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    Coyote vs Greyhound

    We have a yellow lab/greyhound mix and she is the sweetest dog in the world,but when a ground squirrel get's in our back yard it does not stand a chance.She loves our cat.
  2. Noel Arnold

    The Doc did not do surgery

    What was the medical name for your injury?.It kind of sounds like what I had with my shoulder.Mine was called frozen shoulder syndrome.I had four months of intense phsical therapy.If it would have not worked they would have put me under and phsically ripped the scar tissue in my shoulder.
  3. Noel Arnold

    Saw something really cool

    I do not hunt in the white mountains,but the elk population in units 5/6/7/8/9/10/ etc. are quite a bit smaller then they were 12 to 15 years ago.In 6a the game and fish has lowered the population to much(just my opinion). Pressure from the Ranchers and the almighty dollars to the game and fish have caused this.
  4. Noel Arnold


    I totally agree with Bill.Right now it is just not worth the risk.I have been going to Mexico for about 40 years and this will be the first year that I will not go.In the 70's my family and I spent one month exploring all of Baja.Another time we spent a month driving all the way to Mexico city.We have been going to Santo tomas (1 1/2 hours south of Rocky point ) twice a year to fish for sea trout.Last year was the first time that the Mexican fisherman that we have known for 25 years said do not go to caborca to get gas.He said drive the extra 1/2 to rocky point because it is to dangerous.Besides the drug wars,there are citizen's that are kidnapping people for money.All of the people that were working in the U.S.A. and sending money to family in Mexico are out of work and desperate.
  5. Noel Arnold

    Guess the Score Contest - Jan 2010

    I will guess 128 2/8th.Grat looking buck.
  6. Noel Arnold

    Mullin's Got it done in a big way!

    Huntmore, Good post.I agree with what you said.And yes from what I have seen of the posts from the Mullins crew,they seem like good and upstanding guides. I probally should have started a whole new thread about auction tag's so there was no confusion about this guide.
  7. Noel Arnold

    Mullin's Got it done in a big way!

    Huntmore, It seem's like every time a debate comes up about the auction tag somebody brings up jealousy.I can not speak for anybody else,but I can assure you that jealousy has nothing to do with my opinion of these tag's.I already said that I have no hard feeling's toward the guides or hunter.(So how could I be jealous ? ). What I do know is when you make something all about money,then it can bring out the worse in people.Look at steroid's in the sport's world. And I will make just one example of hunting.Remember a couple year's ago the auction tag were the bull was shot in the subdivision in the White Mountains.It made all of the Newspapers up North.I would say that was bad publicity for hunters.Now I am not just picking on the Arizona Game and fish,because a lot of the state's have these tag's.And there has been a lot of bad press also (spider bull for one).I have been hunting for 36 years and hunting for me is a way of life.It seem's like hunting has become a sport for a lot of people now.Where the horns are the only reason.For me and a lot of the old timers it is for the meat first and horn's second.This does not mean that I do not like big horn's.It mean's I do not shoot anything that I will not eat.I have no problem with people who do a lot of hunting, giving some of there meat away,but if they never eat any of it then it becomes just killing.I am not saying that this hunter is not going to eat the animal.
  8. Noel Arnold

    Mullin's Got it done in a big way!

    Kathi, There is a lot of people that think these tags have a negative effect on the perception of what hunting has become.These tags bring a lot of money to the Guides (Way more then regular hunts because of the huge tips).And because of this you have some real backstabbing between the guides.Also the general public has a lot less problem with hunters if they think they are hunting for the meat and not just for the horns only.Also you have hunters that get hard feelings over the auction tags because the auction tag gets to hunt before anybody else.So som hunters think that the game and fish are selling off what people think as our wildlife not there's. And finally there are a lot of people who think there are better way's of getting the money for the department.
  9. Noel Arnold

    Mullin's Got it done in a big way!

    First thing I would like to say is I have no ill feeling's for the guide or hunter.Now that I have said that,I would like to add that anytime there is a big animal shot on a auction tag.It seem's like this always happens.I personally do not agree with these tag's because it gives hunting a bad name. Now of course if I was a guide I might think differently.Because of the money I could make.I know we have this arguement every year about whether the benefit of these tag's outweigh the negative.To me every year that goes by makes it clear that the negative outshines the positive.
  10. Noel Arnold

    Archery elk hunters

    Anything could happen in two weeks as far as the weather is concerned.I never get drawn so it does not matter to me.(Yes that is sarcasim) But good luck to all of you tag holders.
  11. Noel Arnold

    Back from Alaska

    Sounds like you had a great trip.I have gone the last two summers,but could not go this summer because the wife and I are in the process of adopting our two foster children.Last year we were out of Gustavus and the halibut was world class,but the silvers were running late and we only caught a few.I had to get a cortizon shot in my shoulder because of all the monster halibut I caught.It is still giving me problems and I am having trouble shooting my bow.The docter said I might have to have one more shot.I think I just need to lay off it for awhile and let the inflamation go down. Noel
  12. Noel Arnold

    Glassing up......

    I have glassed around 10 while whitetail hunting.Not that many when you consider I have been glassing for coues for thirty years.The only one I could shoot was not one of the ten.I saw him with my eyes walking accross the caynon on a trail.He is on my wall.
  13. Anybody hear any rumors that the elk and antelope applications may be as much as 50 % down from last year. Noel
  14. Noel Arnold

    Aplications & the Economy

    Gamehauler made a good point about this being a hunting website.I do not know what the total percent of hunters that get on websites is,but I would guess that it is not more then 20%.And there is going to be a lot higher percent of us that are going to put in compared to the majority of the population.The more I talk to people the more I think that there is going to be a pretty big drop in applications from last year.
  15. Noel Arnold

    Elk and Antelope applications down.

