 minutes later Papa Dennis said he glassed up some pigs. I got all excited as my Dad and I went over to him. We talked about where they were and the way we should go after them. When we got that all planned out my Dad and I went after them in this huge, deep, nasty canyon. I knew it was gonna be hard but I still wanted to go after them. It took us a good 30 minutes to get around the pigs to the spot that would be easy for me to shoot from but we couldn't find them. So we decided to get up higher to get a better view. We walked through a wash where there was like thousands of knocked over trees and a bunch of big boulders, it sounds easy but it wasn't. As we were walking the pigs were starting to get spooked but we didn't know it. We finally got over to the second place we thought we would be able to see them from. We stood there a few minutes and looked for the pigs, we knew we were close to them and should be able to see them. All of the sudden the pigs started running up the mountain that we were on. I tried to hurry and get ready for the shot but they were running to fast for me to even find them in my scope. By the time I did find them they were already too far away for me to shoot. The whole plan got messed up. Since it was getting dark we started heading up to the road above us where Steve would pick us up and take us back to camp. My Dad and I was so tired and I had cuts all over my hands, arms, and face from the brush that my Dad calls, ”come an get you bushes,” but I didn't care I was having a blast. When we got back to camp everyone was there standing around the camp fire. We all started talking about my close calls of the day. By now it's getting late, we decided to make dinner and go to bed. Day 1 Was over, I kept telling myself, “Don't worry I have 2 more days.” Day 2, we got up early and ate breakfast. As we got packed up to leave noticed everyone in camp was going with us to help me today. We decided everyone would split up on a couple different mountains to glass, once my Dad and I got to our spot to glass a little later we got a call from Jerrod, he said he glassed up some pigs. I was excited as we drove over to him. He showed us where they were and my Dad and I got ready to hike after the pigs. This time all 9 of my Dad's friends were there, I was thinking I better not mess this up, there’s too many wittiness’s. I couldn't wait to see the pigs once we started after them. Once we got to our spot the pigs were in a wash a little bit below us, I got all set up to take the shot but the pigs fed into a tree near them where I couldn't see them. We waited a good 5 minutes before 1 finally came out, I hurried to get set up again and by this time I was nervous. That pig disappeared but another pig came out and another and another. They were walking too fast and I just needed one to stop to take the shot. After about another 5 minutes no more pigs came out by this time all my dads friends surrounded the area so my dad was on the radio seeing if anyone had the pigs but the area was so thick we had lost them rather than spooking them we decided to pull out. Once back to the truck I was feeling bummed out that I really didn't even get a chance. My Dad and Uncle Bryan glassed that area for a good 30 minutes with no luck. I was upset but got over it quickly, by this time it was afternoon so we went back to camp to eat lunch. After lunch we headed back out. This time my Dad, Mark, Dale, and I would go to one place. Steve, Uncle Bryan, and Ryan would got to another and Jerrod, Scott and some other guys would go to another place. We all got set up to start glassing and about 20 minutes later Uncle Bryan called my dad and said he's got pigs. He told us they were a long ways away and since the sun was going down we figured we didn't have enough time and we would use them for a back up plan for tomorrow. While we were glassing there was a constant smell of pigs, it was really strong. About 10 minutes after Uncle Bryan called Jerrod call and said he had pigs that we had time to get on. We all rushed to the truck and drove to Jerrod real fast. I was excited again, more pigs. Once we got to Jerrod, he told us where they were, my Dad, Mark and I hiked over to them and the rest of my Dad's friends stayed there to spot for us. When we finally got to the pigs they were all over the little hill, just grazing and getting ready to bed down. I got situated and comfortable and ready to take the shot. I had a feeling I was going to miss but I kept my hopes up. I lined my cross hairs up on one of the pigs and I counted to 3 and shot. The pigs all ran and scattered. The pig I shot at did his little buck and run. My Dad thought I may have hit it, Mark and I said I missed. With being unsure my Dad called some of his friends down to help look. Soon after my Uncle Bryan, Ryan, Jerrod, and Steve showed up to help my dad to make sure I missed the pig. It was getting dark so Mark and I decided to head back to the truck while they look. The sun was below the mountain to the right of us, the sky was a pinkish color, the breeze was slightly blowing, it was nice out. Walking back to the truck I was a little upset that I missed but hey it had to happen sooner or later. Mark and I finally got to the truck, we sat on the ground and enjoyed the weather and talked for awhile. I taught him how to text using T9 word on his cell phone while we waited. We watched all the flashlights wondering around the hill. Once the guys returned to the truck they told me, ”no blood.” I was so relieved it was a clean miss but I felt sick inside that I missed. On the way back to camp my Dad and Mark were telling me that they've all been there and at least the animal was not wounded and thats why they call it hunting, to have a successful hunt you don't always have to kill. I was still shocked that I had missed but I didn't feel as sick inside anymore. When we got to camp we ate dinner then sat around they camp fire talking about what happened and telling hunting stories. Steve told me, “you gotta work hard and earn this one.” I had a good time around the camp fire that night. It was getting late by now so we all went to bed. We had a big day tomorrow because it was the last day of my hunt that we could go on. Day 3 I woke up and laid there for awhile, Scott hollered at my dad to get up, he said ok, I figured I should