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    Same Sex Marriage

    Her is another verse were Jesus proclaims who he is. ( I am the door.No man cometh un to the father except by me)
  2. Noel Arnold

    Unit 32

    I will say the same thing I said in another post.It is the fault of the Game and Fish,Forrest service , and the state for letting private land owners block public access.I have no problem with land owners protecting there land and I know and understand the frustration of slob people leaving gates open and driving cross country and etc.But it still is not right to block access.One of the thing's that has made Arizona a great place to live and enjoy the great outdoors has been our availibility to the land.We our losing this now and I think it is going to get worse.I stopped hunting unit 32 last year because of this. Noel
  3. Noel Arnold

    Mature Coues. pictures up

    Congrats on a huge (carp) Just kidding.I do not see how anybody could confuse that as a carp.Coues all the way.Evidently by your comment somebody was teasing you or did not know what a coues look's like.
  4. Noel Arnold

    Same Sex Marriage

    Bobbyo, I would say that if you sat down with every person that is praticing homosexual acts (whether girl or boy) and had them tell you there whole life story.Then you would understand why they chose this lifestyle.And I am not even saying you have to make your opinion from a religous standpoint. And here is another example of why your not born that way.I am sure we all know Guy's in our lives that were born with a very feminine voice and body,but were raised in a good home.I know one that is married and has five children. Noel
  5. Noel Arnold

    Same Sex Marriage

    Lark, You must not be to loco.After all you do shoot the best non-magnum caliber rifle ever built
  6. Noel Arnold

    Same Sex Marriage

    Mr Smith, You said (Nobody is trying to withhold the rights of christians).This is a false statement.My Wife is a school teacher and a lot of the schools are teaching evolution as a fact.Also you say that we are all haters of homosexuals.I did not read one post were the person said that.Christianity is all about forgiveness of sins. Noel
  7. Noel Arnold

    Same Sex Marriage

    This is a topic that has been around our hunting campfire more then one time.The conclusion that I have come up with is us Christians feel that this is a sign of bad things to come (For the unsaved).We feel this because it say's in the bible that when thing's get real bad again,Jesus will come and take all of the saved with him and the rest are going to get a sun tan.Some of the people that hunt with us are not christians and they think people are born that way.Guy's can be born very feminine or girl's very masculine.But if they are raised in a caring,loving home then they do not feel the pressure of (making the choice) and carry out the dirty deeds of the devil.I have a guy cousin that is gay and it is very plain to see from the way he was raised why he made his choice.He is one of the nicest guy's in the world,but he is very sad.
  8. Noel Arnold

    69 year old shoots a good one

    It was unit 6a.The picture does not really show the shot very good.It actually was quartering away and it caught the very back of the first lung and the middle of the second.If you look close you can see laying on the bull above the arrow,about four inches of arrow and broadhead were it broke when the bull fell on his side.It also pushed the arrow out some.He went about 200 yards on a very good blood trail.
  9. Noel Arnold


    Lark, What we saw last weekend indicated that the horn growth is awesome.We saw two bulls that we saw last year and both of them were at least thirty points bigger.Of course I know one year older had some to do with it. My Dad shot the smaller one on Sat. If I can figure out how to attach the pictures,I will. Noel
  10. Noel Arnold

    Archery Bull

    I love long main beams and good mass. And your bull has both.My Dad shot a really good one Sat.If somebody gives me there email I can send them a few pictures to post on coues.I am not very good on computer knowledge. Noel
  11. Noel Arnold

    Archery Bull

    I love the 8 points on the one side.Did you measure the main beams ?
  12. Noel Arnold

    3C Archery Bull

    Great bull and even better story !!!!
  13. Great post Rembrant. The only thing for me it is God,Family,and then country. Noel
  14. Noel Arnold

    23south archery bull

    Great Bull. My 69 year old Dad shot a really good bull Sat.When I get time I will get some pictures.It was a pretty emotional hunt because we figured as much as we get drawn for elk that this was probally going to be his last archery hunt.
  15. Noel Arnold

    Guess which one

    I am going to guess the one with the skull because it look's like it has the widest skull plate.But it could be a optical illusion.
  16. Noel Arnold

    Pretty good buck

    I wonder if they ring the diner bell like my Grandmother did when I was a kid and I was fishing in there pond at Camp verde and it was time to eat.They had the old triangle made of steel.You could hear it all the way to the bottom of the 40 acres.Kind of look's like that is what these buck's are coming to.
  17. Noel Arnold

    Even more elk!

    I agree with hunter x.He look's about 360 to me.
  18. Noel Arnold

    trail cams

    I am not sure at what distance between signs.But I do know that you have to have them to prosecute.
  19. Noel Arnold


    Sammacqan, I guess the reason I would be upset that somebody was sitting in my store bought stand is because I would not in a thousand years ever do that to somebody.I totally aggree with the first come first serve on ground blinds or wood built tree stands.But it would take big huevos to sit in somebodys store bought.
  20. Noel Arnold


    I Have a question for all of you.What if you hang a store bought stand and you go to sit it and somebody is in it.I would tell the person he could sit the tank ,but I would be taking my property down. Also years ago I had a archery elk tag and had set up a store bought stand about three weeks before the season.Of course I walked around the entire tank to see if anybody else had set up.I get there the day before season and somebody has set up a ground blind.We were hunting a area with very few camps and that night a guy drives up to our camp and tells us he is going to sit that tank.It was very plain to see that he knew we had set up before him.He had a young boy with him and we told him to go for it.It was not worth making a big deal out of it.
  21. Noel Arnold

    I'm out

    Redbeard, I will not shoot a animal unless I eat it.I do not care about entering animals in the record book.I have only entered one bear when I was fifteen years old.Since then I have shot animals that would make the record book under fair chase,but have not.Most of the rules of fair chase I would agree with,except to say that baiting animals is fair chase and useing radios is not.I can not agree with that statement.And to say that people who could care less about the record book and then talk about animals scores are hipracrites.I think you are missing our point.We do not care about entering our animals in the book,but we use the score as a reference to how big the animal is.And yes we all have egos and want to shoot the biggest animal we can. Noel
  22. Noel Arnold

    I'm out

    Jeffcros, Radios are a huge advantage.I have guided people in to animals from two miles away on a flat.The hunter has a orange hat and he can not even see the person behind the 15 powers.I could care less about the record books.Everybody has there own set of ethics.I do not like the chute planes because 90% of the fun for me is finding the animal with my binos.But for the people that do it,I have no problem as long as it is before the season. Noel
  23. Noel Arnold

    Check out this dude!!

    He is going to be very big.I am guessing the very least at 110 gross.And probally quite a bit bigger.
  24. Noel Arnold

    what ya dip!

    Teeth in your butt.Now thats funny!!!!!!
  25. Noel Arnold

    what ya dip!

    I like to dip my wife.