    Stanley, No I will not believe it until I see it.I was thinking maybe 30 % at the most .But I do know that a lot of people put in for points only that normally put in for the draw.If you look at all of the hunters in Arizona that worked in the construction buisness,then you know of a lot of people are out of work or getting ready to.
  16. Noel Arnold

    The second toe never got down.

    Tam, I think at the end of the game they did not choke at all.I think that steelers made some really good plays.I am very proud of how the card's played this post season.And I think as long as Warner comes back and we do not have a lot of major injuries,then we have as good a chance as anybody else to go again.The upside of the Cardinals is we have quite a few young players with the chance of getting better next year.(Just my two cents ) Noel
  17. Noel Arnold

    The second toe never got down.

    We must have been watching two different games,because I did not see a total prevent defense.The one play when it was 3rd down and 6 we came with a all out blitz and they converted the first down.The fact is that they won the game.The only play that I thought was really bad was Harrison beating on our guy. That should have got him kicked out of the game.Maybe the last play of the game was wrong,but we had the lead with about 2 1/2 minutes and could not stop them.(Cardinal's had a great ride but in the end they got bucked off with the clock at 7.9 seconds.And then the dang bull kicked them in the gut's after bucking them off).The only thing they can do is get back on . Noel
  18. Noel Arnold

    Butcher shops

    I have always done my own.Try it,it is not as hard as you think.The 16lbs on the coues is what seems a little light to me.Maybe by 5lbs or so.But it also may have been a real small body.My pig was not very big this year around thirty dressed and I got exactly 9lbs of boned out meat.So I guess if the coues was only 60lbs dressed it may be right. Noel
  19. Noel Arnold


    Keith, I agree that we should only trade him if we get something back in return.And you are right,he did not let it bother the way that he played this year.I just feel that players today are not worried as much about winning as they are about money and being held up in the limelight.Amarie Stoudimire comes to mind.I used to think that he wants to win more then anything.But I realize now that being perceived as the best player is what he wants. Noel
  20. Noel Arnold

    My Lion Story

    Great story.I am sorry you could not find your deer.I have my own lion story.About 8 years ago I put in for muzzleloader mule deer and it had been a very dry year.I was scouting around Wickenburg and it was a very windy day.I was walking in to the wind and came up to a very rocky canyon.I stepped up on a table sized rock to get a look ahead.All of a sudden two lion kittens ran from under the rock.As I was watching them run away I was thinking it was really cool.Then from the side view I see mother cat jump up on a rock 15 yards away.I was thinking this was really cool also.But then realized after awhile that she was giving me the stare down and not leaving.Of course since I was scouting all I had was my binocs ,water and walking/glassing stick .I started jumping up and down , waiving my stick and yelling.The cat still did not leave.Then I picked up a rock and threw it as hard as I could hitting the rock at her feet.As I bent over to pick up another rock,she took a step toward me on the rock.I threw again and hit her scare on the front of the shoulder.I will never forget the sound of the rock hitting her and the hair seperating on her body.In school I broke the record for softball throw and can throw 90mph.She still did not run away and my instinct was to charge her ,which I did yelling and waiving my stick.Finally when I was about 7 or 8 yards from her,she started to walk away.Now here is the rest of the story,remember I said it was a very dry year.The very next week less then 1 mile from my episode at the closest ranch.The wife hear's the horses going crazy and walk's out and see's a lion stalking them.She starts yelling and then goes in to the house ,to either get a gun or call the sherriff (I can not remember),but the lion get's away.A couple day's later a boy scout trip is walking on the river preserve (In the same area) and comes up on a lion that was on a deer kill.It was growling at them and not leaving.They get the heck out of dodge,call the sherriff and he come's out and shoots it.I do not know if it was the same lion or not.It was one of those years that it was so bad that bears were coming in to the east side of the city.I do not know if it was protecting it's young or looking at me like food (maybe both).But I do know that when it comes to a aggressive lion, you have to be aggressive right back and appear to be as big as you can Noel
  21. Noel Arnold


    I liked Boldin until he started whining about not getting payed enough.Here is my problem with him and all of the other guys like him.It used to be years ago that people would honor there contract and wait until it was close to renewing before asking for more money if they had earned it.Now they start demanding more a couple years before it renews.The funny thing is if a player does not play up to the leval of what his contract is paying him ( Hollywood boy comes to mind),then the team still has to pay the whole amount.But if he plays better,then he demands more right away.I say it is time to free up some money and get other players. Noel
  22. Noel Arnold

    2008 Archery Coues hunt

    Thunderbolt, No new updates,but I can forsee the future. Cardinals 25 and Steelers 17.He He !!!!!!!!!!! Noel
  23. Noel Arnold

    world record--oops

    I was thinking that was to big to be true.I think they probally top out at 6 feet in Arizona.My Grandfather killed one on his farm on the verde river in the 60's that was 5 foot and the thickest rattler I have ever seen.Ikilled one that was 5 1/2 foot,but not as thick.
  24. Noel Arnold

    Huntin' For "Sticks"!

    Wow!!! Congrat's on a DREAM BUCK
  25. Noel Arnold

    Why do we hunt Coues?

    I have shot around 30 coues in Arizona and only one of them was bad eating.And that was only because he was so old he was not going to make it through the winter. We had seen the buck for years and when I finally got him the skin was hanging from him and he tasted like bad vinager.I do not think you can say the same for mule deer,when it comes to table fare.