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  1. hunter77

    Lost Binos in 37A

    greetings all, I lost a pair of binoculars in 37A, last Sunday Jan 8 just south of Newman Peak (in the Picacho Mnts), east of the CAP They fell off truck Pretty sure someone picked them up, because they were gone when I back tracked a few hours later If you find some, let me know and I will describe Hopefully someone will be kind enough to return them Thank you
  2. hunter77

    Lost binos in 37A

    Hi all, haven't posted in ages, but can use some help, please I Lost a pair of binos in 37a. South of Newman peak just of East of CAP. If anyone finds some I will describe them, would really like them back, Please Sure someone picked them, they should've been along side the road...just backtracked and didn't find them Thank you
  3. hunter77

    Fall Turkey Tips?

    hello everyone I drew a unit 10 fall turkey tag, I've been doing some research on tactics and I'm getting all sorts of different techniques and tricks, things like scattering flocks and trying to call them back in, trying to sound like two birds fighting, amushing them as they come off the roost, just setting up and calling like you would in spring, hunt them like you would hunt quail, leave the calls at home, call more aggressively, and so on and so... anyone have any other suggestions? thanks Frank
  4. hunter77


    36B early Mule deer for me the wife and my Dad (that's twice in a row) I was hunting javelina down there last fall and glassed up two nice bucks one was a huge 4x4 got some video (this was 2 weeks before my deer hunt) 99% sure I jumped these same two bucks, with a couple of girlfriends, opening day and I blew it! got excited and hit right over his back, standing broadside 190 yards away . I've been having nightmares ever since. the good news we were the only ones in the area hunting mulies, so hopefully no one got him on the 2nd hunt and he evaded the lions (I know the illegals would have left him alone ) I got my buck on the 2nd to the last day, and even though I was stoked, I keep looking at that video and replaying opening day in my mind... so I had to go back, even though I told myself "one muley then Dec Whitetail or nothing" my older boys drew the 36B Jr deer hunt, they're pretty excited I also drew unit 8 and 10 turkey! will buy the older boys OTC tags to hunt with me looking forward to taking my Dad up to stay in Williams and see some elk, he's never seen one and has always wanted to see where we hunt elk, should be a great time. any tips on fall turkey hunting? Frank
  5. hunter77

    Family Strengths

    Well I'm new here I work for a small laser optical manufacture in Tucson as a Buyer we make interferometers (kinda like big laser rangefinders, except these measure closer and down to a milionth of an inch and run around 100-500K) our company is making an instrument to measure the mirrors for the James Webb Space Telescope. We also sell a lot of these to aerospace/defense folks like ITT, Ball, Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon, and foriegn companies as well. can't help most folks with anything when it comes to work, but I love to hunt and will share any info I have. I honestly don't have much time for anything with my wife being sick, and 5 groing boys to feed, but we make time for hunting. if I can help someone I will, so if you're in Tucson and need a hand with something don't hessitate to ask. Frank
  6. hunter77


    My Dad, my wife, and I drew 36B early mule deer (wasn't going to but the one that got away opening day last year still huants me) my 2 older boys drew the jr. deer hunt in 36B and I got a turkey tag for 8 and 10, gonna go buy the boys OTC tags for that one. Should be a blast, taking the whole family up to Willams (hotel with an indoor pool for us) I'm looking forward to it, my Dad has never been there and always wanted to go. HE'S NEVER SEEN AN ELK so this will be a great time and if we see some turkeys even better. can't wait vacations approved!!!! Frank
  7. hunter77

    new here

    Hello everyone, I've been looking at posts here for a while and finally had time to register. It looks like AZOD (I'm 77 on that site) is going away for good, so now I really have time to vistit. I look forward to chating with you all. I must admit I am not a "Coues only" hunter! I got drawn this year once again for Mulies (36B early), but after this year I'm pretty sure I will start my quest for a record book buck. a quick history: born and raised in Tucson AZ 36 years old married (the Mrs. also hunts, she has 1 cow elk and 1 javelina) 5 boys- 13, 11, and 5 (triplets) years old (the older 2 both hunt, drawn this year for Jr 36B deer, the oldest shot a pig this past Feb{now that was awesome}) I started hunting before I can remember, so far: 3 coues bucks (all small, all in 36B) 1 md doe (archery 1996) 1 md buck last year (finally ) 3 elk (1 spike, 2 cows) 8 javelina I'm good for about 30-50 doves a year and if I'm lucky 5-10 quail and 2-3 rabbits I just started hunting coyote last year and did pretty good (I think) got 4 so far I'm 0-1 on turkey (got a fall tag in unit 10 for this year) 0-1 on bear can't draw antelope or sheep (nothing new there right) can't afford buffalo I by a mt lion tag every, yet to see one, but don't actually hunt them my hunting goals are: AZ big 10 (not gonna happen, so I'll be happy with the 7 you can actually get tags for) deer grand slam record book coues 1 caribou and (just a dream here) polar bear thanks for having me Frank