get up and get dressed. I went outside and headed straight to the fire to get warmed up. I couldn’t wait to leave to go hunting again. Everyone ate breakfast and got the trucks packed up, we were all ready to head out for the final time. We all jumped in the trucks and went to the spot where my uncle had glassed up pigs the day before that were way to far to go after due to it was going to be getting dark soon. We got out of the truck and everyone went to different areas to glass. It was extremely windy, my Dad told me I’m probably not going to have much luck today cause of the wind. That bummed me out. Dad and Uncle Bryan talked on the phone for a little bit, my Dad told me Uncle Bryan found the pigs that were to far away I said oh. I walked back to the truck and sat in the truck cause the wind was so strong I couldn’t stand it anymore. A couple minutes later my Dad came over to the truck, he said those pigs are my only option cause of how windy it was. I really didn’t want to walk that far in the wind so my dad gave me the option of going after the pigs or going back to camp and pack up to go home. I didn’t want to do either, I sat there and thought for a long time deciding what to do. After 10 minutes I said, ” Ok let’s go get those pigs.” My Dad called Jerrod, Steve, Uncle Bryan, and Ryan to tell them we are going after the pigs. We jumped in the truck and headed a little closer to the pigs, that road was bumpy and rocky. We finally parked and made a game plan with everyone. We decided that Steve, Uncle Bryan, my Dad, and I were going to hike the mountains while Ryan and Jarrod would stayed at the trucks to guide us. After we made sure we had everything we started hiking. I was excited and nervous at the same time, I kept telling myself I have to shoot a pig this time it would be my last chance. I was getting tired of hiking strait up hill at the pace we were on but we had a long way to go which I found out later it was over a mile an a half one way. About half way we stopped and talked about the next plan it was decided that we would stop just under where the pigs were and my dad would stay back and spot us. While Steve, Uncle Bryan, and I would go up and over the next hill to get above, them since we had a bad wind, so I could get a good shot. My Dad told Uncle Bryan to get me within 110 yards and Uncle Bryan said, “ Don’t worry we will get her pretty close.” We started walking again and the closer we got the more nervous I was. Finally we got close enough to where we could see the pigs with our eyes. We had to be even more quiet now because we were under 150 yards now. The wind died down a bit but it was still pretty windy, we had to use the powder stuff you blow out of a bottle to tell what direction the wind was blowing. Every step I took I got more and more excited I could see the pigs feeding, there was a lot of them that we hadn’t seen until now. Uncle Bryan ranged us 100 yards away, we knew we could get closer with out spooking them. Since it was so It was rocky with a lot off trees so it was going to take some time, it was really hard to not make and a noise, we literally had to tip toe the whole way. We reached the spot to get a good shot, we were about 85 to 90 yards away. The pigs were feeding up the opposite hill, they never heard us or got spooked while we were walking closer to them. I sat down and got set up to take the shot. I put a bullet in my gun and lined up a pig in my cross hairs, held my breath, counted to 3, and pulled the trigger. I shot the pig, all he did was stand there, it almost seemed like he was trying to stretch. All the other pigs ran up the hill, there were a lot of lines of pigs running , I don’t think I ever seen so many pigs before. We waited to see what was going to happen next, while we waited I had my hand over my mouth trying not to cry with excitement . A few seconds later Steve handed me another bullet to put in my gun, I put it in and cocked it, I looked in my scope, lined up the pig in my cross hairs and shot. This time I missed, I was a couple of inched too high. My Uncle loaded my gun again and I lined the cross hairs up again and shot, now he was laying on his stomach. We loaded my gun one more time just in case I might need to shoot again. I took a deep breath, I looked at Steve and Uncle Bryan, they both had a big smile. I have been waiting all week and all weekend for this moment and it finally came. I was so happy and excited. We all gave big hugs and high fives, after we calmed down Steve walked over to make sure the pig was dead. While Steve walked over there I was replaying what happened and how fast it happened in my mind. Steve gave us the thumbs up he was dead. When we got to my pig I was excited, we got him out of the bush to set him up to take pictures. While Uncle Bryan called my Dad to tell him to come over to us I just sat there staring at the pig. About 10 minutes later my Dad got to us as soon as he did he gave me a big hug almost knocking me over, he had a big smile and said congratulations. We starting taking pictures, everyone was switching back and forth taking turns taking pictures with me and my pig, I was having a great time. After about the 30 minute photo session my Dad and I started cleaning my pig. Once we were done we tied my pig to my Uncle’s pack and headed back to the truck. Steve gave me a big hug and said,” you sure did earn this one,” I smile and hugged him back. I was so tired, out of breath, and didn’t want to hike any more but unfortunately I had to. I was very happy that I shot my second pig. After a hour hike we were back to the truck, I was so glad that hike was over. We put everything in the trucks and headed back to camp. While we were driving everyone was saying how proud they were of me and how hard I worked for this pig, I felt really proud of my self. When we got to camp everyone wanted a picture all together, so we posed my pig and everyone got behind me and Jody(my step-mom) took the picture. I think everyone had a lot of fun that weekend, I had the most amazing experience ever. Like Steve said I think I earned this one. I want to thank Steve, Uncle Bryan, Ryan, Mark Jerrod, Papa Dennis, Denton, Scott, Dale from Wild Heritage (who brought my last years mount), Jody, my little sister Alyssa, and my Dad, for helping me out, I couldn’t have done it without you.