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    Bear meat

    I Shot a big bear that made the book years ago in unit 21. I thought it would be bad. But after cutting all the fat off and grinding into burger with beef fat. It was not to bad. Pulled the trick on not telling company what it was until after they ate it.They loved it untill I told them. Back when you could bait them a friend of ours would shoot them every year. He would tell us that some were really bad and some were good. He felt it was what they had been eating. Noel
  2. Noel Arnold

    Steve's Big Cat

    That Big tom makes the one I shot while whitetail hunting a couple of years look small. The best part is he just saved the lives of a lot of deer and elk. Noel
  3. Noel Arnold

    AZ Hunt/Fish Fees

    It looks like hunting is going to be a rich mans sport. I would like for the top dogs of the Game and Fish to explain how it can cost so much more money to run the dep. in one year. I can see little increases,but not like this. Noel
  4. Noel Arnold

    claude dallas

    Couesi1, I do not think you read all of my remarks. Or you read only the ones you wanted to read. What Claude did was murder. And I think that most of the game wardens in the United states are great guys. But there are a few exeptcions TO THE RULES. And yes claude never should have shot the guys in the first place. Noel
  5. Noel Arnold

    claude dallas

    I lived in Soutern Idaho at the time. My Uncle had sold the trailer to the guy that was hiding Claude. Most of the locals hated the game warden, and all of the rumors about what the game warden had done to other people are true. I guess the other game warden was a ok guy. Game Wardens are like any other profession. You have good and bad. He still did not have the right to execute them after wounding them. I do know that the game warden told Claude that he was taking him back dead or alive. It is to bad that the game warden had not been fired years before it had ever happend. I have total support for our game wardens in Az. But my dad who is a native, has told me about a guy who was a warden in Az about 40 years ago. He seems like he was a lot like the warden Claude shot. I guess he had pulled his gun on a lot of innocent people in Az. I think they finally fired him. Noel Arnold
  6. Noel Arnold

    Which Brand and Model to Buy

    Darton (Maverick) For the money is my favorite bow. 500.00 dollars for the bow alone. First bow to come out with the cam and a half. If you have the extra 200.00 dollars, buy the matthews. The darton shoots just as good.The only difference is the matthews will probally last longer due to the stronger parts. If you do not shoot year round, then the darton will last for years. Noel Arnold
  7. Noel Arnold

    Nice Coues Shed from 34A

    The pictures must not do him justice. 110 inches without a spread is huge. Looks like he could have at least a 15 inch spread. Although you can see he has big mass. Noel
  8. Noel Arnold

    Rude hunters

    After reading 257stw and his comments. And also from my own experiences ,when you hike in a long way the type of people you encounter are usually more respectfull. Unless they drove there quads offroad for miles.Those people you feel like shooting there quads and make them walk out. Which will make them have a Heart attack because there in such bad shape. Noel
  9. Noel Arnold


    I have shot for about three years now and love them. The only drawback is if they break in a animal,you have to cut the meat away in that area so you do not get the carbon fibers in your gut. Noel Arnold
  10. Noel Arnold

    picked up the j-13

    Years ago my dad bought a tape of baby javelina screaming. We have used it for years with great results. Our best results are late evenings or cloudy days all day long. It also works best with herds that have not been hunted to hard. Good areas are ones that are hard to glass pigs. Flats and very thick canyons seem to be the best. Noel Arnold
  11. Noel Arnold

    Need bow tuned

    I hunt with both gun and bow also. I normally start shooting my bow about three months before the season, three to four times a week. Last year I had a bad rotator cuff and could only shoot three weeks before the season. I do not think that makes me a unethical hunter. I hate to wound animals as much as any other person. But I think it is more importent to love your fellow brothers and sisters. I agree with Ernesto's words of wisdom. By the way Ernesto, you seem like the type of guy who I would like to go hunting with in God's country. Noel Arnold
  12. Noel Arnold

    Need bow tuned

    breeze. Take it easy on the guy. There is only one person that can judge me. That is my god. Noel (THE GUY THAT DOES NOT JUDGE PEOPLE)
  13. Noel Arnold

    judging hold over on a coues

    I have never shot a animal over 400 yards without having time to hit him with the lazer rangefinder. Thank god for the milatary and there technology. Noel Arnold
  14. Noel Arnold

    Coues at 300?

    I have shot my whitetail from 20 yards to 597 yards. If they would have had lazer range finders years ago, I like a lot of other people would have shot some bigger bucks. Of course the long shots I do now, have to be under the perfect situations. And only if I can not get closer. Noel
  15. Noel Arnold

    opening day

    I Shot a nice 106 gross 4x4 (without eyeguards) .Would have been around 109. he broke about a three inch tine at the main beam, which would have made him a 4x5. The horn growth appears to be awsome this year in unit 32. This deer did not seem to be very old. While I was shooting mine, my dad glassed a bigger one. My dad has a Nov. tag . Hopefully we can find this one again. How do I email the pictures ?. I am not very savy on the computer . Noel Arnold
  16. Noel Arnold

    Batchelor herds

    In my thirty-one years of hunting coues. When we are talking about the non-rut. I have seen different size bucks together, although usually the really big ones are in the same class . Years ago when they were not getting a whole lot of hunting pressure, you would sometimes see a 120 class buck with does and small bucks in november. Noel Arnold
  17. Noel Arnold

    Horn Growth

    I have been hunting in the southern part of unit 32 out of Wilcox. I know that part of the state got some good late winter rain. Any One have any input on horn growth for that part of the state? Thank You, Noel Arnold