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    COVID Vaccine Info

    My friend took his first shot in Alaska and I talked to him 48 hours after he took it.He sounded all congested and he said his brain was foggy.I hope his second shot does not take him down.I am on allergy drops for my severe allergies and before they start working it will be another three months.It actually makes my allergies worse right now because the drops are all the crap I am allergic to.I will not take the shot until my allergies start calming down.
  2. Noel Arnold

    Roosevelt report

    Nice bass.I bet she fought good on crappie tackle.Did you get a length on her.
  3. Noel Arnold

    Old Roman Nose Bucks

    I agree that there are lots of old animals that do not have them, but it seems like when I do see one it is always on a old buck.My family has shot a couple coues over the years they were very old bucks.
  4. Noel Arnold

    Old Roman Nose Bucks

    My opinion is it usually is age that you see roman noses.Look at us old farts.We get bigger noses,ears,and smaller 1*+6*/+'s as we get older
  5. Noel Arnold

    Old Roman Nose Bucks

    My opinion is it usually is age that you see roman noses.
  6. Noel Arnold

    Elk kill range

    Smaking forearm
  7. Noel Arnold

    Elk kill range

    The key to not snaking your forearm is to open your stance a little more
  8. Noel Arnold

    30 Day Magdalena Countdown

    Both of my parents were school teachers and had the summer off.In 1979 Our family and two other family's drove to Guaymas and took the ferry to Santa Rosalia.We spent one month going down the sea of cortez side and coming back on the pacific side.You can imagine the fishing back then.You could spear lobster every day if you wanted.I remember looking in this cave and saw a grouper that maybe was a jew fish that was so big it could have eaten me.I am talking maybe 500lbs.I got the heck out of there as soon as I could.Great memories
  9. Noel Arnold

    Outdoor Writer - Best Wishes with Medical

    Tony, You are in my prayers.I still have the article you wrote for my record striper.Noel
  10. Noel Arnold

    loosing another Bashas

    I very seldom buy domestic meat because of antibiotics,steroids, hormones,and whatever else.I have deer,elk,antelope,quail, yellowtail,bass,trout,and grouper.All caught, cleaned,and processed by myself.
  11. Noel Arnold

    What State

    Knothead,I have had a lot of people ask me over the years if I am related to the Arnold pickles company.No I am not, but it would have been nice because I sure like a good pickle when I am eating a sandwich 😋
  12. Noel Arnold

    What State

    Makes staying here impossible
  13. Noel Arnold

    What State

    My family has lived in Arizona before it was a state and I love my Arizona.The problem is it is a mathmadical figure that if you like to hunt and fish, with the population of people and future growth makes staying here full time.I probably will move to Idaho when my parents go to heaven.
  14. Noel Arnold


    Mogollon in Payson did this a couple years ago and I love the job Clay did.
  15. Noel Arnold

    Kobe Bryant farewell

    So I made a comment about sports role models.There are different opinions on role models.My opinion of a role model is somebody that has good moral character there whole life.I see that Koybe was married in 2001 and the sex scandal was 2003.So my question to the Koybe lovers is do you think it is ok to cheat on your wife.
  16. Noel Arnold

    Kobe Bryant farewell

    IHere is my take on this.I watch sports for entertainment.I have the choice wether I want to watch or not.I choose to admire the players and coaches that I think are good role models for my children and every other child.Here is a couple good role models.Herm Edwards(asu coach) David Robinson (old Spurs player, and Shaquille O'Neill.Bad sports role models Kobe,tiger woods.Has nothing to do with how they became later.When they were players,they were bad role models.With that said,I am always happy when I see someone turn there life around.Also it is always sad when anybody dies.Oh by the way I have made plenty of mistakes in my life and I am sure I have not always been a good role model.
  17. Noel Arnold

    So who’s air frying?

    I just got mine and love it.My friend says he cooked bass with pesto sauce on top.He says the pesto gets crunchy.I am going to try it on some lake Powell smallmouth this week.Noel
  18. Noel Arnold

    New Mexico elk 2019

    Congrats on the bulls.I have been shooting my dad's old 280 Ai for years and love it.
  19. Noel Arnold

    Sonora Fishing 12-10

    Thanks,I will let you know when I get with him.
  20. Noel Arnold

    Sonora Fishing 12-10

    I tried to call both Arturo phone number an Tom Albers number from Facebook.Tom Albers is out of service and Arturo's number said not accepting calls.I emailed both of them on Facebook.Does anyone have updated numbers.I am wanting to go with Arturo first with staying in my pop up camper.The last time I was at lobos was probably around 1969.I was about 6 years old.We started at lobos then started going to Libertad and then went to Santo Tomas.We liked surf fishing the most and Santo Tomas had the best corvina fishing.
  21. Noel Arnold

    So is it still global warming?

    I agree
  22. Noel Arnold

    So is it still global warming?

    And then there is some of us that think the good Lord decides what will ultimately happen🙂
  23. Noel Arnold

    7mm Mag or 300 WM ?

    I am shooting a 280 Ackley improved and love it.It has about the same ballistics as the 7 mag, but does not kick as much.It is also very accurate
  24. Noel Arnold

    Got the Muley Buck I was After!

    Marvin, The taxidermist had to cut the horns in half to put the horns in the machine to freeze dry the horns,so I knew I could not put him in any record books.I was just trying to get a idea of what he would have scored hard horned.I am thinking since it will shrink about 2%, then when it comes out of the machine in December,the score will be about the same as if it was hard horned from the beginning. Thanks for the info.
  25. Noel Arnold

    Got the Muley Buck I was After!

    Congrats on a world class deer.I have a question somebody might be able to answer. I shot a deer with my crossbow and I was in such a hurry to keep the meat good and to get the cape to the taxidermist,that l did not score him.the taxidermist said the freezed dried process will shrink the horns about 2%.so my question is what is the average percentage I need to deduct for the velvet.